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Douglas Murray Dreams of Hook-Nosed Muslims Killing Each Other

Hook Nosed Muslims







by Ilisha

Divide and rule has always been a successful strategy, and from the perspective of those who wish to destroy Islam and weaken Muslim-majority states, what could be better than a full-blown sectarian war between Muslims?

No wonder anti-Muslim neoconservative Douglas Murray is promoting the notion of a decades-long conflict between Muslims, in an article in the Spectator entitled, “Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East’s 30 year war.” His gleeful predictions of Armageddon are as much wishful thinking as they are an accurate reporting of Middle Eastern dynamics.

Murray has plenty of incentive to promote sectarian conflict, both to demonize and destroy Muslims, as outlined bluntly by fellow hatemonger, “Hugh Fitzgerald,” in one of his many paranoid rants:

We should welcome, and do nothing to discourage, the sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shi’a in Iraq, and recognize that the aggression and violence, and inability to compromise, that one now notices, is a result of what Islam does – for the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira are full of violence…

…Arabs against Kurds or Berbers or black Africans in Darfur, or Sunni Arabs against Shi’a Arabs, or Sunni Pakistanis against Shi’a Pakistanis. That’s not to be deplored. That’s to be observed, and its workings out regarded with grim satisfaction. 

Grim satisfaction indeed.

In case there are any lingering doubts about his nasty agenda, Douglas Murray’s article features an image that could easily be recycled antisemitic propaganda from the Nazi era. Two apparent “Muslims” trade menacing glares, each clad in their respective stereotypical Iranian and Saudi garb. Hook-nose-to-hook-nose, each holds a weapon to the other’s throat.

Muslims poised to kill one another, and save their enemies the trouble. This is the dream of anti-Muslim bigots everywhere, now depicted in crude, brightly-colored caricature.

Could Murray’s contempt for Muslims be made any more apparent?

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  • The greenmantle

    Also it occurs to me swarthy gentleman , hook nose , beard.
    They are really talking about the Rev Deacon Robert Spencer !

    Sir David

  • Solid Snake

    I say they can have that one, the game was another generic clone of modern shooters. Didnt even pick it up, and unlike Battlefield 4 it doesn’t offer a robust and entertaining Multiplayer mode to offer the bland Campaign.

    But that’s interesting. I didn’t know it was the Islamophobe lobby. I always thought that it was just regular outrage from the general public, after all this is a society that worships warriors and anything perceived to be negative towards their warriors is immediately attacked.

  • Christian-Friend

    Calling a religion satanic is bigotry, no matter how you spin it.

  • Technically, it is more complicated that that as some forces aligned against the Taliban played a part in the revolt against Soviet incursion, and others now aligned with the US sympathized and even considered themselves “comrades”, and some “just grow dope and support who supports them”

  • sumsrent

    There ya go IIisha… encourage off topic discussions…
    PS… Don’t think I’m offended by you implying I’m a bigot… or shutting down comments so I can’t reply to you… it is your site after all… aye?
    Get this… I’m no more a bigot than you muslims.
    Q: Are you Sunni or Shiite?

  • Tanveer Khan

    They are the ones that assist with combat training of local mujahideen (90s) or anti-mujahadeen (2000s)
    Amazing how the situation can change so quickly within 10 years XD

    They’ve removed the bold option it seems : -(

  • Tanveer Khan

    I kinda guessed it would be something like that…. I just called it as I saw it. Taliban and Americans.

  • The guys with beards in Afghanistan are special forces or CIA. They are the ones that assist with combat training of local mujahideen (90s) or anti-mujahadeen (2000s) forces as well as go on combat missions outside of formation or have specific contact with local “unaligned entities” such as village elders, who see shaven men as “artificially effeminate youths” and will not talk business with them. Others might not shave, but it is against policy. In case of getting hurt or death, most carry razor and cream so a buddy can “do the honors” before being shipped off to the paper pushers.

  • And what is mainstream Islam? Every school of thought in the religion of Islam considers the beard as either meritorious or required unless there are other considerations, and Jassar told me so isn’t one of them.

    Christians are not required to wear cross necklaces or crucifixes, but they are allowed.

  • Laila Muhammad

    675000 american judeo christians perished in the u.s. civil war in 1865….imagine the next one

  • Chameleon_X

    Excellent posts, Timothy — this one and several others you have put up here recently. Anonymous opinions, which tend to dominate any online forum, are worthless, but thoughtful posts rich in facts and logic like yours are quite valuable. I hope you stick around.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Mr. Murray hates…if it were not Islam it would be something else.
    Muslims must overcome ‘Mr. Murray’ and self reflect on his points to improve ourselves as a group of people.

  • One often forgets that the lie of doing good while truthfully doing evil is never too far in the past as it is in the future. The British’s last salvo on the America’s came in the “freeing of slaves” in Northern Africa. The real reason for the LEGAL abolishment was due to the fact that Jefferson had secured maritime ability on the African coasts while the British were unable. The very Quran held by Thomas Jefferson and used for the swearing in of Ellison (a state Representative in the US) was used to study a way out, and the fact that the US as a nation “was not christian” (though only because religion was a state and not federal matter) allowed a US-Barbary treaty to be established.

    They cared less about the African, but hated to pay ransom for British and American sailors caught illegally entering African waters. The ability to end slavery allowed them to enter the area without retribution (capture and ransom) with the added bonus of cutting off labor power to the US south that rivaled their Indian cotton trade.

    Just a few years before, they thought it was great (in conjunction with the US) to start wars of commerce between the animist south and the muslim north, as it allowed them to purchase POWs from both sides from the Danish, especially with slaves being held as inferior and perpetual family providers of subhuman workers instead of being deemed “human equals though imprisoned through war” as established under African laws.

    Years before that, they (the British) supported the Ottoman (hanafi/maliki) over the remnants of the Rustamids and Almoravids (Ibadi and Ibadi/Maliki) in northern Africa due to their more lax policy of slave rights and a willingness to deport them to non-muslim lands without proof of legal obtainment (through war) and an enforcement of manumission contracts already in force. Not only did this create more conflict and a growth of POWs to purchase, but created a weakness in Northern Africa that allowed for furthering the goals of their Italian allies with interests in the region.

    I have no doubt of the sincerity of the Christian abolitionist (there were muslim abolitionists too), but official policy engendered their victory with commerce and colonialism ambitions at the forefront and humaneness as a cover.

    One might say that the British freed the slave that could be king and enslaved the master by tying him to the crown.

    This is an old game, now played in the name of human rights, religious freedom, women and gay rights.

    Where were the Iraqi WMDs again? Oh that’s right, in irrigation tubes and GOP imagination. Remember history the next time you hear demands for girls elementary schools to be built in the middle of a civil-war torn nation where it is even too dangerous for heavily armed men to cross the street for work.

    It might sound good…. and that is all.

  • As a grandmother, this is her uncontroversial right and I support her in that decision without any reservation and no need to say more about it as it is neither religiously or legally (speaking from a shariah perspective) immodest. This is a traditional position, not of modernist origin leading to a “feminist statement” of any kind.

  • self reflection…true. Ignore that he hates muslims… the root of that reflection.

  • Ameer

    If Douglas is indeed the man behind Hugh Fitzgerald then I couldn’t agree more. They definitely have similar rhetoric, although in murray’s language is slightly more..subservient to political correctness in public.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    If the hate for each other would stop, then Mr Murray wouldn’t be right. Thing is, he is correct in that in part, Muslims fall for the western ‘decide and conquer strategy and we see what happens in the real world.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    The post states that the image ” could easily be recycled antisemitic propaganda from the Nazi era” . This implies that the ONLY anti -Semetic images are from that era and NOT a daily feature in Arab media. Why did the article not say that it could be recycled from this week’s Arab News or Khaleej Times ??.

  • SarahAB

    I only read it once but Murray’s article seemed essentially analytical. The other person quoted, Hugh Fitzgerald, was obviously quite different. If you had targeted him I’d not have commented. I wouldn’t say I ‘shill’ for Murray – I have criticised him for his anti-Muslim statements in the past. I placed him second in a poll to find the worst bloggers in the UK (see comments).

    But it is also true that I do not *always* disagree with him.

  • 1DrM

    It’s a given for a Zionist buffoon like you to shill for neocon warmonger Murray, who IS the one who wants Muslims dead through sectarian war. Yet you find my reaction “appalling.” You have an interesting morality.
    I wish nothing but the absolute worst for warmongering scum.

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