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New Zealand First MP: Ban Muslims From Flights


(h/t: Sabirah)

NZ First MP: Ban Muslims from flights

By Kurt Bayer KurtBayerAPNZ , Matthew Theunissen

New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser has spoken out in defence of his “Wogistan” rant which has been slammed as racist by Muslim leaders and politicians.

In a column for Investigate Magazine, the Waimakariri list MP suggested young Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to travel on Western airlines because ‘most terrorists are Muslims”.

He accepted that most Muslims are not terrorists, but said it’s “equally undeniable” that “most terrorists are Muslims”.

“If you are a young male, aged between say about 19 and about 35, and you’re a Muslim, or you look like a Muslim, or you come from a Muslim country, then you are not welcome to travel on any of the West’s airlines,” he wrote.

Prime Minister John Key was “appalled” by the comments, while the New Zealand Muslim Association called them “senseless”.

But in an interview with Newstalk ZB’s political editor Barry Soper, Mr Prosser stood by his controversial stance.

He denied that the use of “Wogistan” was racist, citing mentions of it being a “mythical place”, which could even have been “a real place”.

“Look, people can read things into it if they want,” he said.

“I have a particular style in my Investigate column which is, um, reasonably blunt, and I speak a lot of things that other people are talking about but won’t necessarily say.

“I don’t think it’s anything derogatory particularly, I don’t have any real time for the worst extreme elements of Islam who treat women in a poor fashion. So, I certainly think it’s appropriate for me to make those comments.”

Asked if he was tarring all young male Muslims with the same brush, Mr Prosser said it was a profiling policy that has made Israeli airline El Al “one of the safest airlines in the world”.

NZ First Leader Winston Peters initially said there was “an element of truth’ to what Mr Prosser wrote but that his MP had failed to balance his attack by acknowledging that the majority of Muslims were peaceful and law abiding.

In a subsequent statement, Mr Peters said Mr Prosser had “wrongfully impugned millions of law-abiding, peaceful Muslims” and the article did not represent the views of NZ First.

Mr Prosser said Mr Peters doesn’t vet his columns, which he’s been writing in Investigate for more than a decade, claiming they were separate from his MP duties and party policy.

He believed it was appropriate for him as an MP to make his views heard, saying: “This is what we are here for. We are here to represent and speak about the issues and concerns that people have.”

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira said Mr Prosser’s comments were racist, and without basis in fact.

“It’s kinda like saying that no 19- to 35-year-old white guys should be allowed to go anywhere because they cause so many wars around the world.”

Asked whether the NZ First MP should have kept his comments to himself, Mr Harawira said: “It’s best that they’re actually expressed openly because when people hold views as extreme as that, it’s best that we hear them.”

Act Party leader John Banks said the comments were “crazy” and “bizarre”, while Labour Leader David Shearer believed they could hurt New Zealand’s reputation in other countries.

In his article, Mr Prosser also said: “I will not stand by while [his daughters’] rights and freedoms of other New Zealanders and Westerners, are denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan.”

The 9/11 hijackers were Muslims, as were the London “tube bombers”, Mr Prosser said, along with the Taleban and al-Qaida.

“There is a pattern here, I promise you,” he wrote. “These are angry, young Muslim men who hate the West and want to destroy it.

“They attack us, and our institutions and infrastructures, and our way of life, and our values and beliefs and precepts, because we are not like them, and for no other reason.”

Prosser, 45, has previously made no apology for the strength of the controversial ideas he has been pushing for almost 10 years.

In 2011, he called for the burqa to be banned, while he also wanted bank tellers, dairy owners and taxi drivers to be armed.


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  • Tanveer Khan

    Ham bangladeshi heh lekin me….uhhh. I was born and am being bred british..

  • Ahmed

    Bilkol theek hai yaar! Yeah it’s correct man. You from Pk or Bangladesh?

  • Tanveer Khan

    Salaam Bhai. Kese ho? Aap Australian heh?
    This is all i could muster. Lol. Is it correct?

  • Yeah, some apology

  • He may well hate people who converted Islam, even more than people raised as Muslims as far all we know.

  • Yes. Hopefully none of them will gain enough power to implement their ideas.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Prosser is a moron. He recently gave soft-ball apology in which he called for racial profiling instead of a ban on flights. Idiot.

  • khalid roche

    At the very least this arrogant racist bigot should read the following article from Loonwatch: All Terrorists are Muslims…

    Except the 94% that Aren’t |

    …before he pretends to understand simple arithmetic…these all to common morons are scary…

  • Reynardine

    Most perps who massacre theater audiences, college students, and tiny schoolchildren are white American males between nineteen and thirty-five, so let’s not let them have firearms-ever.

  • Kirook

    Your last sentence sums up every Islamophobe who has ever existed, who exists now and who ever will exist.

  • Ahmed

    Well, I’m Pakistani by birth but I consider myself an Aussie Muslim first so I’m not exactly foreign eh? Yeah, or Asian Muslims since most Muslims are from SE Asia.

  • Ahmed

    Oh and I visited New Zealand South Island and my God. It’s Heaven! I love that place! The most beautiful country in the world. Sorry Australia! 😛

  • Talking_fish_head

    well, what if an Albanian or Bosnian muslim wanted to enter New Zealand, would he ban them?

    So we have a new zealand version of Geert Wilders?

  • mindy1

    What about those who are converts and don’t look like a stereotypical Muslim? What about arab Christians ?? His logic is illogical

  • Ahmed

    Ok, let’s us this same guy’s logic but twist it in another way:

    “White’s should not be able to travel because they took the land of indigenous people and discriminated against blacks.”

    See how bad this logic is!

    Oh, and for the record I’m not endorsing this view but I m using this bloke’s logic to show you how dangerous such thinking is.

  • Al

    Hmmm, seems like something Sam Harris would come up with.

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