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“Jews News” Spreads False Story About Lynched Mutilated Corpse


By Emperor

A certain Theodore Shoebat (Walid “fake ex-terrorist” Shoebat?), writing for “Jews News,” an Israeli website with over one million Facebook followers, has posted a false story that claims Muslim villagers in Dalga, Egypt tortured, lynched and mutilated a Christian man. The false story has gone viral with over 6.2k shares. (h/t: Nate)

The article has the inflammatory title, Muslims Murder Xtian Man Right In Front Of His Son, Drag His Body To The Mosque, Tie His Body And Mutilate Him.”

Shoebat writes,

“Muslims in Egypt, in the village of Dalga, murdered a Christian man right in front of his son by riddling his body with bullets, then they dragged his body to the mosque. When they arrived at the mosque, they tied his body to a tractor and then mutilated the corpse as they screamed “Allahu Akbar!”

The article is accompanied by a picture of the lynched man, shown above.

In fact, Shoebat’s story is completely fictional but that is not the only reason that it is horridly mendacious and reckless!

The lynching shown in the picture actually took place…in Lebanon! It took place not in 2014 but in 2010! The lynched man was not a Christian but an Egyptian Muslim!

Angry Mob of Lebanese Villagers Lynch Murder Suspect
A mob of angry Lebanese villagers stabbed to death an Egyptian man and then lynched his naked body in the centre of town over allegations he killed four members of a local family.
Mohammed Msallem, a 38-year-old Egyptian who worked as a butcher in Ketermaya, had been arrested a day earlier on suspicion of shooting to death an elderly couple and their two young granddaughters, aged seven and nine.
He was leading police investigators through a re-enactment of the killings when dozens of residents attacked him with sticks and knives, security officials said.
Police rushed Msallem to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital, but residents broke in, dragged him out and pounded him with sticks.

The story was reported in international media at the time, including CNN, The Daily Mail, LATimes, Jerusalem PostAlJazeera and a spattering of other sites. It caused serious tensions and a severe diplomatic row between the two nations.

The Lebanese newspaper Ennahar also reported on it at the time, using the same image that Shoebat and Jews News used,


In an age where sensationalist headlines from dubious internet sites are quickly retweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook, it goes without saying that we must be vigilant readers and consumers of news. This is not the first time LoonWatch has had to bust such a hoax!

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  • 1DrM

    Yawn, more hate and conspiracy web sites from the inbred hillbilly baboon. Another link to neo-Nazi linkedNot a SINGLE credible reference. Do you have any skills beyond googling, cutting and pasting nonsense? Apparenly you can’t read either. Iraq had no WMDs in 2003, UN inspections from 1991 all the way to 2003 confirmed this fact. Saddam used poison gas(provided by Uncle Sam) against Kurds in 1988, you moron. The link to “informationclearinghouse” you provided denies this! Good job shooting yourself in the foot, idiot.
    You are obviously a kindergarten drop out mentally ill like most Christofascists. And a climate change denier as well. Case closed. You can quit groveling, I accept your surrender.

  • 1DrM

    Still here throwing a tantrum, trailer trash. Which lies? Alzheimer’s got you senile already it seems. Go back and read your own claims, Nazi.

  • 1DrM

    Rubbish. There were no WMDs in Iraq, nothing was moved to Syria. Take off the tin foil hat.

  • 1DrM

    More infantile nonsense. You surrendered the moment you couldn’t defend your Nazi linked sites, you inbred buffoon. The only invention here are the lies you believe in. Terrorism supporting scum like deserve all the ridicule and condemnation coming your way. The “liberal” labeling is laughable since I am more conservative you are, trailer trash. Let me guess, you don’t believe in climate change either, right Christofascist? You’re predictable to a fault.

    You’d be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle.

  • 1DrM

    Yawn. How childish. You’re practicing projection in your looney world, boy. I accept your surrender, hypocrite.

  • 1DrM

    Was that a response? How predictably dull. The only desperation are your failed attempts to promote lies. Typical christoFascist.

  • 1DrM

    Repeating yourself again, crass baboon? Nobody takes you and the lies you stump for seriously.Talk of decency and maturity coming a troll using a picture suggestive of the terminal end of a phallus? What are you, thirteen years old?

    Slither back to Stormfront, you worthless POS.

  • Keith Davidson

    I’ll give you the same that you seem to give others: I’ll demand that you give sources, that those sources be “credible”, then I’ll reject everything you provide because it doesn’t “validate your distorted world view”, then I’ll top it off by accusing you of only wanting things that feed your distorted world view. Introspection, BOY! Getcha some!
    (Notice the difference? I do not resort to pre-school level name-calling. Because I am an actual grown-up)

  • 1DrM

    Apparently you just learned to google around for whatever trash “validates” your distorted world view. That’s the same neocon sewage run by Zionist racist and fraudster David Horowitz. There were no WMDs in Iraq, you idiot. What’s next, headlines from the Weekly World News?

  • 1DrM

    Oh yeah, a link to a widely discredited hate site run by a Nazi. Epic fail. Try again, idiot.

  • The greenmantle

    I suspect she hired herself and the programme is only “aired” on the net . To an audience of dozens and thats if you include relatives and pets .

    Sir David

  • 1DrM

    What idiot hired a Christofascist liar like you to host a radio program? Another retarded member of the terrorist Evangelist death cult.

  • 1DrM

    Another mentally ill pro-terrorist Zionist loon chimes in with her feather weight intellect.

  • Guest

    Fuck u

  • The greenmantle

    I am just tired of not very good propaganda . Maybe we could open a school for propaganda ? I am sure we could open colleges world wide . ( New Jersey – the Pam Geller School of Jurnalism , Langley Va- Top Secret , Cheltnham – Top Secret with tea and cakes , Tel Aviv – Hasbara Acadamy , Moscow – Joe Stalin Pravda School, I am sure you can come up with others . The French one will have to be known by initials mmmmm)

    To hot to scythe today

    Sir David

  • Mehdi

    She’s fun, we have to admit it, comic relief…

  • Mehdi

    The image is fake and was used to create tensions, you admitted that, good.
    Now it’s about proving that the story is true, not about asking others to prove that it isn’t false, the burden of proof is on people who are announcing such news, especially if they have been spotted spreading lies and fake images.

  • The greenmantle

    Hello Nancy
    I am assuming you are the same person who wrote the propaganda puff above and not some other paranoid delusional hate filled nut .
    Why ? Why spread lies and hate filled propaganda and do it so badly and in a so unbelievablly over the top manner . Now I like a good story even if it turns out to be lies, if its well done . But I am sorry this is very fourth grade stuff that did not even convince Pam Geller . Convincing Pam anything bad about muslims is not difficult yet you failed even that low standard.
    Are you getting paid for this ? If so you should return the money as you are not good enough .

    Back to school young (?) Lady (?????)

    Sir David

  • Nancy Manno

    No, I’ve known the Walid Shoebat and I have looked into his story. He was on my radio program and you are wrong- he is not a con artist! And if you people are trying to get people to believe this crap isn’t going on- you are crazy. First of all Christians are being beheaded and mutilated all over the Muslim countries! The Muslims post it all over you tube! For crying out loud- you Muslims kill each other and you are a religion of death- just remember “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Oh, and let me guess, the Holocaust never happened either?! Idiots!

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Right.. we’re all supposed to trust some random person on the internet who says “I have three Egyptian contacts…” I’ve looked into this further and there is no doubt that the fabricated portion of this story began with Pat Robertson’s CBN,

    The story was then recycled by Shoebat as a recent occurrence, including his wily Islamophobic editorializing Hours later he was buried in the local cemetery, but on the next day, the Muslims took his body and dragged it through the streets and mutilated him. Most bizarrely they did this three times a day, in a very demonic and diabolical ritual.
    Shoebat posted the Lebanon image and his fabricated story to deviously imply this was happening today and is a regular occurrence.

    Independent news agencies reported quite extensively on the horrific attacks on Churches and Christians in Egypt post-coup and after the violent slaughter and dispersal of anti-coup sit-ins, none of those reports mentioned CBN’s story.

    There was violence carried out by militants in the wake of the coup and the Islamophobia propagated by CBN and Shoebat takes away from the true tragedy of the REAL stories by blurring reality with lies and half-truths for a pre-set anti-Muslim agenda.

    There was a Christian barber killed in Delga in the wake of the coup, he had a name, in contradistinction to the soulless anonymizying attempts by bigots, his name was Iskandar. There is no “Boutrous,” he was invented whole cloth.

    The Guardian reported, from what appears to be the portion that has been recycled and recast on some attacks that took place in the town of Delga:
    Sakr’s home was among 60 Copt-owned properties targeted by the mobs. Escaping with his wife, two children and his mother, Sakr was hit by 13 shotgun pellets, while his mother survived a pellet that hit her below the eye. Sakr’s cousin, Iskandar, who owned a barber shop, was not so fortunate.

    According to Sakr, a mob “broke through his shop, and beat and killed him inside his home. There is a video [seen by the Guardian] showing him being dragged from the first floor. His body was then attached to a tractor and driven around town. Some of his Muslim friends got hold of his body and buried it right away – but the attackers unearthed him again and kept dragging him around town.”

    This is indeed a horrific event but the way this story has been reinvented, recast, the unethical use of the image of the lynched Egyptian man in Lebanon highlights how untrustworthy Islamophobic blogs and their surrogates are.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    More than half the images in your link show images of Muslims lynched in the Central African Republic by the Christian militia “anti-Balaka.”

  • David Wholly

    You are correct that the photo in question is actually from a news story back 2010. Pamela Gellar’s “Atlas Shrugged” website has since acknowledged this and removed the photo.

    You are likely also correct that the photo was used to inflame tensions.

    However, this in itself does NOT prove that the story itself is false. You’re going to have to provide more proof. Until then, I’m going to presume that this incident happened. All you’ve proven its that they’ve used the wrong photo.

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  • Lynchpin

    That’s a valid shoe bad pun.

  • Takashi

    They’re Idioms, they fit well. An ex-extremist using extremism. Irony.

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