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Berlin’s Largest Mosque Targeted in Hate Crime Attack

Berlin’s largest mosque targeted in hate crime attack

Berlin’s largest mosque has been targeted in an Islamophobic attack in the German capital’s predominantly migrant district of Neukölln.

Unknown assailants threw several paint bombs at the Sehitlik mosque Saturday night. They also placed an insulting anti-Islam picture at the entrance to the building.

Berlin police said that a threatening letter had been sent to the mosque recently.

The Sehitlik mosque has been the target of four arson attacks over the past three years. Berlin mosques have been the scene of at least seven fire bombings since June 2010.

German Muslim leaders have time and again called for stepped up security measures for the country’s mosques and Islamic centers.

They also accuse the center-right government of Chancellor Angela Merkel of trying to downplay the danger of anti-Muslim crimes caused by the wave of Islamophobia in Germany.

Press TV, 9 April 2012

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  • GW


    Of course you would as it suits your beliefs. The question here is whether or not muslims would welcome proselytizing in their countries. Can any muslim state that they welcome that? I find it odd that a minority population of 1-2% of the USA has so much media coverage. I mean there are just as many Hindi people here. Why is it that there is no conflict with them? @elsaporte, your silence is deafening.

  • Christian-friend

    @GW, I would supported completely!

  • GW


    I am sure you support the distribution of millions of Arabic language bibles to be passed out in Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. And let’s not forget the Pashtun versions for AF/Pak.

  • …and from Germany also we see the latest example of how legally protected religious and political activities of Muslims in Europe are being defined as a “national security threat.”

    We have a Muslim preacher who has a “Koran in every home” campaign and has the goal of handing out 25 million German language Korans. Well – the local “Christian democratic” leaders, including from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union have called this campaign “aggression.”

    We also see the German intelligence service involved in spying and demonizing the “Koran in every home campaign.” Yes – folks – this is the same German intelligence that failed (or “overlooked”) the killings of mainly Turkish shopkeepers and blamed bomb attacks by the radical right as “Turkish mafia.” Apparently, the national shame following this “failure” has not served to reorient German intelligence back to real threats, and they continue to spy on and demonize German Muslims.

    While we have murders and attacks on mosques, as well as whole regions of Germany taken over – and ethnically cleansed – by the neo-Nazi radical right. We continue to see Muslim/minority communities and their legally protected activities demonized, criminalized and raised to the level of national security threat!

    WE NEED TO GET A GRIP ON WESTERN SECURITY AGENCIES! The fact remains that there is far greater security threat from the radical right than so-called “Islamist jihadists.”

    DO NOT FORGET that the Nazi and European radical right have murdered, butchered and exterminated far more people in the past 100 years of European history than so-celled “Islamist jihadists.” Enough said!

  • GW


    Are you suggesting that xenophobia is a western phenomenon? Or does your use of the words spread throughout insinuate that xenophobia has roots in other cultures?

  • Isa

    Islamophobia and Xenophobia in general has spread like wildfire throughout the entire Western World. There is no where to go to for safety. We will all be consumed by it eventually…

  • TheBig-T

    this cancer is spreading
    cut it before it spreads any further

  • mindy1

    Damn wanna be nazi’s 🙁

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