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Kevin Forts: One of Anders Breivik’s US Admirers

Imagine if a Muslim were corresponding with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, expressing support for his terroristic actions, wouldn’t he be locked up for material support of terrorism?

Kevin Forts is not the only US Breivik admirer out there:

Breivik’s US admirer

The young man has black hair and a piercing gaze, and poses with his arms behind his back. He wants to appear decisive and courageous for the photographer. His parents and friends have tried to dissuade him from taking this step, says Kevin Forts from Worcester in the US state of Massachusetts. “But I want to, so that I can represent the views of Anders Breivik that have otherwise been demonized by the mass media,” the 23-year-old told reporters from the Norwegian tabloid VG, the country’s most-read newspaper.

In a major story the newspaper reveals that Forts shares the views of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. “I represent a nationalist alternative, just like Breivik,” he says. Forts writes letters to the assassin and exchanges ideas with him. As proof he shows off one letter the mass murderer wrote him from his prison cell.

Breivik praises the somewhat haggard looking American. VG quotes from the letter Breivik reportedly sent to Forts, in which he writes: “I have received letters from supporters in 20 countries, but you appear to be someone who can write well. Yes, I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together.”

It could be a craving for attention that is now pushing the young American into the public eye. Since the attacks of July 22, 2011, the right-wing, anti-Islam scene has largely retreated from the digital public sphere. Its protagonists, who until then had used the Internet for regular exchanges, have rushed to distance themselves from Breivik’s acts. Chief among them is Fjordman, a Norwegian blogger, who until the killings had regularly exchanged ideas with Breivik and is considered to be a kind of ideological mentor to him. “It should be painfully obvious by now that Breivik does not care for anything greater than himself,” the anti-Islam author wrote in his blog of the ongoing trial this week.

Most are distancing themselves from Breivik, but not Kevin Forts. In a video of the interview posted on the VG website on Wednesday in which he explained why he is defending the murders, Forts said: “I believe it demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience. He’s fighting against cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway and he found that the most rational way to accomplish that was through terrorist actions on Utøya and in Oslo.”

When asked how one could defend the murder of innocent children, Forts added: “Because I believe that he used it as an unprecedented attack. I don’t believe that it should occur again, but I do believe that it was atrocious but necessary in that it has raised awareness for it and Breivik did that with the executions.”

Forts says he believes Breivik is a “nationalist and a patriot and not the terrorist neo-Nazi that the media portrays him to be.” He continues by saying, “Now, all you see is the shock and the gore on Utøya and in Oslo, but you do not see the actual political ramifications that will come true in the future. I believe that, at that point, it will be impossible to hate Breivik, and you will see that he was actually acting in a matter of preemptive war.”

Spiegel Online, 18 April 2012

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  • Alpha Omega
  • Pingback: Kevin Forts: One of Anders Breivik’s US Admirers | Spencer Watch()

  • @Judah

    You just told us more about yourself than either of those people. Brevik was a mass murder, and many of his victims were children.

    Even famous anti Muslim bigots like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who inspired him, did their best to distance themselves from Breivik, when they found out what his motives actually were. They knew just how bad associating with a mass murderer, especially one who murdered children, would make them look, and they knew just how easily associating with him might turn people against them and their movement.

    American Anti-Muslim Activists Throw Devoted Follower Breivik Under Bus

    As for the idea that his actions were somehow defending the west, it could be argued that even if the stealth Jihad/creeping sharia conspiracy was real, and the west was in danger of becoming an “Islamic theocracy,” his actions would have done nothing to stop it. Breivik is nothing but a hate monger and a mass murderer and you admire him for what he did as well as his supporters. What does that tell us about you?

  • Judah

    Forts is a great man, unlike all the self-hating wusses attacking him and brievik, who have both sacrificed their careers for the sake of the West.

  • Kevin Forts is a radicalized individual. He has all the elements: he believes that using political violence – terrorism – is alright to achieve a goal or goals. Forts is well beyond the Muslim that believes in various goals, but rejects violence and terrorism.

    Forts believes in violence and terrorism — and he is a radicalized individual!

    But – Forts’ violent radicalization is a politically correct form…

  • …and while European security agencies continue to case phantom “jihadists,” place immigrant children and their schools under national security surveillance, Muslim communities under surveillance, people with Muslim sounding names continue to be harassed at airports, on the streets and everyday life ….

    …we have elements of the radical right openly excusing and celebrating terrorism and violence against other people. We have a growing threat from this element and European security and law enforcement appear to care little about it … they continue to waste money and time chasing phantom “jihadists.”

    European security and law enforcement need to pull their heads out of their asses and start protecting people from REAL terrorism, not phantom “jihadists” that do not exist! Security and defense from “terrorism” in Europe is totally backwards and needs to be reoriented toward real threats, not imaginary ones from “jihadist” phantoms.

    We have a very serious problem with counter-terrorism in Europe and America!

  • 22,male, recently arrested for assault. Get him to a mental health facility. Sounds like schizophrenia.

  • TheBig-T

    it’d disgusting that people support that terrorist (yes he is a terrorist), some people say that they don’t support him per se, but support his ideas, which was the whole point of the attack, to get his message to the sheep who will accept it as the absolute truth and are to stupid to think for them selves, but i digress, the problem is that just because he hates Muslims its some people think OK for to support it without being called racist.
    now what if the roles have been reversed, and the one who committed the Norway terrorist attacks was a Muslim what would happen then, the answer Muslim gas chambers or an invasion of a Muslim country, and that the attacks were because of Islam and not because the person had a weak ego and psychologically disturbed because that would demand the use of their non-existent brain cells in that pile of flesh people call a brain (which these morons are severely lacking of).

    that’s my rant on the subject, sorry it was too long but people like these just boil my blood

  • Bob Freebird

    mindy1 Says:
    “…and what do we do about it??”

    Isn’t it obvious?

  • Averroe’s Ghost

    Samir Khan was never charged with anything. you can’t beat his ass now becuz Obama killed him with a drone missile already. People shoud not be locked away for running blogs. This kid, Kevin Forts should not be locked up for communicating with terrorist either.

    The red line is clear, calling for the murder of innocents. Samir nor Kevin did that. There is a doublestandard, Muslim vs. non-Muslim…if Samir was communicating with Anwar that would have probably got him arrested.

  • He reminds me of Samir Khan, the jihadi kid who ran an al-Qaeda blog out of North Carolina and received a lot of notoriety until he finally made hijrah to Yemen, where he was killed by a US strike (good riddance). I’d love to beat his ass if I ever saw him, nothing necessary about killing innocent teens.

    @JD: And there will be some on LoonWatch who will give a more muted reaction had this kid been your typical keyboard jihadi that posts on Islamic boards. Compare the outrage of Anders Breivik to the outrage of Mohammed Merah, night and day.

  • JD

    Spencer and Geller are prob in Purge mode on there sites just to make sure they are not linked to this guy

    ohh and he will claim ” Freedom of Speech” and alot of people will support his freedom of speech since his violence is towards the brown moslem people

  • JD

    I bet you all the gold in the golden city he is also a call for Genocide commentator on Jihad Watch run by Spencer and prob also follows julius streicher Geller

    People have had missiles shot up there face from UAV for saying same thing but I bet FBI CIA will prob let him go since he is not the right skin color.

  • I’m no expert, but Kevin Forts is someone I’d be highly suspicious of.

  • Solid Snake

    I mean, this guy is openly praising a terrorist and saying he wanted to meet him. Muslims have been convicted for saying far lesser things.

  • JT

    Yeah it’s no different to someone exchanging emails with Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and expressing support for his actions.

  • Garibaldi

    @SolidSnake, good point.

  • Solid Snake

    I know this comparison has been done to death but seriously, What if he was Muslim?

  • mindy1

    Great, another one-where do these people come from, and what do we do about it??

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