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Right-Wing Mayor of Nice Bans “Noisy” Weddings in Veiled Attack Against French Muslims

Mayor Christian Estrosi

More loonieness from France:

Mayor of Nice bans ‘noisy’ weddings

The Right-wing mayor of Nice has been accused of “stigmatising” the southern French town’s Muslim population after passing a decree on “noisy” town hall weddings, in particular cheering, whistling and foreign flag-waving, which he says disturb the peace.

Since June 1, mayor Christian Estrosi, who belongs to the UMP party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, has outlawed “whistling”, deploying “flags, notably foreign ones”, the presence of “unauthorised” folk music groups, illegal parking around the town hall or holding up traffic to “dance” or “parade with banners or flags”.

He said such behaviour was “liable to disturb the peace and solemnity of the moment” and could create “unfair delays in the proper running of weddings”. Any wedding parties failing to abide by the new rules could see their ceremony delayed by up to 24 hours.

Opposition Socialists and rights groups have blasted the measure as a veiled attack against French Muslims whose traditional ululations are a frequent fixture at wedding ceremonies in France. They claim it is blatant anti-immigrant electioneering ahead of this month’s parliamentary elections in a staunchly Right-wing town where the far-Right National Front commands strong support.

Last Saturday, they organised a protest “silent wedding” ceremony in front of the town hall in which a false bride, groom and wedding party brandished banners saying: “Silence, we’re getting married”, their mouths taped shut to drive home the message.

Daily Telegraph, 6 June 2012

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  • UmmHussain

    Some people. I am an American Muslimah and each year following the end of the school year, my friends and I have a ladies party. It is primarily because everyone in my family and almost all my friends are teachers. A few years ago, I hosted the party. I let my neighbors on each side and behind my home that there would be drummers for about 30 minutes around 9 pm and that it might be loud. Arrangements were for the women to dance in the house and the 4 male drummers I hired to perform separately on the deck. After the performance, we always feed the drummers. At 10 pm, I entered the deck with a tray of food. But there were now 9 or 10 men on the deck and driveway, and a lady I thought looked familiar. My neighbors whose names I barely knew had created a neighborhood drum circle with their Brazilian, Cuban, and African drums. The word in my neighborhood now is that The Muslims have the best parties.



    No@celebrate common human themes. There is a practice from the Sunnah of Prophet S.A.W and it doesnt involve whistling and music and dancing however much of a ”killjoy” you think I am.

    Tradition isnt religion. Thats the problem with Muslims these days. Incorporating culture into religion and creating innovations that uneducated people buy into and think is correct practice.

    The use of daff is not for celebratory purposes. It is to publicise the marriage.

    Muslims arent supposed to adopt or partake in other peoples cultures. We are supposed to be respectful of them.

  • Michael

    @CJONE you sound like a right Salafi killjoy. Was it not traditional in the prophets time (PBUH) to celebrate marriages and beat the Daf Drum and allowed the free expression of JOY including the ululation (A particular shrill sound made with the tongue to express joy and celebration) of women! What has this got to do with emulating ‘KuFFAR’?

    Are we not trying to celebrate common human themes rather than to emphasise differences…. With attitudes like yours, we may as well move to Venus so that we cannot be infected by other traditions!!!

  • Mohd. Firdaus

    So why not ban football games also instead? Since ppl shouting “GOOOOOOAAAAAL!!!” while waving foreign flags =_=” It’s not like weddings occur every single day also anyways. Plus weddings are joyful events.

  • Steve

    Garibaldi, I agree but there is a time and a place for these things. A town hall and the streets around them aren’t one of them

  • Mr. Estrosi is a clown, wanting to ban “whistling”?

    Have to agree with Zakariya, the weddings I enjoy most have been those that were celebratory and not boring affairs. Love seeing the various cultures, their cuisines, dances, etc.

  • Steve

    @Zakariya Ali Sher, that’s a bit harsh, in many western nations the wedding ceremony itself is a solemn affair because it is held in a place of worship or other designated place and is a legally binding contract so what is said has to be heard. The wedding celebration is generally far from solemn.

    If you read the article in full it goes on to say:

    “Mr Estrosi, running for his fourth parliamentary term, condemned the “Socialist parody”, telling Nice Matin newspaper his aim was “not to stop guests from displaying their joy but to remind them of the elementary rules of decency”.


    “Auguste Verola, deputy mayor in charge of civil ceremonies, said that despite the decree, and accompanying charter, people could still “clap, shout and ululate”.

  • Christian-friend

    you do that with an Israel flag and the Neo-Nazi attack you and the goverment helps you, YESSIRE!

  • Khalid

    How reprehensible.

    I will start campaigning to get church bells removed here in Qatar because they ring loudly for ten minutes every Sunday.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ CJONE: Weddings have always been joyous occasions, especially in the Middle East. The idea of a boring, solemn wedding is one of those few areas where Salafists intersect with westerners. I believe very firmly in celebrating. There’s nothing haram in that.

  • Steve

    It does seem an odd thing to say, I would like to see what he actually said in its context.

  • JT

    Well obviously they should stop people from dancing in a busy road and holding up traffic but it’s a bit extreme to ban cheering, whistling, traditional music and flag waving. And what’s the deal with “especially foreign ones”? Is the waving of a Morrocan or Algerian flag going to disturb people more than the waving of a French flag?

  • Steve

    The “notably foreign ones” is unreasonable.


    I actually agree with this mayor. Muslims shouldnt be imitating these mickey mouse Kuffar weddings where the wedding day is the highlight of the marriage and then its downhill from there. They should perform weding ceremonies according to the sunnah of the Prophet S.A.W.

    Muslims need to stop adopting Bid’ah cultures into Islam and pandering to non Muslims practices.

  • Awesome Atheist

    This mayor has a point- I don’t really see anything wrong here- he is just trying to make regulations so weddings do not disturb the peace/destabilize the area.

  • mindy1

    Even he looks surpised by his ignorance 😉 but with all that’s going on in the world, why do people focus on these things??

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