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British Freedom Party Flounders


Jai has tipped us to the fact that the British Freedom Party has been de-registered by the electoral commission:

The British Freedom Party, the EDL’s “political wing”, has been de-registered by the electoral commission in the UK. It means that the BFP are now defunct as a political party and the EDL leadership’s plans have therefore collapsed completely on this front.

This is very welcome and important news.

You will recall that BFP leader Paul Weston has become one of Geller & Spencer’s closest allies and, like EDL leaders Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) and Kevin Carroll, Weston attended Geller & Spencer’s anti-Muslim conference in NY in September 2012. Jai provided more background information on Weston in an LW article about Spencer.  Geller & Spencer’s efforts to spread their poison to the British political sphere via the BFP/EDL have utterly failed.

Note that Yaxley-Lennon himself is of course still incarcerated for illegally entering the US to attend Spencer & Geller’s conference alongside Kevin Carroll and BFP leader Paul Weston. Yaxley-Lennon’s court trial is pending in 2013. Potentially he will also be extradited to the US for his crime.

British Freedom surrender under a cloud of secrecy

(EDL News)

The English Defence League’s political wing, the British Freedom Party, appears to have wound up it’s operations and de-registered themselves from the electoral commission by not sending them their £25 fee. Nothing has been posted on any of their social media websites since the 12th December which is the day after they were de-registered.

This means that they will not be able to field any candidates under the parties name but could field independents.

The party, set up to catch the vote from EDL supporters failed to take off due to the fact that support of the EDL was rapidly declining and many EDL members were more interested in a drunken day out than taking their views down the political road.  The EDL’s support is currently at an all time low and they have become a liability.

Their local election results last year were a shambles where they fielded five candidates and the highest vote they got for one candidate was 79.  They had slightly more success putting their deputy leader, Kevin Carroll, up for the PCC elections in Bedfordshire but that was largely put down to voter apathy.

Jailed leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, was until recently deputy leader of the BFP but had to resign due to his alleged criminal activity surfacing and the imminent threat that he was to be jailed.

Their current deputy leader, Kevin Carroll, is on bail on suspicion of ‘conspiracy to cause a public nuisance’ after a furniture van full of balaclava clad EDL supporters were stopped on the motorway, suspected of being on their way to target a mosque in London.  Carroll answers bail in February.

It appears the party has gone under due to the fact that they had no credibility within the far right due to their association with the English Defence League who are generally seen as a bit of a joke by other nationalist groups.

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  • Bob

    Unfortunately it’s not true that the the BFP is “now defunct as a political party and the EDL leadership’s plans have therefore collapsed completely on this front”,

    The BFP continues to exist as a political party. What the deregistration means is that the party can’t contest elections in the name of British Freedom until it sorts out its re-registration with the Electoral Commission.

    The BFP has announced that this is what it intends to do: “The Electoral Commission blip will be resolved very easily and quickly in the next few days. Regardless of what went wrong or how, we will re-register within the next few days and it will be business as usual.”

    Hope Not Hate’s original report stated that the BFP leadership had itself deregistered the party, which if correct would indeed have signalled the end of the BFP. However, HNH got it wrong. A supporter of Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online contacted the Electoral Commission and was told that the Commission itself had deregistered British Freedom because the party had failed to complete the required paperwork and send the renewal fee.

    I took the view that the BFP leadership appeared to have lost enthusiasm for contesting elections in the party’s own name and were perhaps intending standing far-right unity candidates under a different banner (there seems to have been an initiative along these lines by the BFP in Bristol). But even that is probably reading too much into it all.

    A more mundane explanation is that the BFP is so poorly administered that it just overlooked the need to renew its registration with the Electoral Commission. That would certainly tell us a lot about the BFP’s lack of effectiveness as a political organisation. However, it falls some way short of the claim that the BFP is “now defunct” and has “collapsed completely”.

  • mindy1

    perfect response

  • Sam Seed


  • @Emperor,

    I’m really glad the the British “Freedom” party is going down.

  • Talking_fish_head

    I think this calls for a celebration

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