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Afghan Governor: US Drone Strike Kills Three Children


Afghan Governor: US Drone Strike Kills Three Children

The governor of Afghanistan’s Kunar Province has reported a US drone strike against the Manogi District has killed at least three civilians, all children, and wounding seven others.

A survivor of the explosion says that the drone hit their house, knocking him unconscious. He reported seven members of his family were hospitalized, and denied that they had done anything wrong.

NATO was quick to deny the report, saying that they took allegations “very seriously,” but that their own reports on operations in the area didn’t confirm any such incidents in the province.

Civilian deaths in NATO air strikes have been a huge problem throughout the war, with the US often promising an “investigation” that never seems to actually conclude into exactly what happened.

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  • Heinz Catsup

    & yet, according to Obama, the Taliban/Al Qaeda/etc. would kill more innocents than their Drones would.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    NATO was quick to deny reports in the past as well.

    This “investigation” will no doubt go the way of other phantom “investigations.”

  • Solid Snake

    Of course we cant believe them…they are going against the words of ‘our’ guys. Would you believe some governor, who is probably corrupt, and a random Afghani, who is probably lying, or ‘our’ guys? Remember when ‘our’ guys reported that the Afghani mothers and fathers burned their dead children to make it look like ‘our’ drone strikes killed them? Yeah, they killed their children and burned their small corpses to make it seem like ‘we’ killed them. There is your proof, they cant be trusted…..

  • mindy1

    I hate it when innocents get caught up in war :'(

  • Tanveer Khan

    Its ok. Those children were probably plotting the downfall of America.

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