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UC Berkeley Launches Islamophobia Studies Journal

(via. Islamophobia-Watch)

The Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project at UC Berkeley announces the launch of Islamophobia Studies Journal, a a bi-annual peer reviewed academic periodical focusing on emerging research on and analysis about the nature of Islamophobia and its impact on culture, politics, media, and the lives and experiences of Muslim people.

You can download the first issue of the journal here.

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  • leia

    @Xithurrel i feel for you. my childhood included stories of the common history our two ppl share. From the early acceptance of the medina Jews of Prophet Muhammad, to the golden age of islam, in which Jews contributed greatly. Contrary to what islamophobes think Islam is very strict about tolerating other faiths, and granting them the utmost freedom and dignity to practice what they believe in. It has been from its very inception really. so your statement of feeling horrible to say you are Jewish, just goes against what i believe in, and hit me rather hard. I think just as much as muslims are suffering Jews are as well. Israel-palestine issues have made sure of that. I live in a really multiracial society. altho its a majority muslim country, there are significant numbers of Christians Buddhists, hindus, and other faiths. All the holidays of the major faiths are made public holidays, from Eid to Christmas, to Wesak day, to Chinese new year. What really gets me is that our two ppl were so close just a few centuries ago, and if it weren’t for politics, and big fat evil leaders, we’d have Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays as well.imo the fat suited ppl who made Israel as it is today were not really sorry, full of guilt for the Holocaust. they were great actors.they endorsed a state that they knew would cause division and enmity because of the way they were endorsing it. they saw how beautifully the muslims and jewish ppls got along. they were jealous and wanted to stop all the great things that Jews have- hard work, wealth, compassion,empathy, from ever belonging to anyone else. in the end they destroyed something beautiful.

  • Abu Ibrahim al-Ash’ari

    *correction, it means Victorious One according to the journal.

  • Xithurrel


    I really want to I normally do; however this read for some reason hit home. Call it an after effect of voting then reading this. I was aware of the struggles the Muslims faced in the US; even though I have never faced any of what this journal describes. I too have had my share of enduring bigotry. Did I know there would be prejudice people towards them – yes. I just never knew that no matter what they do, no matter how many feats of Hercules they accomplish or contribute – it wouldn’t matter. These people could find the cure to spine damage, and nobody would acknowledge them. They’d mention their names, but never that they were Arab American, East Asian, or Muslim. And it’s all happening under OUR watch. MY people, are watching this happen and we’re barely making a ripple in combating it – I have never been so confused in my life. I never felt shame to be Jewish let me just say that NEVER – period. Yet I don’t know why after reading this I felt as though I personally failed at my duty. It made me question everything, I even called myself a coward at one point for it.

    The Muslims in the US are a completely different brand of Muslim people. Like the people in my community; there is a stark difference between a Jew who lives in the US, in Muslim countries, and Europe VS an Israeli Jew. We seldom get along to the extent that we even bicker about what language to use with among one another ( I won’t dive too much into it but some of our disputes are simply childish – to put it bluntly ). Yet unlike us, the Muslims in the US are painted with the same brush as a Muslim who lives in a poverty stricken country – that itself is an injustice.

    However, NOW from reading this journal it’s actually mUCH worse than that; it’s not even a Muslim anymore but an East Asian, AND an Arab! It’s an insult to all logic in sociology not to mention fundamentally flawed in ALL logic. It’s happening in America where my people are the most humble and most open to all peoples. I am terrified of what we’re watching happen and how little we are doing to stand against it. This is a threat to my people, and yet I feel so alone in this outlook. Why this has hit me do hard I cannot say, but I genuinely feel somehow we are failing ourselves. It never should have gone this far. No matter what our political disputes are, they are just that – POLITICAL disputes – but we do not cater to prejudice and prejudgment.

    You can practically tell how torn I am right now. I am literally all over the place – so utterly confused.

  • leia

    Its NOT horrible of you to say you are Jewish. pls say that with honor and your head held high.

  • When it concerns Jews its called Anti-Semitism, so why it is called a mere phobia when it concerns Islam?

    Anti-Ishmaelism- noun (an-tee-Ish-mayl-iz-uhm).

    Prejudice, discrimination, or hate directed against Middle Easterners, predominatly but not restricted to Muslims, based on their intrinsic Asiatic origin, their faith, their civilization, culture, values and their Epistemology.

    It must be noted that the author here, does not think it prudent to dwell on the internecine squabbles of the house of Noah (PBUH) and his sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Understandably, the definition will have to be broader than the Judaeo-Christian Medianite Arabs, since the Middle East is predominantly Islamic and non-Arab. Thus the Turks, Pakistanis and Malaysians for axample, become victims of this attitudes not because they are Arabs, or other Semetic groups, but because they trace their religious lineage to Abraham through Ishmael and Hagar. Post World War II, the old Anti-Semtic attitudes have seen new scapegoats who have their origins in the Asiatic East, are pre-dominantly Muslims, but include Christians and Jews as well, are culturally different, and tend to be darker in color.

    The term Anti-Ishmaelism is not to be confused with Ismaelism, who are a minority sect within Shia Islam.

    Differentiating Islamophobia and Anti-Ishmaelism

    The Islamic Human Rights Commission defines Islamophobia as :

    “A contemporary and emerging form of prejudice Islamophobia can be described as stereotypes, bias or acts of hostility towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general. In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling, Islamophobia leads to viewing Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level and perceiving their views to be intrinsically problematic, violent or unethical.”

    It is also been defined as an “irrational” fear of all this Islamic and Muslim. The common adage that what one hates, one fears. Thus, Islamophobia is a visible or apparent symtomatic condition, to which the underlying causation is hate, which is Anti-Ishmaelism.

  • Abu Ibrahim al-Ash’ari

    A much needed journal, especially from such a well respected academic establishment. On another note, here’s a new conspiracy for Robert Spencer: The Arabic writing on the picture says “La Ghaliba il Allah” (“There is no Conqueror but Allah”) 😉

  • Sam Seed


    I absolutely agree with your above sentiments, my Jewish cousin.

  • Xithurrel

    “The embedded assumption is that Arab, Muslim and South East Asian communities in the
    US have some kind of connection to those who carried out the attacks on 9/11 and as such must collectively engage in acts of repentance.”

    I feel so sorry for so many people right now. The very idea that a child born after 9-11 or tomorrow an Arab, Muslim, or south Asian in America – must be made to REPENT for a crime he or she never committed… Howard Zinn is rolling in his grave right now. This is just beyond injustice.

    For fuck sakes… we won’t even apologize to the Japanese for bombing Tokyo much less for nuking two other cities – among all the atrocities we have committed over the generations of humanity. But east Asians, Muslims, AND Arabs must be made to repent for one moment, perpetrated by 19 people, for the rest of their lives and the live of their children, grandchildren, and posterity…

    This was the most depressing read I have ever read. And right now I am so grateful of being Jewish; as much as that’s horrible for me to say given the context of this blog – because I KNOW for a fact I would never be able to bare it.

    I am so sorry.

  • Geoff Cavendish

    Well, more people will be reading Sam Harris then.

  • corey

    @sir david
    what he would probably write in there would be the same bullcrap about how “islamaphobia is made up” and would list his “5 steps that muslims can help end islamaohobia” of course muslims have done these things but we all know spencer doesn’t care as he keeps spouting the same hate mongering idiocy while praising himself as a “human rights fighter”.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    “peer reviewed academic periodical ”

    So its a safe bet that it wont feature anything by Robert Spencer then 😉

    Sir David

  • mindy1

    Let’s hope that one day there will not be a need for such a journal.

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