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Attack on Thurnby Lodge Mosque in Leicester; Pig’s Head Left Outside Mosque

Pgs Head Thurnby Lodge 261212

Hate message in the form of one of the right-wing’s favorite “scare tactics”: Pig heads and pig body parts being left at mosques and Islamic community centers.

Do they understand that Muslims are not scared of pigs but rather their religion forbids them to eat it? (h/t: Mahmud)


This was sent to us by a worshipper at the Thurnby Lodge mosque in Leicester. The site has been the centre of activity by theFar Right, including the British National Party and a pigs head was placed outside the entrance to the mosque yesterday, (26/12/12). This is a truly shocking anti-Muslim attack. Here is the text we received.

This morning (Wed 26th Dec) brothers turned up to perform their Fajr salaah & this is what was found at the entrance. If you’re not sure what it is….it’s a pigs head. This did not deter the brothers at all who still went ahead & performed their Salaah, Alhamdulillah.

As you may or may not be aware the the Muslims especially as well as some non-Muslims have been facing intimidation from some very racist individuals on the Thurnby Lodge estate. So far 9 arrests have been made which just goes to show the kind of people we are dealing with.

There are protests almost daily around Isha time just to intimidate & harass brothers who come for salaah.

We are shocked and saddened by this development which is indeed a discriminating and hurtful act of religious intimidation. Indeed this was placed to cause serious offence to members & in the hope that we will go away from Thurnby Lodge.

Very sadly for those who tried to offend the Muslims, this has just increased our commitment to stay right here. If i may say so, to a certain extent it was only a matter of time before some individuals actually carried out what they have been talking about for a period of time!!

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  • Tanveer Khan

    Great reply man. I stand in awe.

  • Tanveer Khan

    We will be taking over your country next. My brothers have been striving hard to infiltrate kuffardom/dar al harb and our stealth jihad is bearing fruit. Be afraid, be very afraid. Mwa hahahahahahahaha koff koff.

    Trolling aside. There is a series of books and videos called 1001 inventions which tells you about the contribution of muslims to the world and society. You’d be surprised how much the violent filth called islam has inspired Muslims to make the world a better place. If you or anyone else wants to check it out, heres the website. Its a bit kiddish but still, very interesting.

  • Crow

    you do know that “chrstians ” and the west have caused the most damage in the world, right?

  • Mohammed
  • Dance, monkey, dance!

  • I have a very strong feeling that your mother and your aunt are the same person.

  • Those poor piggies died for hate… 🙁

  • Bwahahahaha!!!!

  • Solid Snake

    Backwards-looking? As in he is constantly watching his back? Or as in he is very fond of the good old days, overly nostalgic, doesn’t want to let go of the past type of fellow? You have to be clearer on what you mean Mr. Monkey

  • golden izanagi

    Its probable he won’t come up with anything rational, they never do.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Its 4% And they seem to have you scared. Any rational reason for this old chap?

    Sir David

  • Chameleon_X

    Actually, we are asking you, since you are the one making the claim that “Islam is a menace”. Please logically connect the dots for us from Islam to this factually-supported “menace”. We enjoy watching a monkey chase his tail, especially one who so ironically complains about all the “noise” while banging his drum. Now entertain us.

  • @chameleon_X

    Your thick contradictory post exposes you for who and what you are : a backwards-looking islamist

  • Islam is a menace . Ask countries like : India, France , Nigeria, USA, Italy, Philippines ……………. the long , long list of countries that have a problem with the violent filth of Islam goes on and on.

  • Chameleon_X

    Sorry, monkey, we can’t afford to adopt you, even if you are on sale.

    Yes, Islamophobia literally means an irrational fear of Islam, especially when used in the context of promoting that fear.

    Sir David, I think he just schooled us all. You see, the first and third points he was making were to demonstrate the total irrationality of that fear by not making a single argument in support of the core Islamophobic claim. What a genius!

  • Muslims make up barely 5 % of the population of the UK. What a noisy menace .

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    One out of three correct . Epic fail
    Back to school for you .
    Sir David

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    You left that pig’s head outside of the Thurnby mosque didn’t you?

  • Tanveer Khan

    Dont worry. We have Liberal college punks to stick up for us and call the people who know about our plan islamophobes…hehe. xD

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Shhhhhhh its a secret
    You never know who could be reading this .
    Sir David
    Can I just wish a happy christmas to all our readers in Langley, Tel Aviv and Cheltnham . ( thats the CIA ,MOSSAD And MI6, have I missed anyone ? please let me know )

  • Tanveer Khan

    Like stealth jihad?

  • mindy1

    What a waste of time and energy 🙁

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Apparently this has become a global tactic as our friend at NPR in NYC Arun Venugopal noted in regards to a similar story: “Pig’s head found in Islamic prayer center in Milan. This is now a global form of provocation.

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  • Tanveer Khan

    What is it with islamophobes and beheading pigs?

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