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‘Christian Warrior’ Accused of Firebombing Mosque is Released on Bail

Court documents show that three weeks after the mosque firebombing, in unrelated encounters with police, Crawford ranted about Muslims, said Christians are capable of jihad and told an officer he resembled President Barack Obama.

The documents said Crawford told officers “only Christians could understand him, that he was a Christian warrior that they were persecuting,” and that “you will never know the truth about the mosque.” (via. Islamophobia-Watch)

What if he were Muslim?:

‘Christian warrior’ accused of firebombing mosque is released on bail

A federal judge on Tuesday allowed a man accused of firebombing a mosque in Corvallis to be released to home detention.

After two days of arguments and testimony in U.S. District Court in Eugene, Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin ordered Cody Crawford released under the supervision of his mother. His trial was set for September.

Crawford has been held since August in the 2010 firebombing that burned an office in the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, where Somali-born student Mohamed Osman Mohamud sometimes worshipped.

The fire came two days after Mohamud’s arrest in an FBI sting at a Portland Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Mohamud is charged with using a loaned cellphone to dial a phone number that he thought would detonate explosives in a van near the tree.

Police said someone broke a window at the mosque two days later and threw in a container with a flammable liquid.

Crawford was indicted on charges of damaging religious property for racial reasons, which is a hate crime, and using fire to commit a felony.

Court documents show that three weeks after the mosque firebombing, in unrelated encounters with police, Crawford ranted about Muslims, said Christians are capable of jihad and told an officer he resembled President Barack Obama.

The documents said Crawford told officers “only Christians could understand him, that he was a Christian warrior that they were persecuting,” and that “you will never know the truth about the mosque.”

Associated Press, 5 June 2012

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  • Yes bob, odd that you seem to get in a tizzy over Christianity being ‘bashed’. But hey, if you think it is wrong to criticize both Christians *and* Muslims or anyone else purely for their faith, I think that all of us will agree with you there.

    However, if you feel that its a-OK to purely do it to Muslims but get annoyed when Christianity gets both barrels… well there are plenty of sites to cater to you.

    Some of the articles here are harsh, I agree and have made comments to that affect. However all they do is do what others have done to my own faith, Islam, by misrepresenting it. Its not nice is it? So remember that feeling next time you see someone bashing someone else’s faith.

    I’ve stood up for Christians, Buddhists, Jews (an awful lot), Hindus, Atheists etc etc against criticism by those of my own faith, will you extend the same to me? Or will you instead drown in your own hypocrisy like so many?

    Peace, I think that’s all the world wants.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Bob, if you are offended by the writers and editors of this website pointing out when Christians do something hateful and bigoted, then perhaps you can understand how we Muslims feel when the mainstream media blames ANYTHING a Muslim does on Islam. We are always considered guilty by association. When LW asks ‘what if they were Muslim,’ it is not trying to insult Christianity. It is pointing out a very real double standard. If you don’t like it, you are always free to go read your news somewhere else. But let me ask you, why should white Euro-American Christianity be given ‘special treatment’?

    You guys are the majority in America. Nobody is oppressing you. Nobody is seriously suggesting invading Christian countries, or casting doubts upon your loyalty. Nobody is saying we should kick Christians out, or ban churches. Every President has participated in the national prayer breakfast and Rick Warren has led Presidential forums. Pat Robertson has his own channel for crying out loud, and a fairly wealthy one too. You can’t go very far in the Midwest without running into a Christian bookstore or megachurch or televangelist show. So… I fail to see how pointing out acts of violence by some Christian (or pseudo-Christian) nutjob hurts or oppresses you in anyway.

  • Sarah Brown

    @Bob – I sign up for mailings from Christian Solidarity Worldwide and have posted about the problems faced by Christians in Muslim countries (although I hope in a tolerably Loonwatch-friendly manner).

    And I still think you are a bit strange.

  • Sir david

    Ah Bob we are so lucky all Muslims are not as sensitive as you obviously are.
    You seem to have a chip on each shoulder.
    I will leave others more eloquent than I to reply. I don’t need to poke fun at you as your posts say it all really far better than I could.

    Sir David

  • Hatethehaterz

    @Bob: let’s take the article above as an example. It is not denigrating all Christians as terrorists who firebomb Mosques. It is asking the question, “what if he was Muslim?” If the individual featured in the article above were Muslim the loons would have a field day proclaiming how this incident shows that all Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is somehow to blame. Yet, in reality the suspect in custody was never even referred to as a “terrorist” by the mainstream media. This article exposes a double standard doesn’t it? It is not criticizing Christianity.

    The point the article is trying to make is that it is JUST AS WRONG to blame all Muslims and Islam for the crimes of a few individuals as it would be to blame all Christians or Christianity for this individual’s actions.

    This article further exposes the fact that Muslims are not uniquely or exclusively violent when compared to others. This is also one of the falsehoods that anti Muslim bigots routinely attempt to propagate.

    You have to understand that the articles on this site are a response and rebuttal to allegations and negative propaganda disseminated by anti Muslim hate sites. Maybe you are not so familiar with the negative hate propaganda being woven on a daily basis against Islam and its followers? So you are only seeing half the argument.

  • Hatethehaterz

    @bob: So it’s ok for you to criticize Muslims, but it’s not ok for us to criticize Christians? Anti Muslim, anti Islamic sites such as Jihadwatch, atlasshrugs, or barenaked Islam are beneath your mention, but Loonwatch is a “hate site” because it applies the same level of critique to Christianity and Judaism that anti-Muslim bigots do to Islam? Do you even see the double standard there?

    First of all, the reason Loonwatch doesn’t report “crimes” committed by Muslims, as Ilisha pointed out, is because the purpose of this site is to counter anti Muslim bigotry. It’s not selective reporting, it is the stated purpose of this site. Secondly, if you bothered to read some of the past articles you would notice that the writers here are not actually criticizing Christianity or any other religion. They are simply exposing the double standard applied to Muslims by bigots. There is nothing hateful there. If you want to see hate, go to any of the literally thousands of anti Muslim sites out there. Or heck, just read the comments under any media article or you tube video about Muslims or brown people. You’ll note the multiple calls for genocide such as nuking the middle east or wiping out all Muslims etc. Does Loonwatch have anything even close to that?

    You can’t seriously think that Muslims have destroyed more Churches than vice versa? Western forces destroyed 60 Mosques in Iraq during the second battle of Fallujah alone! Do you have any valid sources to claim that Muslims have destroyed more Churches than the reverse? Or is this one of those propagandist claims that requires us to limit our definition of the situation to be true? Such as we can’t count destruction of Mosques by western militaries, or certain denominations (because they are not Christiany enough), or we evil Mozlums deserved to have our Mosques destroyed because some brown guy looked kinda terroristy inside and his 5 year old son had a suspicious looking water gun, or oops it was just an accident, we really meant to bomb that one guy standing 1000 ft away; but every incident of Church destruction must be the fault of Mozlums, even if it was Hindus or sectarian violence unrelated to religion. Ya that was a horrible run on sentence. Hopefully the grammer police cut me some slack… a spell check feature on Loonwatch would be nice too. But I digress…

    And what religious leader called for attacking the vatican? Attacking places of worship (including non Muslim ones) is not permitted in Islam. Even during times of battle/war.

    And yes calling you “boob” IS implying you’re an idiot. Because your initial post came off as the rantings of a troll. But if you are in fact interested in civilized discourse, than I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for now (you’ll note I referred to you as Bob this time), and not imply you’re an idiot. But you do understand how criticizing a site dedicated to fighting anti Muslim bigotry for not including enough criticism of Muslims comes off as a troll post, right? It’s kind of like complaining that a cooking blog doesn’t mention enough plumbing tips. You might want to read the more popular articles here. You’ll note multiple disclaimers stating they are not criticizing any religion.

  • bob

    hatred has no justification. prsenting jesus as some bloodthirsty killer isnt denigation? thats christophobia if i have ever it! even though muslims have there own day of judgement its ok to twist and misrepresent our scriptures? its ok to present us as hateful bigots when if a muslim is portrayd that way its bigotry. ahahah the more i chat to the LW crowd the more their hypocrisy shocks me. the more im insulted by its posters such as hateforthehaters who i insulted my inetligence numerous times and and spewed cliched hate when i commented not only christians have a violent history and that people on this site hould stop using past attrocities to christianity bash.He then made a hateful distortion of christian history when i responded loon watch blocked my response which exposed his bigotry. ahaha yeah sure no ho hate agenda what so ever. I think i will go elsewhere. i will not return hatred for hatred as its against my “violent religion” . People will soon come to see yourhate rhetoric for what it really is prejudice.

  • bob

    what does that article prove other than there are misguided christians and LW is very selective in its smear campaign against Christianity. LW has an anti-christian agenda i could easily cite similar hatred from Muslim clergy etc vilifying Christians and Jews but if I did id become a “loon” .anyway i don’t try to demonize Islam based on some misguided individuals.

    .Every time i read LW i am more and more sicked by the hate poured out at Christianity whilst hypocritically ranting on about other websites for being loons for doing the same thing. it is childish and hypocritical. I don’t read either of those sites you mentioned but does their hate justify hatred against 2 billion Christians and denigrating their beliefs? Does it justify such a smear campaign only focusing on the bad things some Christians do? fighting hatred with more hatred seems to be LW’s maxim. And it does all this under the guise of being tolerant. sickening. Im sick of Muslims and atheists constantly abusing my religion like they do on you tube and the internet and in general but I dont go around trying to demonize all Muslims and athiests.

  • Sarah Brown

    Bob – this site, as far as I can see, and I don’t read every post and comment, cites examples of nasty Christian rhetoric or behaviour to prove that there is nothing uniquely violent or intolerant about Islam. Thus for example it might have covered this story:

    It’s ‘whataboutery’ in a sense, but I think legitimate as a riposte to Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs etc.

  • bob

    Its not about heaping on more of the same its about being truthful and not distorting truth due to some agenda. so its ok to report a a christian destroying a mosque but not a muslim destroying a church then it becomes bigotry. ok nice to know.

    there are numerous articles on LW attacking early christian history arguing that its so violent and that the god of the old testament is a pagan sun diety, the old testament god yahweh is a militant diety etc etc. that jesus is peaceful till he kills everyone at the second coming. . this site promotes distorted views of christianity and makes many errors in its treatment of the bible. Hence why i say its a hate site.

  • bob

    and one last thing @CD the greatest threat to freedom in america is the despotic american government which constanlty opposes democracy not christianity

  • bob

    calling me a boob is an insult insinuating im an idiot and is not how one conducts civilized discourse. also assuming i hate Muslims because i disagree with the site i find highly insulting. Aslo suggesting that im like “the loons” who dont understand humor is also uncalled for. Not a hate site? I have seen much hate here. I have read numerous comments on posts about christian violence stemming from the Hebrew tanak and our warrior diety and other such nonsense which i take offense to. Also about how christian eschatology is soo violent even though Muslims also believe in a day of judgment. as for holy buildings being destroyed I dont have exact figures but have read about numerous reports of churches being destroyed on amnesty international. But i have never seen any of these reported on this site. why is that? why is it so interested in representing as the oppressor and Christians as wanting to take over America? being the enemy? im not American myself and find many American evangelicals kooky but i cant speak for all of them. Im sick of seeing my religion constantly being abused on the internet so I can understand how some Muslims feel when some evangelicals attack islam but that doesn’t make it right to distort the beliefs of others so. Why is this so one sided? Why is anyone who thinks differently belittled and insulted as a “loon”. I never used any adhominem attacks. This is why I call it propaganda. Chronicaling the hate does a good job exposing this site’s rampant hatred

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    You are a sensitive soul now ar’n’t you. Adding an extra letter to your name is not hate, its satire and a pun . If you want to see hate I would recommend Atlas shruggs or Jihad watch. Lots of hate there .I have noticed that the loons really dont like humour they much prefer and understand anger and hate as emotions . Fight hate with humour not hate with hate .
    This site does not hate christianity ,its is critical of certain christians also certain jews and hindus but does not attack an indevidual religion . It also is critical of actions that have been carried out by certain Muslims. Is this distiction too difficult for you to understand ?
    ( thats a retorical question with an implied insult, its not hate )

    Sir David
    Vice Chair leftwing Mooslim Alliance
    West Anjou Branch

    ( that bits satire its not hate either )

    Winner of the Marine LePen award for Muliculturalism

    ( whimsy )

  • @bob,

    Read the disclaimer written by Dianos, before you continue to call this a hate site. His understanding Jihad series is the closest any of the official bloggers come on this site to demonizing Christianity. But if you read it from the beginning, and not quote mine it, it becomes clear that wasn’t his intention at all.

    The Understanding Jihad Series: Is Islam More Likely Than Other Religions to Encourage Violence?

    In the meantime, radical Christians do pose a much greater threat to freedom in America than radical Muslims. Radical Muslims don’t have anywhere near enough support here to effectively subvert the Constitution. The total percentage of the American population that is Muslim, is less than two percent, and that is counting, the mainstream, the liberal, the secular, and the religious fanatics. Yes some Muslim fanatics want to destroy the Vatican. Okay, I won’t argue with that claim, but how likely is it that they will succeed in the real world? They’re Muslim leaders you say? Okay, how much respect do they really have, among mainstream Muslims, especially, but not limited to Muslims living in Europe? Also, Loon Watch doesn’t claim that there are no Muslim fanatics, or that all Muslim societies are democratic utopias.

    Finally if more Churches are destroyed by Muslim extremists in the Middle East, than by US bombs, or anything else, please site your source.

    Now I’m glad to know that you don’t think all Muslims are the enemy, and I’m also glad that you have friends who are Muslims, but one last time, no one here (at least no one who officially writes for Loon Watch) is demonizing Christians or Christianity. Loon Watch doesn’t claim that all or for that matter most, Christians are trying to take over the world and kill and/or oppress non Christians.

  • bob

    @ hate first off the names bob not boob you cant stop spewing hate, secondly far more churches are destroyed in the middle east be extremists than mosques in the west but id like to see your evidence that arial strikes have destroyed more mosques. I dont think it justifies anything i just made a point as to how selective the site is.

    @cd i call this a hate site because it constantly attacks christianity presenting it as in oposition to muslims and wanting to set up a theocracy in america. while some evangelicals may want to can we generalise that all christians in america want to do so? i have heard muslim religious leaders say how they want to destroy the vatican does that mean all muslims are trying to take over the world? its hypocrisy. It constantly attacks the bible misrepresenting it as violent and pagan and it constantly censors critical voices ( this is the 2nd time im posting it i wonder if it will get through). No its not good to hate anyone and i have had muslim friends but presenting only crimes against muslims in the west while ignoring the other is hypocisy in favor of a hate agenda.

  • @bob

    Oh yeah, Loon Watch is a hate site as opposed to sites where its common, even encouraged for people to call for genocide, like so many “counter Jihad” blogs like Bare Naked Islam? Bob how often do the “counter jihad” sites you follow actually report hate crimes against innocent people because they happened to be Muslim, or were suspected of being Muslims? Think for a moment. Is Loon Watch really a hate site? What is it that Loon Watch is promoting hatred against? Anti Muslim Bigotry? Do you have a problem with that, or do you see anti Muslim bigotry as a good thing?

  • Hatethehaterz

    @Boob: The number of Mosques destroyed by western (primarily Judeo-Christian) forces in their endless invasions, wars, and drone strikes far outnumbers any churches destroyed by “radicals” in retaliation for the crimes of their coreligionists.

    Anyways, how does the destruction of a church in the middle east justify attacking a Mosque halfway around the world from it? Were any members of the congregation of this Mosque involved in destroying any Churches? So how exactly is attacking innocent people and their property acceptable to you in any way?

    And for the record it is equally unacceptable for “radicals” to attack Churches.

    Just because you disagree with the facts presented by Loonwatch, doesn’t make it a hate site. What hateful thing has Loonwatch posted in your opinion? Quite the opposite. Loonwatch encourages tolerance. It is you who propagate hate if you think terrorism (such as firebombing a house of worship) is ever justifiable.

  • bob

    How many churches are destroyed by radicals in the middle east? That never makes it on to yourr propahanda hate site

  • @Mindy1

    You wrote,
    REAL warriors do not try to hurt the innocent-he’s just a thug.

    I couldn’t agree more, he’s a thug not a hero. He was probably operating under the delusion that his victims were not innocent, but that doesn’t make it any better. Its not like they actually posed a threat to him.

  • Umayr

    Hah and simply arguing for Muslim self determination, Tarek Mehanna is sentenced to solitary confinement without any proof.

  • Awesome Atheist

    Christian terrorism is a major threat in this country.

  • mindy1

    REAL warriors do not try to hurt the innocent-he’s just a thug.

  • rookie

    Oh, Spencer…!

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