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Umm, Iran, Can You, Like, Give Back Our Drone Please? [Updated]

(updated below)

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the double standards in the U.S. media and national discourse with regard to American foreign policy in the Middle East and greater Muslim world.  This leads to absurdities like this:

President Barack Obama said today the U.S. has requested that Iran return the highly sensitive stealth drone that crash landed there two weeks ago, but an Iranian general already said that’s not going to happen.

“We’ve asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Obama said at a news conference.

So, let me get this straight: the U.S. has been using surveillance from stealth drones to bomb and assassinate targets inside Iran, one of these drones goes down while flying inside Iran’s sovereign territory, and now the U.S. is asking for it back?  This reminds me of childhood story an Indian friend of mine told me: his mother used to ask for her shoe back whenever she used to throw it at him.

A shocked Iranian military official replied:

No one returns the symbol of aggression to the party that sought secret and vital intelligence related to the national security of a country.

What do you think the United States would do if an Iranian drone was downed in U.S. territory?  We all know the answer: bomb Iran back to the Stone Ages.  Or, at minimum we would use drones to drop a few bombs on their heads.

Some Americans wonder why there are so many Muslim suicide bombers.  Well, they don’t have drones, which are the American equivalent of suicide bombers.  Drones have the added benefit that they can be operated without fear of any personal harm.

Drones are now America’s favorite Muslim killer, used against at least six different Muslim countries (Iran could be considered the seventh Muslim country to have this honor).

But, always remember: they (Iranians, Muslims, etc.) are so violent, and we are so peaceful.


JihadWatch’s Marisol just posted an article complaining about the fact that “Pakistan will shoot down any U.S. drone that intrudes its air space.” (h/t Believing Atheist) Marisol huffs: “So, does anyone still say ‘friend and ally?'”

The “threat” comes after U.S. drones violated Pakistan’s sovereignty for the millionth time and committed what under international law is considered an act of war: they bombed and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.  Some “friend and ally” America is.

This is not the first time American drones have killed Pakistanis.  In fact, they have been doing so for many years, killing hundreds of civilians–including children.

If Mexico routinely sent killer drones across the border to snuff out American lives, what do you think the American reaction would be?

But in the Orwellian world of JihadWatch, it is the party that defends its sovereignty that is at fault (because it is Muslim) whereas the party violating sovereignty is justified in doing so (since it is fighting Muslims).  Unfortunately, this bizarro world is not limited to the loony land of JihadWatch but rather exists in mainstream political discourse and is a part of conventional wisdom.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Holland has the bomb ?

  • @ Jack Cope;Dr.Khan of Pakistan first stole the Nuclear Technology from Holland and then sold to Iran,North Korea and Libya.Pakistan could easily sell the Nuclear Weapons {finished product} now to Iran for cash or out of their hatred for Israel and America and love for Islam.Then,Iran won’t need to test any Nuclear weapons themselves.North Korea could also enter into any deal for cash.Wait for 2012 and see what happens!!!

  • Every Muslim is a STEALTH DRONE in America and the WEST.They are letal and are waiting for the right moment to strike.Iran is trying relentlessly to acquire NUCLEAR WEAPONS to destroy Israel and America by its own admission.Hence ,It would be foolish if America does not spy on Iran and destroy it before it attacks Israel or America with nuclear weapons.

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  • Down the MEMRI Hole

    @ twiceasnice December 13th, 2011 at 4:47 pm:

    The problem is that the US Military Industrial Complex’s definition of terrorism is that it is opportunistic & not consistent with the O.E.D. definition.

    That kind of caprice & blatant partisanship is what makes many in the rest of the world pity & groan at the contents of the aforementioned post.

    In the cold light of day, without fear or favour, Iran’s record compared to the US is light years apart. The White Man’s Burden, Manifest Destiny, Noblesse Oblige are nothing new.

    The empty “terrorism” accusation appears laughably trite in that it is used against anyone who opposes me & my mates.

    Sadly the American MIC squandered much of the global sympathy with its posse vigilantism & Old Testament vengeance against scapegoats innocent of the hyped charges. With the rise of China, the US should sober up quickly from the drunken high of being the sole hyperpower.

    The rest of the world is not as insular & remembers the Weapons of Mass Delusion & coverup over the rape of women & children in Abu Ghraib by Obama etc.

  • The Entrepreneur

    Let the whole world LAUGH at America, the real terrorist

  • Hopper,

    Here is the thing about nukes… you can’t biuld them without testing them first. And once you test them… well that rather large bang and omnious mushroom cloud gives it all away. And once you have a working bomb it is really no use to you.

    Care to guess how big a first generation nuke is? Well… you’ve seen the photos of fat man and little boy I am sure. Try sticking them on the end of a rocket! The US and USSR spent years miniaturizing their weapons to fit them on rockets. Getting the thing to go ‘BOOM!’ is only the first part of the battle. The delivery mechanism is the next hard step. They’d have to invent a powerful yet accurate rocket, capable of lugging several tonnes, all by themselves and a weapon small enough. Oh, and it would need to be repeatedly tested.

    The point is that there is no way for Iran to get such a weapon without giving the game away pretty early on in development. And what would it get from such a weapon? As soon as everyone sees it then it is lights out for Iran. It would be their death sentence as the weapon’s existence would be pretty easy to prove by anyone who wanted to. It would be flashed around on CNN and Iran would disappear under a hail of fire from the US et all. Iran’s leaders may be mad but they are not stupid. They value their lives and power!

    I’m not sure you will be able to digest these facts, so until next time when you will no doubt bring up the same argument.


  • twiceasnice, are you aware that your statement, with a few words changed, could be used to apply to the US? And force never gets you anywhere; all it does is make people more angry.


  • Nur Alia


    In a Lebanese town close to the border with Israel, there was a momorial set up to honour all of the people who had died during the Zionist occuparion of that country that ended in the year 2000.

    In 2006, one of the first things thr Zionists bombed was the momorial. It was a symbol of thier defeat in thier eyes.

    This drone thing is a symbol of defeat for Americans. Thier dishonour is being flashed all over the world in the form of this craft.

    The point that Americans make in arrogance is that they are superior, and exceptional…and this craft was to be a symbol of thier superiority over Iran…a top of the line, steath craft, brought down in a territory where Americans demean and dehumanise the people on a daily basis.

    Arrogance is a weapon the aggressor hands the oppressed. The oppressed play the role, and one day use the arrogance against the oppressor in humilation.

    Belive me…this is much worse that Iran shooting a rocket at an American or Zionist interest. Humiliation.

  • twiceasnice

    This same Iran that is the worlds biggest state sponsor of terrorism. They arm train Hezbollah and Hamas, their proxies, use torture, execution, rape as a political weapon, have a gross human rights record, threaten other states, invade embassies and brutally crush/kill political opposition.

    This in itself is cause not only to invade if only because they are Shia twelver theocrats that believe an apocalyptic even will herald their Mahdi. They don’t understand being civil they will understand force.

  • Sam Seed

    “We’ve asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Obama said at a news conference.

    LOL! Yes like Iran would say ‘Okay, but don’t do it again.’

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