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As Geert Wilders Star Fades in Europe, He Hopes to Make it in America

I have the strange sense that Geert Wilders ‘star’ is fading. The momentum from Fitna, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the calls for deporting Muslims has been blunted by the departure of his former friend Brinkman, the embarrassment over the anti-Polish site his party created and other such incidents. This does not mean that he is less of a force for bigotry but for the moment it seems we may have reached a downward curve in his rise.

In America Wilders will have more luck, and will make tons of money scamming not just poor Christian right-wingers but also the small, rich anti-Muslim cadre who hang on his every word.

If fake ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat can still rake in cold hard cash from Bible thumpers even when it is well known that he is a liar, how much better will the peroxide-dyed anti-Muslim politician do?

Update (via. Al-Bakrastani): The government his (Wilders) Fascist party supported has crashed and most likely new elections will decimate his party.

(via. Hugo Treeds) Today he blew up Dutch governement and yesterday his party blew itself up in his home-district of Limburg. Almost weekly party representatives now leave the party and decimate his powerbase in cities and provinces. So your analysis very probably is correct and he will try to flee the mess he made over here in The Netherlands. So America, beware!

Wilders’ new book aimed at US market may appeal only to his ‘small, rich and fanatical group of followers’

A new book by Geert Wilders aimed at the American market is not due to be officially launched until May 1, but details gleaned from advance and review copies are already doing the rounds.

The book is entitled Marked for Death, Islam’s war against the West and me and according to Wilders’ own website ‘tells the story of Geert Wilders’ fight for the right to speak what he believes: namely that Islam is not just a religion but primarily a dangerous ideology which is a threat to Western freedoms.’

The book will be officially presented at an as-yet secret location in the US, and is regarded by some as Wilders’ calling card to America. The Dutch MP has made no secret of his international ambitions and is keen to launch and International Freedom Alliance, he said last year.

Magazine HP/De Tijd looks at one incident in the book in which Wilders writes how he was robbed by “three Arab youths” in the Utrecht district of Kanaleneiland – an area of poor housing and high unemployment.

In fact, the robbery took place in a more upmarket part of town several kilometres away the magazine says, citing references to the incident in a biography of Wilders published several years ago.

Tom Kleijn, Washington correspondent for television show Nieuwsuur says the book is a dry, almost academic recount of “how Wilders has become what he is”. The book even contains an index and sources, he points out. “Wilders has a small, rich and fanatical group of followers in America,” Kleijn said. “But it remains to be seen if this book will boost Wilders’ popularity.”

Current Dutch president Mark Rutte is not mentioned once, but Wilders states five times that he and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch Somali Muslim critic who now works for a US think-tank, are of the same opinion, Kleijn points out.

Nos correspondent Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal describes how Wilders emphasises his admiration for former US president Ronald Reagan and states current president Barack Obama is a dhimmi – a submissive non-Muslim in a Muslim state.

Dutch News, 21 April 2012

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  • revenge

    @fredrick Fitna a masterpiece? Yeah right, I bet you would’ve said the same thing about Mein Kampf in the 1920s.

  • corey

    right “masterpiece” you mean piece of crap

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    Sorry Freddy but St. Git has failed to make an impression with his blatent propaganda advert Hitler.
    Since hé is at fault for the fall of the dutch govt one hopes they will take appropiate action.
    Unemployment beckons

  • fredrick

    You mean you’re * hoping * that Wilders star is fading. If his masterpiece Fitna fails to make a lasting impression then he and the rest of western civilization deserve to relegated to “ashbin of history”. Not with a bang but with a wimper. St. Geert has done all that can be expected from one man.

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  • Black Infidel

    @eslaporte: What are your thoughts on Theo van Gogh and his assassination? What do you think of his film Submission he did with Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

  • Pamela

    Put this fool on the no fly list.

  • @Black Infidel – and it could have really been the end of his “political career.” Being associated with anti-Gay, anti-Atheist, Christian Evangelical politics is a kiss of death in Dutch politics. We know how Gays are openly accepted and the largest religious faith in the Netherlands is Atheism. The Dutch Republic – Netherlands (in its various forms) is and has been for about 450 years a religiously pluralist region.

    Wilders is supported in the US by anti-Gay, anti-Atheist, Christian Evangelicals – and NO political figure would last long in Dutch politics as an anti-Gay, anti-Atheist, Christian Evangelical platform – and why it has not been figured out by Dutch voters is really incredible.

    Why Dutch voters continue to accept Geert Wilders given his US associations that are as anti-Dutch as it get could be due to several things. First, the Dutch media appears to be vigorously anti-Left and American-style Conservative in a manner that reminds me how American “Liberals” were childishly demonized by chiefly Rush Limbaugh. Demonizing the political Left as “socialist” and “a threat to the Dutch nation” has now happened in Dutch society and political culture.

    Second – the Dutch language (which not a heck of a lot of people in the world speak) used both as a barrier to other forms of politics and knowing the truth about Wilders American friends. Part of “being Dutch” is flawless use of the Dutch language, and this limits the ability of the Dutch to know what Wilders really is, the truth about him, what the world thinks of the Netherlands, how the country is now becoming a global troublemaker. If you only want to read “Dutch-language only” sources, chances are you will have a very different view of Geert Wilders, the PVV, the Brown Coalition, Muslims, Moroccans, the European Union and the like, that is more radical right than mainstream and informative.

    What the Dutch appear to only know is that their traditional cultural values (tolerance and religious pluralism) has been branded as “bad” in the Dutch media, mainly by Pim Fortuyn – a “greater hero than William the Orange.” The reality now is that most Dutchmen could not tell you what it means to be Dutch. A Dutchman not only defines himself by use of the Dutch language, but also by not being the Big Other: the allochtoon.

    You could be a third generation immigrant, born in the Netherlands, have Dutch citizenship, have the Dutch language as your native language and be Dutch in every aspect – but if you are an allochtoon you are never allowed to claim that you are Dutch. This is actually similar to how Catholics were once treated, not quite Dutch and associated with the Spanish tyrants. This was worked out through the development of the Dutch tradition of religious tolerance and one nation with a multi-pillar system. Dutch nationalism is about religious pluralism, not religious bigotry!

  • Black Infidel

    @Muezzin: Didn’t Geert Wilders team up with Evangelical group called “The Christian Action Network” to make his anti-Muslim documentary film called “Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning To The West”?

  • Al Bakrastani; yes pretty much there. It is amusing how he takes such huge steps to hide his ancestry though. Not sure how the good old boys will take him when they find out but hey, he needs the new market.

    But yeah, as I noted earlier this year, he’s fading already hence his picking on other immigrants:

    He’d better cash in while he can!

  • JD

    This is what Hirsi Ali did… After e Ayaan Hirsi Magan was exposed several years ago as a total fraud

    She was invited to join the party because her anti Islam stances in public, and gained a Parlimentary seat in the liberal party.

    Of course, people started investigating her claims, and found that ‘she lied about her life to gain asylum’. It was found, through invesitgation that she was born in Kenya, not Somalia as she claimed. It was found that she was not from a ‘strict’ Muslim family, and that her marriage was not arrainged. We can almost be sure that since so much of her life was a lie, she didnt suffer FGM as she also claimed.

    She Left and as of 2012 Hirsi Ali is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, and lives in the United States.

  • @ Nur Alia .. Wilders is not Indonesian but Indo .. Indo’s are the offspring of colonial dutch and (most often ) their housekeeping staff , they consider themselves far superior to the Indonesians because of their white blood .. During Indonesia’s independence war they ( and the Christian “Molukkers” people from the Moluccan Islands ) supported the colonial oppressors .. After Indonesian independence they fled to the Netherlands where they have been part of several ultra-right parties .. These are the people that due to their violent supporting of the Dutch made Christians very unpopular in Indonesia …

  • @NurAlia

    Even if he is part Indonesian, he may not even know it. It can be difficult to tell if someone had ancestors from a certain part of the world based on their fiscal appearance. He may have had an Indonesian ancestor at some point, but after that so many of his other recitatives were white Europeans that the only way we could find out would be to do a DNA test.

  • NurAlia

    There is evidence that this guy may be partly Indonesian. It would be funny to expose a self hating bigot.

  • @Muezzin,

    Wilders is already a favorite with Christian Evangelicals in the US. Most of his speeches are sold out, and in Evangelical megachurches. He may be an atheist, but he is also a defender of Christianity, and is a professed “cultural Christian” and champion of “Judeo-Christian” civilization, which is primarily defined in his mind in opposition to “Islam.”

  • @Al Bakrastani

    If that’s true, than its excellent news.

  • well he will have all the time possible for this endeavor , the government his Fascist party supported has crashed and most likely new elections will decimate his party …

  • Crow

    So if I got robbed by a white man I could spread lies and hatred against them? This wilders frantic grab at fame that he is losing, this is his version of mein kampf and Im sure the very few of his followers that can read might buy it

  • @Muezzin

    Well at least Wilders won’t be able to become president of united States. No one who wasn’t born on U.S soil can hold that position.

  • If you like to read interesting myths and fables, I’m sure there are lots of interesting myths and fables in Wilders’ book. The most famous, of course, is this rubbish that “al-Qaeda has him on a hitlist.” What the Dutch State, like AIVD, says must be taken as a grain of salt. Besides the Dutch State is not through milking the murder of Theo van Gogh as “terrorism” and “jihad in the Netherlands.” The Dutch State can get more millage out of the murder of “Theo” as “terrorism” than myths about Wilders’ victimhood “at the hands of Islam.”

    Yeah, sure. What is probably closer to truth is that al-Qaeda and like minded travelers don’t regard Geert Wilders high on the target list – and we can see this the few blundering nutcases claiming to be “operating for al-Qaeda” or “on a jihad.” If someone got to him – it would be a single nutcase for his own murderous reasons.

    I hope nothing happens to Wilders – and I wish he could see how he is wasting his life. Wilders is actually very intelligent and could still contribute something positive. Maybe someday he will see the error of his past activities, which now includes radical right terrorism.

    The followers of Wilders probably don’t know a word of Dutch and simply don’t care about the real Dutch culture and national identity that Wilders, but chiefly Pim Fortuyn, have damaged and destroyed. What we have is a group of American rich “fans” that are funding the destruction of another country’s culture, values and identity that have brought real religious peace. Funding this is sick and the Dutch people did not deserve this type of foreign attack!

    Dutch tolerance was a noble tradition that grew out of the aftermath of the religious conflicts in the Low Countries and it worked very well. It worked so well that the nation could be built – but yet have a religious and social pillar system. Why it is that Moroccan community, for example, cannot have its own pillar just as Catholics, Protestants, Socialists, and the like – it is un-Dutch!

  • Reynardine

    Muezzin: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were Jews?

    But everybody, not to worry. In Switzerland, they sort Emmenthaler cheeze into three grades. The ones with the small, tight holes go to Italy. The medium ones they keep. But the ones with the large holes they send to the USA, because they know we infallibly choose the biggest holes we can get. But our domestically produced ones are even bigger.

    You hear that, Geert? Our holes are bigger than your holes. Nobody has bigger holes than we have right here at home! And next to the Crater Lakes our hole fanciers go for- well, damme, sir, you’re barely a dimple!

  • Muezzin

    I don’t know about “small rich group”, who is the rich one?

    if you look at the funding of the Islamophobia network, it comes to about $50million, but compare that to what this groups of mainly Jewish neo cons cost the USA, $16 tillion in debt for wars, particularly the Iraq one which the US lost. The US didn’t even get any oil contracts from Iraq, they’re going to European and Russian companies, mainly Muslim ones.

  • Muezzin

    No I disagree, with the comparison to Walid Shoebat

    Wilders peroxide hair won’t make him a favourite with the Christian Right, because he is an atheist and doesn’t like religion. He is a Catholic who left religion. Walid Shoebat is Evangelical, that is why he is popular with the illiterate members of the Christian Right.

    Shoebat and Brigette Gabriel wouldn’t have any popularity in the Bible Belt if they were Jewish or Atheist. That is why Debbie Schlussul and Pam Geller and other Jewish Islamophobes don’t have popularity there.

    Nor will he have popularity amongst the ku klux crowd because he is pro Israel.

    His only supporters in the US will be the neo conservatives, ie. the Jewish pro Israel, pro Likud pro settler crowd

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