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Iran: Yet Another Case Study in Robert Spencer’s Hypocrisy and Double Standards

JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer just posted an article with the following title:

How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet: Iran promotes genocidal book by Muslim seminarians, published by Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance

He’s taking exception to an anti-Israeli book supposedly written by some religious students in Iran, called “How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet.”  Spencer calls this a “genocidal book.”

This is why LoonWatch exists.  We’ve been documenting what loons like Robert Spencer say so that we can pull Jon Stewart moves like the one I am going to pull now…

The reader is referred to Robert Spencer’s post in March 2010 wherein he promoted a “genocidal video” calling for “wiping Pakistan off the map” and nuclear annihilation of Pakistan:

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: Wipe Pakistan Off the Map

And my article on the topic back then:

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Promote Video by Militant and Genocidal Group

When Iranians/Muslims call to “wipe Israel off the map” or “eliminate Israel from the planet”, then it is a “genocidal book” and all freedom-loving people must be outraged by this.  When anti-Muslim extremists call for the same against Muslims, then that’s a “genocidal freedom-loving video” that all freedom-loving people must support.  As George Orwell put it: “Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them.”

(Image at the top of the page comes from an earlier article exposing Robert Spencer: LoonWatch Exclusive: Robert Spencer’s “f**” & “f**”)

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  • corey

    I could think of about a few people who are actual champions of human rights lets see MLK jr, gandhi, nelson mandela, rosa parks, harriet tubman, anyone else I could name because they 3 of them seem to be spinning in there graves anytime spencer and geller declare themselves human rights supporters.

  • Black Infidel

    You got that right Big_T. How Pamela Geller became a human rights activist is beyond me.

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  • TheBig_T

    BUt but Pammy Geller is a human rights activest (obvious sarcasm intended, now excuse me while i wash my mouth out with soap for even trying to link some think positive to “shreaking harpy” Geller

  • Al

    “Police Blotter Bob” is cut from the same cloth as ambulance chasing lawyers.

  • Saladin

    Hey Danios you should rename the entire Islamophobia sphere as the Ministry of Truth and appoint them the slogan WAR IS PEACE ,FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH it really applies to them.

  • Fox news
  • mp11

    “Does anybody listen to this fat, greasy pos?”

    YES, many people do and some of these have important political functions such as Geert wilders, Allen West etc..
    He was also able to spearhead the anti-mosque movement in NYC.

    He should not be dismissed as a clown etc as for example Reza Aslan is prone to do; he should be taken seriously even if what he says is disgusting and bigoted.

  • mindy1

    People are surprised by his hypocrisy?! He is a piece o crap, and is why some people hate the U.S.

  • Safak

    His own works and articles appear on a genocidal manifesto by Anders Breivik lol what a dumb-ass…

  • Atheist Arab – عربي ملحد

    Israel has already literally WIPED Palestine off the map.

    As Norman Finkelstein once said: the verbal threats of Ahmadinajad are incomparable to the ACTUAL (physical) violence by Israel and its LITERAL wiping off of Palestine.

  • Believing Atheist

    What do you expect? Robert Spencer is not a scholar (though he pretends to be) but a propagandist. He has no formal training in Islamic scholarship or in Arabic. He hates Islam and Muslims for two reasons (1). He gets paid by David Horowitz to bash Islam and Muslims and (2). In his book titled Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics, he admitted that he views Islam as the chief rival to Catholicism. So he is in love with the money and in love with the competition, the result equals bigotry and bias against Islam and Muslims.

  • corey

    I dont think he has the balls to guard one but rather oversee one in an office somewhere away somewhere admiring pictures of actual champions of human rights all the while trampling on the rights he claims to protect in the camp.

  • Crow

    Does anybody listen to this fat, greasy pos? robert spenser truly has the heart and soul of a nazi, I can see him eagerly guarding a death camp, as for his a-hole followers there so eager to see missles fly at a Muslim country?

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