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The Swedish allies of Geller, Spencer and the EDL

Isak Nygren in Aarhus with EDL leaders Kevin Carroll and Stephen Lennon

Isak Nygren in Aarhus with EDL leaders Kevin Carroll and Stephen Lennon


The Swedish allies of Geller, Spencer and the EDL

As Pamela Geller never ceases to remind readers of her Atlas Shrugs blog, this Saturday a demonstration carrying the grandiose title of the “First Worldwide Counter-Jihad Action” will be held in Stockholm. A joint initiative by Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch together with the anti-Muslim thugs of the English Defence League, the demonstration has attracted support from a number of associated organisations, including the Swedish Defence League(who “chose an English name to show our support and gratitude to the EDL”).

The leading figure in the SDL, who has acted as the group’s spokesman, represented it at the EDL’s Aarhus protest in March, and according to the Swedish anti-fascist magazine Expo has been directly involved in organising the Stockholm demonstration, is an individual named Isak Nygren. Although still only a young man, Nygren has already acquired some political notoriety in Sweden.

Back in 2008 Nygren reportedly applied for membership of the neo-Nazi Nordiska förbundet but eventually joined the Sweden Democrats, becoming an SD councillor in Katrineholm. Nygren’s budding career in the party came to an abrupt end last year, however, when Expo published a comment he had posted on a discussion thread at a far-right internet forum that addressed the question “Why is race mixing bad?”. Nygren stated: “I have no problem with whites, that is to say all those of European origin having children between them, but I would find it hard to see the positive side if there is a mixing with blacks, Asians, etc.”

The roots of the SDL are in Swedish fascism but it has followed the trajectory of many organisations on the European extreme right by rebranding itself as a mainstream populist party. To that end the SD has dissociated itself from neo-Nazism and traditional skin-colour-based racism and concentrated on whipping up fear and hatred of “Muslim immigrants” instead. The party leadership took no action in 2010 when Expo revealed that Nygren had described Islam as a “violent paedophile cult”, but the public exposure of his white supremacist sympathies undermined the SD’s efforts to present a more moderate public image. They began expulsion proceedings against Nygren and he resigned from the party in protest.

Nygren is evidently not the only Swedish Defence League member who holds extremist views. The SDL’s platform speaker in Stockholm, according to the EDL news report, is one Richard Abrams. He has a blog called Chamber of manifestation which shows him to be a fervent admirer of Nazi occultism. Along with the proud announcement that he will be representing the SDL at Saturday’s rally, Abrams reports that “Me and some friends are fighting a struggle; RECLAIM THE SWASTIKA!” (“If you want US to respect OTHER cultures, you must also respect OUR culture and its symbols”). And just in case you were in any doubt where his political sympathies lie, Abrams reproduces a quotation from Nazi intellectual Alfred Rosenberg (“The old beliefs will be brought back to honor again. The whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, the demonic. We will wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion peculiar to our race. The religion of the blood”).

It’s also worth noting that the Swedish Defence League’s Stockholm division has posted an advertisement for Saturday’s demonstration on its Facebook page, accompanied by an illustration indicating that the SDL’s main criticism of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik is that his failure to bring enough ammunition to Utøya island prevented him carrying out even more killings.

So, in addition to allying themselves with an English Defence League that carries out violent assaults on leftist protestors in co‑operation with neo-Nazis and recently staged a demonstrationthreatening to burn down a proposed mosque, Geller and Spencer will be sharing a platform with a group that condemns “race mixing”, campaigns for the swastika to be “reclaimed”, admires a Nazi ideologist and backs a terrorist murderer.

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  • Jai

    “If this is all you have against Geller et al, then you don’t have much.”

    On the contrary. Pamela Geller’s closest ally (and primary source of “information” on Islam), Robert Spencer, is on record as admitting that his anti-Islam actions are actually motivated by his agenda for the dominance of the Catholic Church:

    Spencer isn’t being even remotely honest, accurate or objective in his claims about Islam & Muslims, and he is doing this deliberately. In a nutshell, Spencer is committing “taqiyyah” on behalf of Catholicism.

    Anyone who supports Spencer is therefore an accomplice to his real goal or has been tricked by Spencer’s deliberate deception.

  • livingengine

    Expo, the SPLC, and Hope not Hate(Searchlight) are communist busy-bodies.

    If this is all you have against Geller et al, then you don’t have much.

    We, on the other hand, have the quotations, and actions of:

    Qawadari, Choudary, the government of Pakistan, Feisal Rauf, CAIR, the Saudis, the Holy Land Foundation, the Union of Good, Hamas, Muhammad, the Ft Hood shooter, the Taliban, the Koran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmadinejad, and on, and on, and on.

    How many people, including Muslims, are going to have to die before we accept the fact that Islam is at world with the world?

    You can be part of the solution, or part of the problem. The choice is up to you.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    I suspect if you give that group the correct salute you would get one back if you know what I mean .
    WTF is Geller doing standing with them . Spencer I can understand but is Mrs MacBeth so stupid and blind not to realise who she is supporting ?
    Who is the Kapo now Mrs Geller?

    Sir David

  • Jai

    The respected British academic Dr Matthew Goodwin has kindly provided a screenshot of the list of speakers at the demonstration in Stockholm tomorrow:

    The SPLC have also put together an informative article about the event, along with Geller’s further plans:

  • Geert Wilders – that “dutch patriot” should also be there…

    As far as “hailing Israel as a bulwark against the Muslim hordes” no average Jew would be around these Nazis!

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  • Bob

    Charles Johnson was of course quite right to attack Geller and Spencer over their co-operation with the European far right, and to break with them on that basis. However, the issue at the time (back in 2007) was Geller and Spencer’s participation at a counterjihad conference in Belgium along with Filip Dewinter of the far-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang.

    VB is one of those parties with roots in fascism that have repackaged themselves as mainstream right-wing populists. VB’s propaganda concentrates on attacking the Muslim community and the supposed threat of Islamisation, while at the same time hailing Israel as a bulwark against the Muslim hordes. VB has also achieved some measure of political respectability by getting elected to the Belgian and European parliaments.

    So you can see why Geller and Spencer would see nothing wrong in collaborating with Dewinter.

    But the Swedish Defence League is something else again. Isak Nygren and Richard Abrams are clearly neo-Nazi fruitcakes from the extreme fringes of the far right. Are Geller and Spencer really going to be sharing a platform on Saturday with an individual who admires Alfred Rosenberg and wants to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of “our culture”?

  • @Amago

    Geller apparently likes to brag a lot, because I don’t think this is the first time she’s done something like this. She’s just joining up with her fascist friends across the Atlantic for another anti Muslim hate fest. Wasn’t stuff like this, one of the reasons Charles Johnson gave for rejecting them, and eventually the entire “Counter Jihad?”

  • @mindy1

    Neither would I or at least 90% of the people who frequent Loon Watch.

  • mindy1

    I would not be proud of that endorsment

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