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CNN: Egypt’s New President to Pick Woman, Christian VPs

This does not fit into the general rubric of evil-Mooslim-theocratic and anti-Democratic takeover:

Egypt’s new president to pick woman, Christian VPs

Cairo (CNN) — Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will make history in another way: by appointing a woman as vice president, his policy adviser told CNN.

He will also choose another vice president who is Christian, Ahmed Deif said.

The news came as the man Morsi beat for the presidency, Ahmed Shafik, left Egypt on a trip to Abu Dhabi, and as Cairo’s administrative court overturned a rule that allowed the military to arrest people without a warrant.

“For the first time in Egyptian history — not just modern but in all Egyptian history — a woman will take that position,” Deif told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday, referring to one of the vice presidency slots. “And it’s not just a vice president who will represent a certain agenda and sect, but a vice president who is powerful and empowered, and will be taking care of critical advising within the presidential Cabinet.”

Although Morsi has previously argued for banning women from the presidency, he said before the election that as president he would stand for women’s rights.

“The role of women in Egyptian society is clear,” Morsi told Amanpour through a translator weeks before the runoff election. “Women’s rights are equal to men. Women have complete rights, just like men. There shouldn’t be any kind of distinction between Egyptians except that is based on the constitution and the law.”

The Islamist figure, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, also promised to ensure rights of minorities.

Egypt “definitely” will not be an “Islamic Republic,” Deif said Monday.

Morsi moved into his offices Monday, said Jihad Haddad, an adviser to the transition team.

He began the work of assembling a new government — one of the tasks he maintains the power to do after the military junta running the country recently slashed the presidency’s reach.

The process of picking people to serve in the Cabinet will take time and “won’t end in a day,” Haddad said.

Shafik, who lost in the runoff election to Morsi, left the country Tuesday for the United Arab Emirates, his attorney and a Cairo airport official said.

He traveled to Abu Dhabi, Cairo airport official Mohamed Sultan said.

He is not fleeing the country, Shafik’s attorney, Showee Elsayed, told CNN.

While some legal petitions accusing Shafik of corruption were submitted in April, prosecutors have not taken legal action on them, so “there are absolutely no legal cases pending against” him, Elsayed said.

Shafik was the final prime minister to serve under ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Shafik’s office said Tuesday he “will establish a new political party upon his return from the UAE and Saudi Arabia where he is on private visits.”

He and his two daughters will be performing Umra, an Islamic religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

Meanwhile, Cairo’s administrative court, which hears civilian complaints against the government, rejected a controversial rule Tuesday that the ministry of justice had established before the election.

The rule stated that military personnel and intelligence forces could arrest civilians without a warrant.

Fourteen legal complaints were filed about the rule by various people and groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

The right to arrest civilians was previously reserved for police officers, the state-run Ahram news agency reported.

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  • Nathan

    Yes, I expect a type of secular democracy to come to Egypt. This is good news.

  • @Emperor,

    You know what, It looks like that bigot Logan just shut everyone out of his twitter account who doesn’t already follow him, right after me and a couple other people on twitter pounded him into the sand. I guess he couldn’t stand people actually refuting his anti Muslim bigotry. If you click the link in my previous comment, you’ll notice that you can no longer see the conversation, instead you view his twitter page, and it says that only his confirmed followers can view his tweets now. I guess he can’t take people successfully refuting his bigotry.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    It is truly hilarious to see Western imperialist propagandists whine about the “big scary” Muslim Brotherhood! The Muslim Brotherhood of today is extremely moderate, in fact many actual conservative Islamic groups today do not like the Muslim Brotherhood at all and consider them liberals who don’t enforce Islamic law correctly, etc.

  • Steve

    @Drm, Which secular fascists are you thinking about?

  • Nura

    I think Morsi will try to do things right-he isn’t a career politician, he is a thinker and a planner (Engineers with PHds from UCLA are not stupid), he has American kids and knows the good/bad things in both cultures. He has a perspective that many politicians never have since they spend their life climbing to some political pinnacle.

  • DrM

    stevie blunder said

    “This is true, and it’s a terrible situation. Unfortunately ancient texts are rarely texts of equality and freedom which is why it is foolish to base laws on them”

    Typical flea bitten, blanket, atheist “argument.” One look at how secular fascists treat the faithful, especially women puts this lie out of commission.

  • Steve

    “the oppression of women and oppression based on religious practice is world wide”

    This is true, and it’s a terrible situation. Unfortunately ancient texts are rarely texts of equality and freedom which is why it is foolish to base laws on them

  • NurAlia

    Funny how Christians are only concerned about Christians in Egypt. Although…for the past 39 years under Mubarak, the Copts were supposedly being persecuted…and nothing said.

    Suddenly, Egyptians elect a government that reflects the culture and ethnic makeup of the voters…and it is ‘Islamic’ and ‘it is a smokescreen’.

    The worst thing in the world to deal with when doing ‘social work’ around the world is…people who pretend to have ‘concern’ for women, minorities, and others who are disnfranchised by a society.

    The problem is this…the oppression of women and oppression based on religious practice is world wide, and happens in ALL places. A Christian woman is not different than a Muslim woman if she is being oppressed.

    I think that the ‘Christians’ need to understand that NEVER in the ministry of the Prophet Jesus, did he show ‘concern’ ONLY for a certian group, and ignore the same situation happening to another group.

  • Khalid


    You might be right, this could be a “keep the Christians silent” deal by helping them hold a high stature of power to keep Coptic interests in parliament, Morsi might be another politician slime-bag but I bet Christianity will be alot safer with a Christian VP especially after such a shoddy response to that terrorist attack outside the church last year.

  • @Emperor

    Well, I just found out, how anti Muslim bigots will react, to this, at least one of them. Out of a sort of morbid curisity and a desire for PWNage, I left this tweet. The response I got, isn’t surprising is it?

  • Christian-Friend

    I read the comments on CNN; they think this is just a smokescreen to make Egyptian an Islamit State.

    To be fair, I also think this is a smokescreen. Not because he’s Muslim. But because he’s a politician, and I hardly trust any of them.

  • Heinz Catsup

    If this is really what he intends on doing instead of doin’ a full 180 at a later date, then kudos Morsi.

  • @Emperor

    This is exact opposite of what anti Muslim fanatics will expect. I wonder how Spencer and Geller and other “counter jihadists” will try to explain this assuming his VP turns out to be a woman and a Christian. Anyone who hasn’t fallen for the stealth jihad/creeping sharia myth, after reading this, probably never will.

  • Sir David

    Good question Marc
    Lots of people in Egypt would like to know too
    Looks as clear as mud

  • marc,,scotland

    So is the new president going to keep seperate the affairs of state and mosque/church? And how much power does this guy have? Or do the military run the country?

  • As regard to the rights of women – many of you should be aware that the Conservative Republican right has been attacking and eroding not just rights for women, but also health care and employment discrimination. You are also aware of how this same Conservative Republican right has been attacking the religious freedoms of Muslim Americans…

    I believe that following the template of liberal democracy, with human rights and pluralism – and tolerance – Egypt can be a force that relegates both violent religious extremists and the Islamophobic radicals in the Europe to the marginal positions.

    It could also have the effect of marginalizing radical Zionists and the Lukid Party by taking a peaceful and diplomatic approach to the Middle East peace process – and perhaps adapting the two state solution – along side of the European Union.

    There is so much for the Egypt and the MB to gain through seeking peaceful, but firm, diplomatic relations with the West, the EU, other international organizations.

    I also have been waiting for some kind of (silly, dumb, Islamophobic, crackpot) statement from the Dutch Foreign Ministry of concern for the idea of Muslims actually ruling over Egypt with a Christian minority. After all — in all cases, Muslims cannot govern a democracy, let alone respect the rights of religious minorities according to the dead “Dutch hero,” Pim Fortuyn.

  • marco

    It would appear that this silly ‘Muslim brotherhood trying to take over America and enforce shariah law through stealth jihad’ theory is falling apart bit by bit. If they aren’t even implementing shariah law, and appointing a christian woman as VP over in a muslim majority nation where they won an election, then why would they be doing so in the west?

  • mindy1

    Good for him for doing this, but why is this loon at large-I would have made it anti loon :/

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