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Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy Theory Comes to Edmond, Oklahoma

Frank Gaffney’ is getting a lot of mileage out of the “Muslim Brotherhood infiltration” conspiracy (via. Islamophobi-Watch):

The Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy comes to Edmond, Oklahoma

EDMOND, Okla. — There is a controversy in Edmond involving the expansion of a local mosque. The small mosque, which has been in Edmond for 20 years, sits across from the University of Central Oklahoma. Officials have requested permits to expand the building to five times the size it is now.

When neighbors were notified about the expansion plan, letters of complaint began coming in. In a hand-written note the writer asked planning commissioners to look at recent events in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and “what our grandchildren are going to face.” In one letter the sender called the mosque near UCO, “a headquarters for terrorist affiliate organizations.”

KOCO, 24 July 2012 

The letter describing the proposed mosque as a terrorist threat was accompanied by a flier circulated by an organisation called Oklahomans for Responsible Government (“This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. This is about treason and sedition”). As you can see from their website, the campaign draws its inspiration from Frank Gaffney’s paranoid Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy theories.

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  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ H. Torrance Griffin: If history repeats itself, they will likely marry into Muslim families, maybe even have more white Euro-American converts to Islam. I’ve long said that many of the casual Islamophobes (that is to say, the people who support Geller, buy her books, send Islamophobic e-mails and all that, but don’t necessarily go to rallies or pick fights with Muslims on the street) will one day regret that they ever bought into her crap. It will be an embarrassing secret; indeed, many will likely be telling their grandchildren that they were in favor of letting new mosques be built. Why? For the same reason that nobody talks about how they were against Civil Rights…

  • H. Torrance Griffin

    What their grandchildren will face? More or less the same thing the grandkids of the people panicing about the Jews and Catholics do.

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  • Truth Hurts

    “Paranoia much :/ If these people put this much energy into solving REAL problems the world would be so much better – mindy1”

    Yes, that it is so correct, that I apologise for reiterating the point.

  • Daniel

    Foes of the First Amendment have long bedeviled our nation. Muslims are the latest in the long line of victims of those who believe that the First Amendment is only for people like them: Catholics, Jews, Mormons, etc–everyone has had their turn at being discriminated against.

    It was ugly then, and ugly now. If people don’t believe in the First Amendment, I just wish they would say so and be honest about wanting its repeal! But instead they hide behind a false allegience to the Constitution while denying its precepts…sort of like any religious hypocrite who claims to follow a faith and yet dismisses the guidance of Scripture.

  • Wanderer

    “nothing to do with the First Ammendment. This is about treason and sedition”.

    Bachmann-esque tactic of smearing and accusing with no evidence. Someone call John McCain!

  • American Topi

    Let them stew in their own hate while we stew delicious beef chops for Iftar. Ramzan Mubarak everybody .

  • mindy1

    Paranoia much :/ If these people put this much energy into solving REAL problems the world would be so much better

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