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Missouri: Bill would stop Sharia Law

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed has spoken out against the proposed bill as "a waste of time and taxpayer money."

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed has spoken out against the proposed bill calling debates on the subject  “a waste of time and taxpayer money.”

Bill would stop Sharia Law

by Kevin McDermott (StL.Today)

JEFFERSON CITY • In what has become a regular ritual here, a state Senate committee heard testimony Tuesday on a bill that would prevent Sharia Law from taking over Missouri.

The Senate General Laws committee also discussed a measure that would outlaw any federal attempts to regulate firearms in Missouri.

The committee hasn’t acted on either measure, and both appear unlikely to have much chance at becoming law. But they both touch on some of the hottest ideological issues in the nation right now.

“They should call that the Tea Party Committee,” Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, a committee member, scoffed as she left the hearing.

Both bills are sponsored by Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, who acknowledged that Missouri isn’t in any immediate danger of being overtaken by foreign legal theories. But he said he wants to make sure the state “keeps things the way they are.”

“Missouri’s been pretty fortunate as far as this goes,” Nieves told the committee.

The bill doesn’t specifically mention the Islamist Sharia religious law. But more than 20 states have considered similar measures in the past few years, generally tied to the ongoing debate over alleged Islamist influences in the U.S.

There’s no current mechanism under which a foreign law could apply in Missouri.

The second bill would make it illegal for any government official to attempt to enforce any federal firearms regulation in Missouri.

Nieves said the point of the bill is to “remove some of the confusion about what is or is not enforceable in term of the federal government in the state of Missouri in terms of our Second Amendment rights.”

“I think it’s timely right now,” he said. “Our Second Amendment is one of the main things being threatened.”

Gun-rights advocates have rallied nationally against talk of new federal controls in the wake of the killings of 20 children at six adults by a single gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December.

No one gave verbal testimony against either bill. Nasheed, the St. Louis Democrat, later predicted that both were dead on arrival.

“You don’t have foreign laws being implemented in the United States . . . (and) the state cannot trump federal law” on gun regulation, she said after the hearing. She called the debates “a waste of time and taxes.”

The foreign laws bill is SB267. The anti-gun-control bill is SB325.

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  • I couldn’t have said better myself.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Vivarto, you aren’t aware of the Constitution. There is the establishment clause in it that in no way could be legally breached and so this law is not only useless but pointless. It is also unconstitutional because it infringes on freedom of religion, for instance, in your views can Muslims worship in a mosque? When they do so they are following Sharia’, however you would want to ban that.

  • Seeker

    Ah, OK.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    If Muslims would actually think rather than seeing this as a personal attack on them…those ‘anti sharia’ measures are part of an agenda.
    The ONLY sector in which there is no blend between society at large and seeming to impose itself on the right of everyone is financial.
    These blind idiots, believing that they are ‘pre empting’ an attack on a non existant threat, are actually creating laws that have to do with pre empting the Islamic banking system.
    They are just being used, and Muslims are just following thier tails in claiming it is attacking them personally.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance


    There are not many muslims in the USA ; The whole idea of this bill is paranoia

  • Seeker

    There are only 2 Muslims ?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I am sure that both the local muslims are against this bill
    Sir David

  • Seeker

    To prevent more Muslims coming in?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Obviously the Bill to outlaw stupidity did not work either …………….
    Sir David

  • mindy1

    And that state has how many Muslims? :/ How come the states with the fewest Muslims are trying to enact these dumb laws

  • Tanveer Khan

    I really dont see what the problem is. They’re only banning “Islamist Shariah Law” so i should be able to be judged according to Shariah Law because i dont follow “Islamist Shariah Law”. Or maybe its just an attempt at insulting me?

  • Every state that has enacted one of these laws has had it struck down. Its not like these laws are not unconstitutional, and there’s any real threat of sharia usurping the constitution.

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