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U.S. Islamophobes stand by Wilders as his own party members defect


U.S. Islamophobes stand by Wilders as his own party members defect

(Imagine 2050)

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has once again become the subject of controversy after he led supporters in an anti-Moroccan chant during a campaign rally last month. Despite the mass condemnation he has received for the remarks, Wilders’ anti-Muslim counterparts in the United States are standing by his draconian approach to immigration.

While at the rally in The Hague, Wilders, who heads the Party for Freedom (PVV), asked the crowd: “Do you want in this city more or fewer Moroccans?” to which they chanted, “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!”

“We’ll take care of that,” he responded with a wry smile.

Wilders later defended his comments and outlined his party’s plans to uphold his promise by “limiting immigration from Islamic countries, including Morocco” and promoting “re-emigration.” Wilders also plans on “deporting criminal Moroccans by revoking their Dutch passports” — as well as their dual-citizenship — and “sending them back to their country of their nationality.”

However, many PVV members believe Wilders has gone too far with his latest spectacle, and has led to a crisis within its ranks. Many have chosen to resign and disassociate themselves from the party, including Laurence Stassen who represents PVV in the European Parliament. “I deeply regret having to take this decision, but staying in my function was not an option after these comments,” she said in a statement.

Despite the mass exodus from his own party, anti-Muslim activists in the United States continue to uphold Wilders as a symbol of resistance against the devastation they believe will come as a result of an increased Muslim population:

  • Longtime anti-Muslim activist Daniel Pipes said although he didn’t agree with Wilders’ tactics, he sympathized with his goal of curbing immigration. “It is entirely understandable that the indigenous peoples of a country feel stress when large numbers of immigrants from an alien civilization, more than a few of them hostile, move in,” he said on his website.
  • Frank Gaffney took to his radio show to say Wilders is representing the “free world.” During the show, Gaffney described PVV’s policy as being a subscript for “describing the affliction that immigration, some of it illegal, has represented for a country like the Netherlands.”
  • Islamphobic columnist Diana West joined Gaffney on his show and took issue with the negative media coverage Wilders has received. She implied she saw nothing wrong with his comments because “Moroccans top the charts in criminality” as well as in “social dependence.” In another column at the Columbia Daily Herald, West defended Wilders anti-immigrant stance by posing the question: “Is it ‘racism’ to oppose the demographic obliteration of a nation clearly underway?”
  • David Horowitz Freedom Center fellow Bruce Bawer also defended Wilders at FrontPage Magazine. He said he doesn’t see him as a “bigot,” but instead as “the real thing: a brave, selfless man determined to steer the ship of state through turbulent waters safely into port.” He added: “The Dutch would be fools to throw him overboard.”

Wilders’ latest diatribe is rooted in an anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim platform that has made him one of the most prominent figures of the global Islamophobia movement. He has previously advocated against the construction of any new mosques in the Netherlands, claiming they are a “symbol of an ideology of hatred, violence and oppression.” He has also equated the Qur’an to Mein Kampf. Wilders spent the summer forming a new political alliance with France’s far-Right National Front party leader, Marine Le Pen. Their goal is to take on the European Parliament this year. Both parties blame immigration and multiculturalism for Europe’s economic malaise and supposed loss of identity.

Even at a time when Wilders’ own party is trying to distance themselves from his extreme rhetoric, those in the broader anti-Muslim movement continue to show their unwavering support for him.

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  • Mehdi

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but good news coming from Holland, Wilders seems to have received a blow for European elections, he was expecting his party to be the first in the Netherlands and ended fourth, 5 points below his 2009 score.

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  • Rights

    too cute.

  • Anonymous

    “Keep in mind Condell also was Anders Breveik “favorite comedian.””

    If he’s a comedian, then Im the Queen of England

    I’ve listened to funnier stuff in my toilet

  • Iman

    Thank you Gert for your information . I tried to search for what kind of crimes these criminals committed as I am more interested in rapes and killings because it’s the worst crimes but, I could not find anything. Where does Geert get his facts? That is the ultimate question.

  • Anonymous

    oh God that idiot

    If you want an easy way to kill your brain cells, just watch this assholes “Videos” (read: Nazi propaganda). I felt dumber watching his “videos”

  • Gert Van Der Straaten

    Here’s the figures by the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics,60-65&D2=0&D3=0&D4=1,3-9&D5=l&HD=130301-1626&HDR=G4,G1,G2,T&STB=G3 (in Dutch). It doesn’t give figures based on religion, but it does have them based on nationality. Which doesn’t necessarily give you their religion – Surinamese can be Muslims, Hindus or Christians – but with Moroccans you can be pretty sure they’re Muslims, and with Antillian/Aruban you can be pretty sure they’re Christians. It seems that Moroccans score pretty high, but not as high as Antillian/Aruban. And Turks score better than Surinamese for instance. So non-whites have higher figures, but that goes for Christians as well as Muslims and there are differences between different nationalities, even if both are Muslims. So yeah, maybe you can draw some conclusions based on national group, but nothing based on religious groups.

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s talking about his “right” to be a racist bigot

  • Stoned Gremlin

    No, but it’s schizophrenic to believe that something like that is happening when it isn’t.

  • sasboy

    Equally relevantly, the Dutch authorities may end up taking legal action against this person due to his latest outburst.

  • Iman

    Is Geert and his gang have any shred of truth. Can you please tell me if it Is really that the Moslems are among the highest percentage of criminals in the west?. Is there a site where I can get statistics that can answer my question ?

  • JD

    these aren’t the muslims you’re looking for

  • Al

    Pat Condell gave Geert his full support, too. Touching.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    When is that rapture supposed to happen. If you ask me, this world is in need of peace desperately.

    God, if you aren’t to busy, how about taking your followers…well, now would be a good time I think.

    Who knows, peace might break out, and you will have no need to come back.

  • mindy1

    Haha 😀

  • mindy1


  • mindy1

    If the haters hate so much, why don’t they just form their own colony on some remote island, and leave us decent people to really try and solve things >:(

  • Yausari

    Congratulation on unlocking your new powers. took me a while as well. XD

  • JD

    Holy cow I just realized something . When you are a muslim or convert You get Force powers like the Jedi . You have telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, deep hypnosis, enhanced empathy, reflexes, precognition, and enhanced speed.
    That how muslims will take over.

    How can muslims who are less then 1 % will change things and take away your rights? Please explain that to us. I didnt know becoming a muslim gave you magic powers

  • Carlos Danger

    Pipes sure knows what he’s talking about when he says “It is entirely understandable that the indigenous peoples of a country feel stress when large numbers of immigrants from an alien civilization, more than a few of them hostile, move in,”
    Pipes should self-deport himself to Poland.

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