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US Drone Hits Mosque in Pakistan: 10 Killed


According to Obama logic we should not care about the fact that the elected Parliament of Pakistan has called for a cessation to all drone activity.

And people wonder why America is hated? It’s because you’re killing people on their way to offering prayers. For every murdered “insurgent”, or “militant”, or “terrorist” (whatever you want to call it) 10s of 100s of more innocent civilians are being murdered.:

US drone strike hits mosque; 10 killed

PESHAWAR –At least 10 people were killed and several others sustained injuries when unmanned US predator drone targeted a mosque in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan Agency on Thursday.

Sources said that earlier the death toll was put at six which later rose to 10 with several others were still in critical condition. The mosque was completely destroyed as two missiles were fired on it. Identities of the victims in the strike are not known immediately as North Waziristan is a far-flung mountainous tribal area bordering Afghanistan.

This was the fourth strike since Parliament in March demanded an end to the drone hits and first attack after the Chicago Summit.

Forty-five US missile strikes were reported in Pakistan’s tribal belt in 2009, 101 in 2010 and 64 in 2011.

Agencies add: The attack, in the Khassokhel village near Mir Ali in the North Waziristan, was the second to take place in less than 24 hours.

Aimed at a suspected militant hideout, Uzbek insurgents made up the majority of the fatalities from the strike, which will surely work to further the growing governmental tensions between the United States and Pakistan.

Local tribesmen said 10 bodies were pulled from the debris and that efforts were underway to retrieve others.

“The drone fired two missiles and hit the village mosque where a number of people were offering Fajr (morning) prayers,” local tribal elder Roashan Din told NBC News.

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  • IslamIsStrength

    @Daniel. Very well said. These are the kind of nuances used in media reporting and news coverage in general that stink of prejudice, being based on discrimination.

    @Ramey. Yes. The US breeds terrorism but it is only a few who would have the guts to say so. It is nice to know you have the courage, unlike some regimes and governments of the world, especially those that are of Muslims, that so shamelessly play up to the US and the West in general.

  • I have no qualms in referring to the United States as a nation that breeds terrorism- it terrorizes and is terrorized and this cycle is only due to the actions of a government that is inclined to bully tactics and meddling in others affairs- my sympathy was lost a long time ago, i am numb to terror breeders.

  • truth

    @ john be careful HATE KILLS. Don’t know how people think. Do you think there is any country/race in this world that can survive alone without any form of relationship with other country/race.use your sixth sense stop thinking like a toddler.

  • Once I get my new citizenship, Im renouncing my U.S. one.

  • JT

    If it’s not bad enough that people are bombing these areas in the first place, they are then absolutely clueless as to why people want to respond violently. Incidents like these breed terrorists but Islamophobes would much rather blame all instances of terrorism on Islam than look at the facts.

  • Anj

    “makes you want to renounce your citizenship”
    Then you realise there are mental midgets like John that would be empowered!
    People like you John make me want to stay! Oh the irony!

  • John

    “It’s enough to make me want to renounce my citizenship!”

    Please do at first instance and take your brethren with you. Oh but you won’t as infidel societies give you opportunities unlike the stone age terrorist societies you come from.

  • Christian-friend

    what if it was a church or a synagouge?

  • Daniel

    “–At least 10 people were killed and several others sustained injuries when unmanned US predator drone targeted a mosque in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan Agency on Thursday.”

    Is it just me, or does “sustained injuries” in these kind of articles sound like a wimpy phrase? An “injury” could be anything from a hangnail to the loss of all four limbs, becoming blinded and deafened.

    I tend to think that the “injuries” are more likely horrible burn wounds, loss of limbs, etc. Wouldn’t “At least 10 people were killed and several others were horrifically maimed for life” be more accurate?

  • TheBig-T

    Aren’t houses of worship protected under international law?

  • Al

    I am so sick of the amerikkkan/NATO war machine. It’s enough to make me want to renounce my citizenship!

  • mindy1

    May peace reign 🙁

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