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Le Pen and Wilders fail to form anti-EU bloc


Le Pen and Wilders fail to form anti-EU bloc

France’s far-right National Front (FN) has failed to form an alliance with the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders, reducing both parties’ influence in the European Parliament.

Pan-European party blocs get more funding, staff and speaking time in the parliament. The deadline for forming a bloc expired on Monday night.

The new 751-seat assembly, elected in May, holds its first session next week.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has formed a bloc with other Eurosceptics. UKIP’s new allies are the Italian Five Star Movement of comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo, Lithuania’s Order and Justice Party, the nationalist Sweden Democrats and a few anti-EU MEPs from Latvia, the Czech Republic and France. Jointly they are called the New EFD (Europe of Freedom and Democracy).

Under parliament rules, a faction has to consist of at least 25 MEPs from a minimum of seven EU countries. The EU has a total of 28 member states. The FN and PVV failed to satisfy the seven-country rule.

Before the election Mr Wilders and FN leader Marine Le Pen had spoken of their common ambition to return powers from the EU to the nation states.

Ms Le Pen’s triumph, leading the FN to first place in the French election, gave her party 23 seats. It was one of the biggest surprises on an election night that saw big gains for anti-EU parties across Europe. In the last parliament the FN had just three seats.

Mr Wilders was disappointed with the PVV’s result, however. The party won just three seats and fell to fourth place in the Netherlands – well behind liberal and centre-left, pro-EU parties.

Both the FN and PVV want tougher immigration controls, reject the euro and want their countries to leave the EU. Both parties also campaign strongly against the spread of Islam in Europe.

Mr Wilders said forming a faction with Poland’s Congress of the New Right would be “a bridge too far”. The Polish party has been accused of anti-Semitism and misogyny.

But Mr Wilders said he still hoped for co-operation between his PVV and like-minded parties in the parliament over the next five years, including the FN, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) and Italy’s Northern League.

BBC News, 24 June 2014

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  • Martel

    “The party won just three seats and fell to fourth place in the Netherlands”

    Actually, he won four seats and the biggest party in the country won five. What’s more, he suffered immensely from the low turnout, and from artificial outrage kicked up by the mass media in the weeks leading up to the elections. And you should mention that the Front National is now France’s number one party, and that the far-right FPÖ is now polling distant first among under-30s in Austria.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    They can make trouble but other than that they’re good for nothing

  • danny boy

    ok thanks for the heads up garibaldi 🙂

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  • Garibaldi

    danny boy,

    Sorry for any inconvenience but it will be changed back sometime during the weekend.

  • JD

    These are the kind of people you read about in the news. They get together into mob armed go house to house looking for _______ group of people who they dont like and start wiping them out.
    Larry Pratt Claims ‘Most Of The Mosques In Our Country’ Are Promoting Terrorism
    Submitted by Miranda Blue on Wednesday, 6/25/2014 3:57 pm

    Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt is furious about Hillary Clinton’s recent remark that the gun lobby is a “minority of people” who “hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

    Pratt told Tea Party News Network host Tim Constantine on Tuesday that Clinton’s remark means she thinks that all gun owners are terrorists and is therefore ignoring Islamic terrorism, which he claimed is being taught in “most of the mosques in our country.”

    “That means that they’re not willing to look at Islam and realize that Islam teaches killing other people,” he said. “Pure Islam from the Koran says that anybody who doesn’t agree exactly with Islam is to be killed, or enslaved at best. So, there’s your real terrorist. And it’s in most of the mosques in our country. You want to find the real terrorists, Mrs. Clinton, check out mosques.”

  • Rizwan

    “Boko Haram suspected of kidnapping 60 more women. Does anyone care?” Washington Post

    Lord’s Resistance Army suspected of kidnapping 60,000 children and youth. Does anyone care?

    A google search for Boko Haram Islamic returned 5,660,000 hits, while Lord’s Resistance Army Christian returned 104,000 hits. It is 54 times more likely that Boko Haram will be called Islamic than LRA be called Christian.

  • Sir David

    Its all very sad when true love goes astray. The two blonds seemed made for each other. Why does Marine want to go out with the Poles ? Whom I am sure are keen on Blonds too by the way . Who knows maybe they remind her of her Dad ? He knows a thing or two about antisemitism as well .
    As for git he knows who his paymasters are and cannot afford to upset them .
    Its all so sad …. Pass me a hankie someone .

    Sir David

  • Zan

    It should be good when haters hate each other.

  • danny boy

    dearest ilisha/garibaldi/emperor,

    please change back the commentating system to disqus,


  • Concerned

    This is why people are becoming anti-islam…

    2014.06.24 (Witu, Kenya) – Eleven people are hacked and shot to death at close range in a suspected al-Shabaab attack.
    2014.06.24 (Spinwam, Pakistan) – Three others are murdered by a Ansarul Mujahideen suicide bomber.
    2014.06.24 (Kabamu, Nigeria) – Twenty-one people are reported dead after an attack by Muslim terrorists.
    2014.06.24 (Pattani, Thailand) – A Buddhist man is shot and set on fire by Muslim terrorists.

  • mindy1

    Good, they will soon be relegated to the history books

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