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Rabbis Stand In Solidarity With Burned Mosque In Israel

(cross-posted from HuffPo)

By Josef Kuhn
Religion News Service

WASHINGTON (RNS) More than a thousand rabbis from around the world have signed a statement denouncing the burning of an Israeli mosque as police arrested a suspect who is alleged to be a Jewish extremist.

“We condemn those in Israel who exacerbate conflict and strife, and who insist that only one people or religion belongs to this land,” said the statement, which organizers say was overwhelmingly signed by U.S. rabbis.

The statement was presented on Thursday (Oct. 6) by a delegation of dozens of rabbis and peace activists to the imam of Tuba-Zangria, the Galilean village where the mosque was torched.

The statement was initiated by the New Israel Fund (NIF), an organization that promotes human rights and religious pluralism in Israel.

David Rosenn, the chief operating officer of NIF and a Conservative rabbi, called the mosque arson “a flagrant challenge to Jewish history and values.”

The envoys to Tuba-Zangria were led by a coalition established in 2009 in response to a book that argued that, in times of war, Jewish law permits the pre-emptive killing of noninvolved gentiles, including children.

The arson has been condemned by Israel’s chief rabbis and a host of Jewish groups in the United States, including the Anti-Defamation League, which said the attack represented “the violence and hatred among fringe groups of Israeli Jewish extremists.”

Israeli officials have arrested a suspect in the arson, described by The Associated Press as an “18-year-old seminary student with ties to one of the most hardline Jewish settlements in the West Bank.”

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  • Khalid Shah

    Good article. Made me wish there was a similar petition signed by thousands of Imams condemning the attacks on Christian Churches in Egypt and Pakistan. Maybe LW can start such a petition?

  • Khushboo

    There are several mosques that have been burned recently. There are also innocent civilians who’ve been attacked by rubber bullets by these damn Israeli settlers. 🙁

  • corey

    wow there you are posing quite a challenging request it is going to be quite hard to find something like that considering that has never been seen before oh wait a simple search on the internet of the muslims mourining for the victims of 9-11 as well as condemnations from muslim leaders against the attacks epic fail on your part and yeah we know its you “mohammed the troll”, “muslonazi” your charished word along with “sub human” is quite a dead givaway idiot.

  • Géji

    If the term “jewish extremist” is appropriate for a jewish individual who have a tendency for extremism, then how come a Muslim individual who have the same tendency for extremism is called “islamic extremist”, and not instead the mutch proper term “muslims extremist”? Why do people keep insist on calling him “islamic extremist”, as if there is something ‘islamic’ about it? – I’ve never heard someone calling a jewish extremist, ‘Judaic extremist’, because that would imply Judaism condone extremism. Well the same respect should be applied for the religion of Islam. This double standard always bothered me, whereas every bad thing a muslim does or says is immediately labeled “islamic” in the current discourse, from the media, to the politicians. One can expect this from anti-muslim bigots and islamophobes, who hate everything Islam anyway, but there are even those respected people who do not hesitate to use this abhorring term. And whats even more sadder is that some muslims themselfs pick-up the habit and use this term for the extreme element of the community . I think we seriously need to correct that, if we want to be fair and balanced.

  • Mohammedan1234

    Let’s be clear. There was some petty vandalism against the subhuman Muslonazis, and the entire Jewish world united to condemn it.

    I dare you Mohammed-worshippers to find one – ONE! – even sly, implied condemnation of your 1400 years of Jihad by you satanists.

  • corey

    if geller bothered to put this up on atlas on drugs she would probably rant about how “self hating jews are building solidarity with the jihadists to discredit israels efforts to defend itself”

  • Daniel

    But of course, LW is so anti-Semitic that they’ll never acknowledge good Jews…


  • mindy1

    Yay people who want peace 😀 but what I don’t get is why people could burna house of worship to begin with-what kind of statement are they making, do they really think that God would be on te side of a person who does something that could hurt people?

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