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Sheila Musaji: Robert Spencer Discovers Halloween Jihad

Let the loony Islamophobic conspiracies about a war on Halloween begin. (h/t: CriticalDragon)

Robert Spencer discovers Halloween Jihad

by Sheila Musaji

Robert Spencer finds it noteworthy enough to note on Jihad Watch that Seattle elementary school bans Halloween costumes: they could offend students from “other cultures”.

He engages in his typical snarky innuendo:

Gee, I wonder which culture would have students in the Seattle elementary schools who would be offended by Halloween costumes. Still, there is no indication that any Islamic supremacist group demanded this ban; the school officials are just playing the dhimmi on their own initiative. Please write them, politely and respectfully, and ask them why American culture always takes a back seat to others, and why they’re pandering to an imaginary offense.

And, of course, his partner Pamela Geller also posted an article on this non-story, sayingDismantling America, piece by cultural piece, law by American law …… the parents ought to protest en masse – in costume.

The article Spencer and Geller refer to says only that a Seattle school has banned students from dressing up in costume for Halloween this year at school.  One district representative said that costumes “could offend and upset students who come from other cultures”.  The principal of the school said that “This decision was made by the entire staff after two deep and detailed discussions. The initial conversation was initiated by staff members who suggested that since Halloween falls this year on a half day of school, we not allow costumes. It takes students a while to change into their costumes, and students are distracted taking away from the already limited instructional time.

That’s it, the whole story that is known from this.  We don’t know whether or not any parent made any request or complaint to the district or to the school.  We don’t know what is the demographic of the community where this school is located.  Blaming this decision on some sort of Muslim plot, or a self-imposed fear of a possible Muslim reaction, to take away an American holiday is absolute nonsense.

To jump to the conclusion that Spencer does from this very limited information is a clear sign of his deeply held Islamophobia.  We know that Spencer is blaming Muslims for this school decision because he says the school officials are “playing dhimmi” on their own initiative.  Is it only some Muslims who don’t celebrate Halloween?

Here is a quote from one such “dhimmi” who refuses to participate in American culture:

“I think we ought to close Halloween down. Do you want your children to dress up as witches? The Druids used to dress up like this when they were doing human sacrifice…[The children] are acting out Satanic rituals and participating in it, and don’t even realize it.”Pat Robertson, “The 700 Club,” 1982-OCT-29

Robertson is not exactly known for his fondness for Islam or Muslims.  I wonder is Spencer will ask his followers to write letters to The 700 Club to complain about Robertson’s attempts to “dismantle America”.

If any parents did say something to the school or district administration, they might have been parents from just about any religious or cultural background.

Yes, there are some Muslims who are opposed to celebrating Halloween, for a variety of reasons.  The reasons given are pretty much identical with the reasons that many Christians and Jews are opposed to celebrating the holiday.  There is a wide range of opinion within all of these communities about the holiday, what it means, and why it should not be celebrated, or can be celebrated as simply a cultural event.

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  • Aasim

    If Christians actually tried to make to replace all laws of America with laws of the bible and succeed and do to non Christians what Saudi Arabia does on non Muslims and Bhutan does on non Buddhists, people like Robert Spencer not care, instead I bet they will only care if Muslims (and only Muslims) even think of making America like Saudi Arabia, in fact if he had a kindly practicing Muslim neighbor (who is a America loving Republican and puts a flag on his lawn) with a wife who doesn’t work and wears a hijab willingly, a pre teen daughter who also wears a hijab willingly and follows her dad’s rules (including religious ones) and a teenage son who in a band and plays loudly and continuously and another neighbor who is not Muslim and he beats his wife, wants American to be a Christian country and on top of that is a proud Nazi who loves Hitler and want America to be like South Africa before 1994, which do you think he will be more uncomfortable with? That depends which neighbor is Muslim?

  • Aasim

    I bet if Robert Spencer found out about a school who bans Halloween costumes on behalf of Christians and Mexicans or non Muslims and non Middle Easterners then he will not say a single thing unless it also involves Muslims or people who come from a mainly Muslim ethnic group then he will try to single them out as the sole culprit.

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  • AJ

    @mindy, thank you 🙂

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Want to buy a green pumpkin ?
    How about these-
    I grow them in my allotment

    Sir David

  • JD

    I am taking bets on a upcoming Thanksgiving Jihad

  • Truth Hurts

    Come on, feel their pain, emote…

    The Wicked Witch & the Wolfman are just defending their right to be normal on just one night!

  • mindy1

    @AJ, that was a good compromise with your kids 🙂

  • corey

    I am kinda wondering what spencer and geller will be this Halloween probably something along the lines of a sane human being you know to scare there followers a bit considering sanity to there fans is more of a disease to them or in gellers case something resembling one who has compassion for those that went through a tragedy and hopefully she wears a mask because that face scares people already.

  • AJ

    Just giving a Pakistani Muslim immigrant parent in America perspective here (to perhaps out some hearts at ease):

    My main qualms about Halloween were the fact that it was a huge wastage of money (spent on costumes) and I didn’t like getting bags and bags of candies (I didn’t want my kids to get cavities – assuming if the candy was fresh or sick – if these were years old candies cleared at Halloween). So ultimately, we devised this method – 1) kids (before becoming teenagers) dressed up in their Pakistani extravagant clothes (prepared for Eids or weddings) pretending to be Pakistani princesses and 2) trick or treat for money (used for various charities) rather than for candies.

    Mr. Spencer, please lose your paranoia. There are Muslims that adopt American customs and actually make them better.

  • MC

    I remmeber in my high school Halloween costumes were banned. Not because there were any Muslim kids (I was the only Muslim in my white-majority school) but simply because they were a distraction in the classroom.

  • Crow

    Ummmm…American culture would be Native American culture, could be wrong but I dont see any Native Americans complaining about this schools descion, so obviously American culture is not taking a backseat to anything.

  • Chameleon

    The morphing of Islamophobic paranoia seems to have no bounds. Heck, why stop there? It’s not just creeping sharia law that we have to worry about now, but “creepy”, Halloween-busting sharia law too.

    And those mooslims, I heard they are in league with another powerful shadow elite group who has now penetrated just about every government on the planet and who is using their power to demand all these special privileges and entitlements only for their benefit as part of a global conspiracy. In particular, they are practicing class warfare by demanding special elite access wherever they go, quietly taking over entire cities, building by building. Like those mooslims, their power is only matched by their amazing ability to disguise it, even going so far as to feign complete physical weakness, thereby taking taqiyya beyond just words to an entire dedicated life performance until they hear the secret signal from their secret leader to take over the entire world. It’s not just creeping sharia law and creepy sharia law that we need to be afraid of. Oh no. What we should really be afraid of is creeping wheelchairia law. Wake up, Bob, they are coming to get you!

  • Generation MuslYm

    Ah classic Islamophobia, drawing conclusions based on thin air.

    On another note, I really am tired of public schools having to ban something because they assume someone is going to be offended. When i was growing up, if someone didn’t like or believed in an event, they simply didn’t participate or attend. I understand banning things that are outright intended to offend someone. However, going to the extremes doesn’t help and no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone.

  • Fred

    Lol Spencer is such a scared person. He needs to get out of his basement, off the computer, and get out of the house.

    I think the smell of farts in the basement has got to his head.

  • Reynardine

    In fact, the most fanatic anti- Halloween rants I’ve ever heard were from ril Krischuns.

  • Sarah Brown

    Yes – surely it’s (some) Christians who are the most conspicuous opponents of Halloween.

  • Garibaldi


    You’re right, they are tru hypocrites. The question is whether they know this about themselves.

  • @Emperor

    I think it really shows the hypocrisy of people like Spencer, that they don’t think its just as bad when Christians attack Halloween.

  • mindy1

    Ehh, Spencer is a schmuck and the only people who listen to him are also shmucks. Frankly, I think kids should be allowed to celebrate halloween it’s fun for them

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