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13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage


Everybody “knows” Muslims are constantly raging about everything. Or are they?

Gawker‘s response to Ayan Hirsi Ali’s latest screed:

13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage

by Max ReedGawker

“MUSLIM RAGE,” screams Newsweek‘s new cover story about last week’s violent anti-American protests. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the well-known anti-Islam activist, is here to tell “us” (The_West) how to “end it.” And it’s true, isn’t it? All Muslims are constantly raging about everything. So to pay tribute to Ali’s article — which describes the protesters as “the mainstream of contemporary Islam” — and the subtle, smart cover that accompanies it, we’ve collected 13 striking, powerful images of MUSLIM RAGE.

What are Muslims so mad about? Twitter (“Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag: #MuslimRage,” Newsweek begs us) has some answers:


Indeed, as everyone knows, Muslims, and especially Arab Muslims, have no lives, feelings or thoughts external to constant, violent rage, directed at old white people living in the Midwest (due to their freedoms). Sure, only a few thousand people out of populations of millions turned out to protest this goofy anti-Muhammad movie from YouTube, and sure, there was loud outcry against the violence across the Muslim world. But have you seen this photo? Those guys are mad.

It’s hard to find a better image than the one on the Newsweek cover to really communicate how rage-filled Muslims constantly are, but we’ve found a few that will strike a chill into your heart:

#1 Check out these violent, angry Egyptians:


#2 Two furious Iraqis:


#3 Iranian Muslims #snowrage:


#4 This Egyptian guy is filled to the brim with #MuslimRage:


#5 A group of Egyptians gather in Cairo to vent their rage:


#6 A wrathful Jordanian girl:


#7 Insane #MuslimRage:


#8 Terrifying image of violent, rampaging Iraqis:


#9 How can we stop #MuslimRage like this, from Iran?


#10 Look at this enraged Iraqi and tell me you’re not scared:


#11 Irate Egyptians taking a break from their #MuslimRage:


#12 An Egyptian family, foaming at the mouth:


#13 #MuslimRage:

Image 13


Loonwatchers share their own “very, very scary” photos of Muslim rage.

At a vigil to remember Ambassador Stevens last Friday in Cincinnati:


Photo credit: UC Newsrecord

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  • Géji

    @AJ, ya, ‘Al-Qaeda’ terrorists are everywhere nowadays, except in the right places, huum. Maybe its the ‘we’re able to hide to do terrorism’ thing?


    I feel that the media is trying to egt rid of LOONWATCH btw my previous names on Yt included LOON so this means Im a LOON and a Muslim hell no!!

  • David Wise

    I have never posted before, but love your site, I want to personally thank you for this article in particular, I forwarded it to my family, who will not speak to me since I Proposed to my soul mate Abeer Falasai (I, like most of her american friends, can never pronounce it to her liking, so we just call her “Abby”)

    I kid you not, since her father is a relatively devout Muslim, my family has tried to “warn” me multiple times to break up, using the finest in loonspeak, the answer was simple, I “broke up” with my family. But, if you keep giving me ammo like these pictures to use against thier bigoted views, I just might be able to civilize them enough to let them attend my wedding!


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