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Belen Fernandez: France’s Le Pen Battles Islamonazi Occupation

Marine Le Pen(h/t:Razainc.)

France’s Le Pen battles Islamonazi occupation

by Belen Fernandez (AlJazeera English)

In a recent interview with Al Jazeera in which she expounds on the alleged threat France faces from radical Islam, Marine Le Pen – president of the far-right National Front party and member of the European Parliament – seeks international validation for her anti-immigrant views:

No country in the world… would accept to go through the fast and sizeable immigration of people who, without a doubt, have a different religion and culture.

It would seem, of course, that many places in the world have already gone through this very process – including, for example, certain former French colonial possessions, which were also treated to military invasions, widespread killing, torture and expropriation of resources.

Now the tables have turned, however, prompting right-wing hallucinations of an Islamic empire under construction in Europe.

According to prominent neo-conservative propaganda, the imperialist strategy rests on a number of subtle subversive manoeuvers such as “the demonisation of courageous opponents of Islamic imperialism”.

Though Le Pen refrains from referencing the empire, she does hint in her interview at possible additional tactics such as the surreptitious force-feeding of halal meat to non-Muslims:

[M]illions of French people eat halal food every day without realising it… [I]t’s a problem because it breaks our law on secularism. This is because making people who are not religious consume halal food is contributing, due to this consumption which lacks transparency, to financing a cult… If in a Muslim country[,] Muslims were made to eat consecrated bread, they would scream.

That the majority of the French population has not been screaming about the threat of unwitting ingestion of halalmeat was suggested in a March 2012 article in the British Guardian, which reported “surveys showing that [French] voters were less concerned about halal meat than they were about the weather and football”.

Undeterred, Le Pen reiterates France’s unique torment: “[T]here is no reason to ask the French to accept things that no other people in the world would accept.”

When in doubt, bring up the Nazis 

As if the halal plot weren’t bad enough, Muslims have also engaged in more visible assertions of control over French territory, prompting Le Pen’s December 2010 comparison of Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation of France.

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Nice artlcle about loopy Marine
    Although I am a little confused by the bit about her being protected by parlimentry privilage as she is not an MP . However her cousin also called LePen is an MP and as such is protected .
    Any suggestion that this is a one family party has been rejected by the previous leader Mr LePen
    I also enjoyed the dig at ” British multiculuralism ” being the root of all evil .
    Sir David

  • mindy1

    I don’t care how meat has been blessed, as long as it’s tasty 😛 she is just being paranoid for the sake of notority

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Good article by Belen. It’s interesting how Le Pen didn’t even address her comment comparing Muslims praying in the streets to Nazi occupation during the interview with the AlJazeera reporter.

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