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BREAKING: Shots Fired at Chicago Area Mosque

The MEC mosque

The news of violence gets even more troubling. A neighbor with a long history of opposition to a Chicago area mosque  has fired rifle shots at the mosque wall!:

CAIR: Shots Fired at Illinois Mosque

(CHICAGO, IL, 8/11/12) — The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) said today that two air rifle shots were fired last night at the outer wall of the Muslim Education Center (MEC) mosque in Morton Grove, Ill.

The shots were heard by worshipers who were outside the mosque and were powerful enough to damage the building’s brick wall. (The Muslim Community Center (MCC), of which the MEC is a suburban branch, is the oldest Muslim center in Illinois.)

A neighbor, who has a history of opposition to the mosque, allegedly fired the shots. Morton Grove police, the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office are all investigating the incident.

“This is obviously an alarming situation that all parties are taking very seriously. The weapon allegedly used in this incident is powerful enough to kill, and the projectiles reportedly came within inches of the head of the security guard on duty,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab.

Rehab toured the mosque site today with Muslim community leaders, the local police commander and the assistant state attorney. He said mosque leaders and community members are cooperating with the investigation and that a variety of charges are being considered.

“We have full trust in the professionals handling this investigation. They are doing everything in their power to keep communities safe and ensure that justice is served,” said Rehab.

Earlier this week, CAIR’s national headquarters issued a community safety advisory for American mosques following other incidents targeting Muslim houses of worship in Missouri and Rhode Island and after the deadly shooting attack Sunday on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

In one incident, a Missouri mosque previously targeted by an arsonist burned to the ground. In California, pig legs were left at a southern California mosque and four teens face hate crime charges for harassing worshipers at a northern California mosque.

SEE: CAIR Asks DOJ to Probe Pig Legs Left at Proposed Calif. Mosque Site
CAIR: Arson, Vandalism at Mosques Not Uncommon (Joplin Globe)

“We are gravely concerned that we are seeing the rising level of Islamophobic rhetoric in our society translate into violent behavior,” Rehab said.

“This last week of Ramadan is the holiest week of the year for Muslims, and the shots were fired at 8:30, a little after sunset, the busiest time of the day when Muslims come to the mosque to break their long day fast and pray together,” said MEC President Dr. Mohammad Aleemuddin.

“This is a school and a house of worship. It’s a place for our families to pray and our children to learn about their world. And we are being shot at. Community members are terrified, especially children,” said Aleemuddin.

Yesterday, Chicago Muslims spoke out against scaremongering comments made by Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh in which he said that Islamic radicals were living in Chicago’s suburbs.

A diverse group of Muslims, Jews and Christians held a press conference Friday in downtown Chicago to warn against the effects of such irresponsible remarks, especially coming as they did following incidents such as the deadly shooting spree in Wisconsin.


“The incident happened shortly after the breaking of the fast. Bullets landed just inches from the security guard on duty #Islamophobia” via.@naeem_V


A 51-year-old man was charged with shooting at a mosque he lives near in north suburban Morton Grove, according to authorities.

Police confiscated a “high-velocity air rifle” from the home of David Conrad, who lives just east of the mosque. He was charged with three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm and one count of criminal damage to property, all felonies. He’s scheduled for a bond hearing on Monday. (h/t: BBoyBlue)


David Conrad, the shooter: 


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  • windsofchange

    @Jenna, as sad as the violence in Myanmar is, the death toll is around 100 not MILLIONS as you so hyperbolically stated. For the record the Fort Hood shooting was a murder committed by a muslim in the so called defense of islam. There are more if should you care to take a careful look.

  • Jenna

    Okay, Remember when the muslims were labeled as terrorists? Are we really terrorists? Are you really sure that 9/11 happened by us? Who did the shooting at this mosque? Was he muslim? i haven’t Found 1 Murder done by a muslim, but yet their Still terrorists. People are killing muslims in burma Millions Of them. But yet WERE STILL Terrorists. Well i got my point proven. Goodbye

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  • Sarah Brown

    @CD – yes, I wasn’t really factoring in pre-moderation – and I’m sure that simply hateful comments (but not incitements to violence) would also normally be challenged here.

    @Benjamin – I think I’ve read that piece and it’s the kind of thing one might want to look into further, and from different sources – but if you want a nice simple example of a bogus accusation of antisemitism I think Robert Spencer’s accusation that Hussein Ibish is a ‘vile racist Jew-hater’ (on twitter) is a good one.

  • @Jai

    Loon Watch made a video with those same quotes actually. It even has the same title and the same pictures, meaning either he used part of Loon Watch’s video or Loon Watch used part of his video. Not sure.

    Islamophobia and Antisemitism: Same message, different minority.

  • @Benjamin Taghiov

    Here’s the tweet where I mentioned it actually.

  • @Benjamin Taghiov

    You know I actually tried to tell Loon Watch about that very same article about false accusations of antisemitism, you just linked to while I was on twitter a few of days ago.

  • Jai


    “Unfortunately Spencer does manage to fool a lot of people into thinking he is a “human rights fighter” as you put it. The truth of the matter is, the man has far more in common with Nazis than he cares to admit.”

    Indeed he does. The following article by a professional journalist demonstrates this fact particularly effectively, as it documents the very close parallels between Robert Spencer’s anti-Muslim propaganda and the Third Reich Nazi Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic propaganda:

    As point #10 in the article highlights, even Spencer’s disingenuous claim that his writings cannot be “reasonably construed as an incitement to violence” is identical to Streicher’s own statements at the time. Of course, during the Nuremburg Trials after WW2, the United States and its allies still convicted Streicher on the charge of crimes against humanity, for inciting his country’s majority population to actively persecute Jews (and for essentially laying the foundations for the Holocaust) as a result of his obsessive writings demonising Judaism and Jews.

  • Benjamin Taghiov
  • @Sarah Brown

    Spencer may not be calling for violence but he is encouraging it, whether he accepts it or not. Actually any comment here on Loon Watch calling for genocide would be instantly refuted by other people leaving comments here, or by the people who write for Loon Watch, but most likely I don’t think they would approve of such a comment in the first place, and I wouldn’t blame them.

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