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Glenn Greenwald: Debating Assassinations on Bill Maher’s “Real Time”

Greenwald was on Real Time discussing the dangerous implications of Obama’s “assassination” program:

Debating assassinations on “Real Time”

by Glenn Greenwald (

I was on Real Time with Bill Maher last night and the most contentious debate occurred over the claimed power of the Obama administration to target American citizens for assassination without due process, as it did with Anwar Awlaki. Below is the clip of that discussion. One irony is that it was preceded by a discussion of hate crimes prosecutions (in the context of the Trayvon Martin and Tyler Clementi cases) in which both Maher and Andrew Sullivan insisted that Americans have the inviolable right to express even the most hateful and repellent opinions without being punished for it by the state, yet were both supportive of the Awlaki killing, an act grounded overwhelmingly if not exclusively in the U.S. government’s hatred and fear of his political speech. The discussion also included Brown University’s Wendy Schiller:

[The video can be seen here, at the bottom of the page]

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  • khushboo

    I saw that and am glad that Glenn pointed out the hypocrisy. Ofcourse, Bill has an annoying habit of cutting important facts that he disagrees with short to move on to stupid topics. He really needs to learn to go with the flow instead of going by the book. Maybe he’s too afraid that he’ll miss out on his unfunny “Rules” monologue at the end.

  • Daniel

    Despite the hostile environment and ridiculous format (five minutes with five speakers to discuss such an important topic? Really?), and despite the unbearable smart-aleck smarminess of Maher, Glenn did an outstanding job. I applaud him for willingly be on such a show–he’s reaching people that never would normally think about these issues (quasi-liberals who believe Obama can do no wrong.)

    Glenn is what other journalists pretend to be…but they are merely stenographers, meekly accepting government rhetoric to gain “access”. They are tools of propaganda.

  • mindy1


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