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Israeli commander declares “holy war” on Palestinians


Collective head scratching going on with the talking heads and editors of the lame stream media who are thinking, “but, but I thought…holy war was a Moslem-only thing.”

Israeli commander declares “holy war” on Palestinians

By Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intifada)

On the eve of a threatened ground invasion of Gaza, the commander of the Israeli army’s Givati Brigade has told his soldiers that they are engaged in a war to “wipe out” an “enemy who defames” God.

In a Hebrew language letter to his troops published by Israel’s NRG news website and laden with bibilical references, Colonel Ofer Winter writes, “History has chosen us to be the sharp edge of the bayonet of fighting the terrorist enemy ‘from Gaza’ which curses, defames and abuses the God of Israel’s battles.”

“We will act together forcefully and with resolve, with initiative and with deceptive tricks and aim for contact with the enemy. We will do everything to live up to the mission and wipe out the enemy and remove the threat from the Nation of Israel,” Winter’s letter adds.

In Hebrew, the phrase used for “Nation of Israel” refers specifically and only to Jews.

“In the name of the IDF [Israeli army] fighters and in particular, the fighters and commanders from the Brigade, make the phrase ‘For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you’ come true, and we shall answer: Amen,” he concludes.


Ofer Winter’s letter calls Palestinians an “enemy who defames” God.


“Holy war”

Winter’s letter is an “astonishing document,” Israeli playwright and journalist Kobi Nivcommented on Facebook.

Niv criticizes the “clumsy language which ridiculously combines recitations from the military and the religion but also the fact that on our part (not on their part; on our part) the wars against the Palestinians have turned from a national dispute to a holy war.”

Israel expert Dena Shunra, who translated Winter’s letter for The Electronic Intifada, notes that its appearance reflects the increasing participation of observant Orthodox Jews in the Israeli military. Shunra adds:

This demographic, often associated with the settlement movement, has displaced the traditional Kibbutz-member (militantly secular, socialist/communist leanings) in the Israeli army. Switching from nationalist rhetoric to the language of holy war is part of that transition. Another part is insisting that holy figures appear in battle to comfort/save the Jewish soldiers (and seeing them as Jewish, rather than Israeli). Reports of visitations by “Mama Rochelle” – the Matriarch Rachel, wife of Patriarch Jacob, traditionally buried in Bethlehem – have surfaced in the last few rounds of fighting (from 2002 onward). This changes the nature both of the wars and of the forces engaging in them, pushing towards a clash of civilizations.

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  • Alexander Seredin

    Thousands of Bosnians took up arms in 1940’s to defend themselves also, while Jews waited patiently at the railway station, studying German, waiting for the train to take them to the “promised land” in 1942

  • Alexander Seredin

    US and other puppets are not owners of the planet. They are interested in domination, and theft of resources. The world is a big place and most of the world pisses on USA and her puppets

  • Alexander Seredin

    Till this time I did not know that there were idiots of this callibre living in Israel or anywhere else for that matter. We have ISIS who are completely gone off the deep end, but ISIS and other madmen are the spawn of the capitalist system got berserk,

    and now we have a Jew who is also gone off the deep end

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