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At RJC Forum, Gingrich says he’ll Appoint John Bolton as Secretary of State

At RJC Forum, Gingrich Says He’ll Appoint John Bolton As Secretary of State

by Charles Johnson Wed Dec 7, 2011

Speaking today at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Presidential Candidates Forum, Newt Gingrich announced that for Secretary of State, his pick would be John Bolton.

Yes, that would be the same John Bolton who wrote the foreword for the deranged anti-Obama book by hate bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, and who appeared in a recorded message at Geller’s ugly “Ground Zero Mosque” hatefest last year. (Newt, in typical Gingrich fashion, agreed to speak too but then bailed out.)

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  • Gigrich for President and Bolton for Secretary of State.That team only could save Israel from being nuked by Iran.Watch my lips!!!!!

  • SKhan

    Newt is a loon. What else is new?

    Ok, I don’t know what problems you guys have with Ron Paul’s support of free trade, free markets, and the gold standard. Free trade would lead to more money for all parties involved, and would step up the competition for domestic businesses, compelling them to improve their products/services. The gold standard would back up our currency and slow down inflation/devaluation of our currency. So what if he wants to take off government restrictions on businesses? That would increase our GDP and if the workers find fault with their employers, we have a judicial system for that. The only reason employers were able to oppress workers during the Industrial Revolution was because the employers bribed the government. In Ron Paul’s version of lassiez-faire/free trade, there is complete separation of government and business, meaning the government cannot give nor receive money from businesses.

  • Mustafa H.E.

    With Gingrich, the Republicans have no chance of beating Obama. The only guy the Republicans have who stands a chance against Obama is Mitt Romney, who is far more even-headed than the most of the other Republicans

    and yes, that includes Ron Paul. I agree with most of Ron Paul’s foreign policy platform, and I admire that he absolutely refuses to buy into the Muslim-scare bullcrap, but Ron Paul is a loon of the free market/free trade/gold standard-worshiping variety.

  • Michael

    What a nightmare scenario!

  • mindy1

    Things that make you go WTF

  • TheBig_T

    the loons are like parasites, leeching off the politicians and the ignorant masses for material gains while harming and divieding nations were ever they go.
    welcome to 1932

  • Al

    *fighting the urge to vomit*

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