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EDL’s Thanet Division Leader Convicted of Assault

Gary Milsom

Another one of Geller & Spencer’s EDL thug pals has been convicted of assault.

EDL’s Thanet division leader convicted of assault

Hope Not Hate reports that the leader of the English Defence League’s Thanet division, Gary Milsom, has been fined £150 and sentenced to 120 hours community service after being found guilty of common assault and resisting a police officer.

Milsom, operating under the witty pseudonym“Pat Riot”, organised the harassment of worshippers at a mosque in his home town of Margate last September. At the time, Milsom assured the Isle of Thanet Gazette that the EDL was not racist and was committed to peaceful action.

The fraudulent character of Milsom’s claim to oppose racism was exposed by a Gazette reporter who attended an EDL meeting in Margate at which “dirty Pakis” were denounced along with “dirty Muslims”. Milsom’s recent conviction now also demolishes his supposed commitment to non-violence.

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  • Haddock

    Isn’t this such a strange world we live in, where white supremacists and Jewish extremists freely and publicly rub elbows together in their pursuit of the New Enemy?

  • Kirook

    That guy even looks like a thug, which I wouldn’t really care about if he wasn’t one, but, well…

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  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Interesting how Spencer and Geller rail and rant against mainstream American Muslim organizations as “thugs” WITHOUT evidence and facts yet happily associate with real criminal “thugs” and “violent extremists.” Projection 101.

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