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Houston: Dead Pig Left In Front of Mosque

Houston: Dead pig left in front of mosque

 Courtesy KTRKHOUSTON (KTRK) — A disturbing discovery was made outside of a Houston area mosque and now Islamic community leaders are calling it a hate crime. A dead pig was left in front of the mosque Tuesday in Cypress.Ilyas Choudry says worshippers at the Islamic Outreach Center in cypress says found mutilated dead pig Tuesday night near the doorstep of their five-month-old mosque.

“They were totally surprised to see this,” he said.

Leaders at the mosque say the dead pig was placed there sometime after worshipers left following afternoon prayer and arrived back for evening prayer. Muslims don’t eat pork and regard the pigs as an unclean animal. Some in the Muslim community are questioning if this was a gesture of hate.

“I think it borders being a hate crime at least from our prospective, because we’ve seen these before and generally when people put pigs or have dead animals, it’s really something hateful,” said Mustafaa Carroll with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The Islamic Outreach Center says it has not had any problems with neighbors before. One neighbor who asked to remain anonymous says she feels the mosque is too noisy and brings too much traffic and she says she isn’t surprised by what happened.

She said, “This area out here is a big residential area and there are people out here who don’t want them out here because they are Muslim, but the fact is that they really have come into what is basically a residential area.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement: “The HCSO is investigating a report of a dead pig found Tuesday at an Islamic Center located at 19025 Wilks Road. Deputies will gather the facts surrounding the case before making any determination about the nature of the case. Anyone with information as to how the pig ended up at the location is encouraged to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.”

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  • Heinz Catsup

    Anyone but PETA. They’re just as loony as a majority of loons taken on by this website.

  • Talking_fish_head

    absolutly disgusting
    kill animals just to Insult people you hate? WTF is wrong with these people, were they dropped on the head when they were young?

    we need to report this to PETA or other animal rights group

  • Chameleon_X

    Yes, penny-wise and pork-foolish if you ask me. That little piglet is kind of cute, which only makes one feel sorry for the little critter. If they wanted to send the right hate message, they should have gone “whole hog” with a big, fat, old and ugly pig. But then again, what can you expect from someone who is incapable of making a point that makes sense?

  • Wanderer

    Such a small pig.. American hate is going through some tough times.
    Oh, and A PIG!!! OMG I’M MELTIIIING!!! *deathly gurgle as I disappear into a puddle of myself*

  • mindy1

    Too bad they could not have donated the meat, and turn hate into love 🙁 sad that some waste their time doing this kind of crap.

  • Reynardine

    That someone killed an animal, not for food but just for insult, and possibly tortured it, into the bargain, is beyond loathsome.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “Some in the Muslim community are questioning if this was a gesture of hate.”

    Obviously, they are being quite diplomatic. I challenge anyone (calling you out, Mr. Spencer and/or Ms. Geller) to explain to me how this could have been a gesture of love or kindness. Or, umm, maybe someone was just passing by while carrying a dead pig, got tired, and left it at the mosque for safekeeping? If this was not a gesture of hate, it must be one of those mysteries of the universe…

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