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Sri Lanka: “We are Sinhalese” Group Protests Muslims and Halal Meat, Burn Effigy of “Allah”


Sri Lanka has over the past few years seen a resurgence in Sinhalese and Buddhist chauvinism particularly targeting the Muslim populace of the island nation.

Anxiety over halal meat doesn’t only affect Islamophobes in the West. Groups in Sri Lanka, such as Sinhala Api (We are Sinhalese) are also hoping to transform the subject of “halal meat” into a broader culture war.

In a recent protest led by We are Sinhalese, demonstrators shouted anti-Islam/Muslim slogans and carried effigies of a pig with the word “Allah” and “Halal” written on it in Arabic which they later burnt. (h/t: msmrishan)

Protest against Halal – Kuliyapitiya, Kurunegala district

There was a protest held by “Sinhala Api – We are Sinhalese Group” against Halal, the day before yesterday (24/01/2013) at Kuliyapitiya Junction, Kurunegala district. This group marched from Assedduma Shasanalankara temple to Kuliyapitiya Ashoka Buddhist Centre. They marched with banners and cut-outs written against Muslims and Halal.

After they had come to the clock tower of Kuliyapitiya Junction, the chief member of “Sinhala Api” organisation, “Mathale Weda Thero” and “Thalkole Piyadassi thero” addressed the meeting.

In this protest, the cut-outs and banners read:

“Sri Lanka is not an Arab country for making halal foods.”

“Halal is a death trap to destroy the Sinhala nation.”

One of cut-out had a picture of a pig with “Allah” written on it.

And they burnt an effigy named “Halal.”

The banner said boycott Halal

The banner said boycott Halal

A Buddhist monk addresses the protest

A Buddhist monk addresses the protest

Burning the "Allah" effigy

Burning the “Allah” effigy

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  • Christian-Friend

    Sorry dude, I don’t read poisonous websites like atlasshrugs.

    Oh, and the taqquiya crap again, pfft, Whatever

  • Christian-Friend

    1. The halal process varies from business to business. It’s not like EVERY Muslim is a blood-thirsty psychopath.

    2. How do you know where the money goes? For all we know, it could go to donations or to people or to even terrorist

  • ThinkBig

    No. Not the “eating make u zombie”.
    1. its the extended torture of animal in name of halal process and
    2.the money earned though the Islamic means have traces to terrorism houses.

    the first one encourages the torture, so not eating such food will NOT let animals get to the eXtended torture.
    the 2nd one, why would i/we pay someone to execute us?

    So, on both counts Halal MUST be discouraged

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Muslims have been celebrating the Eid festival for as long as they have been on Sri Lanka, over a thousand years.

  • Christian-Friend

    Genocidal much?

  • Christian-Friend

    Selling food is a death trap? What are you smoking?

  • Christian-Friend

    the fact remains that it STILL evil

  • Christian-Friend


  • Christian-Friend

    Oh yes, eating halal food turns you into a zombie. How scary -_-

  • I had initially written more on this subject, but I figure I’m going to just cut straight to the point: am I wasting my time in this discussion with you? You’ve doggedly answered every single post I’ve made here, yet rarely is any kind of big picture focused on. Now you’re insulting me by absurdly implicating that I’d let children die because of humanitarian aid sent by various health agencies (vaccinations and defeating the retarded conspiracies of the Taliban or al-Qaeda =/= your desire for reeducation for fundamentalists). You seem to have misunderstood my comparison with the ‘civilized man’s burden’ arguments of colonialism, as well as the rhetoric given by authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

    What’s your goal? Mine has, moving beyond my own initial passive-aggressive post here, I’ve actually tried to engage in a serious discussion with you, the bulk of what I’ve said having gone unanswered. I find the opinion you’ve expressed unsavory and I’ve stated why. So really, if you’re going to tell me that yes, what I’ve been writing is pointless, then I think a fair question (again) is: why have you kept on responding if I might as well be talking to myself?

  • “You’re comparing apples to oranges…”

    Yes and no. My point was that both situations remove the agency on the part of the person who’s being made ‘better’ (or to use your euphemism, ‘educating the ignorant’) from their ‘condition.’ It is fair to neither because the supposition is that because they act this way, or hold beliefs (terrible as they might be), they’re second class citizens who aren’t quite part of humanity. It matters little if a characteristic is intrinsic or not; “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Which leads me to…

    “…educating the ignorant out of their ignorance isn’t the same as the silly act of tying to de-gay someone with brainwashing.”

    Yet those same people who run those conversion therapy centers would tell you, in completely serious terms, that what they’re doing is just leading those people out of ignorance. In another manner, such an argument would not have been out of place in the age of colonialism in regards to bringing ‘civilization’ to people considered primitive by Europeans and Americans (and in a rare case, Asian, in regards to the Japanese; though perhaps one could historically count China as believing a similar thing). After all, ethnicity is intrinsic, but culture is not.

    “Re-Education camps should be compared more to something like forced polio immunization.”

    That would be rather interesting to people in places like China, North Korea, the USSR or many fascist regimes throughout the 20th century. Stop using the term as if it means something else entirely. What you describe in the following sentences is not the horrific human rights abuses that the concept entails, but defeating conspiracy theories propagated by thugs.

    Calling out a 9/11 truther, birther or someone who believes the U.S. never landed on the moon (to use parallels, even if those people are likely far less offensive in their day to day lives) is not the same as starving, torturing, abusing or otherwise robbing a dissident of their humanity.

  • “You’re not even willing to consider, even giving it a try. That’s what you call extreme closed-mindedness.”

    I’m not of the mind to lock up people whom I personally disagree with (even if they’d wish me physical harm in some instances), no. You will never succeed in what you want, if it were to come to pass, anyway. Persecution makes martyrs who harden their beliefs; rarely does it make converts. You’re fantasizing about what I can merely presume is some sort of detention center (and the fact you take no issue with my initial label of ‘reeducation camp’ is rather telling) with all that implies.

    I fail to see how rejecting a sociopathic, albeit only indulgent, fantasy is ‘close-mindedness.’

  • I think Nietzsche had a pretty good about this kind of thing once. What was it? Oh, yeah…

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    I fail to see how your reeducation fantasies result in any less brainwashing (oh, the irony) or misery than the alternative.

  • Authoritarianism always trump over religious fanaticism, its the lesser of the two evils if you will.

  • fozzy foz

    we have a place in sri lanka called adams peak. the history says adams foot step is there. not visible to todays traveler. other religions theories like in islam, christinity , judaism all preaches he was the first man to this earth. so is in buddishm called siri. if the first man landed from havens to this earth, then its a easy guess that human race stated from this tiny island. so guess what ? this country belongs to everyone and all should have a share of ancestors place.

  • fozzy foz

    Dear Insula, all came from one father and mother, that is adam and eve. so why worry so much about genetic links, the guns are turning towards muslims after tamils. this is the sinhalese zions plan

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