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Robert Spencer Sugar-daddy David Horowitz Demands Israel “Pulverize Gaza”

Robert Spencer Sugar-daddy David Horowitz Demands Israel “Pulverize Gaza”


Spencer is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Horowitz‘s Freedom Foundation. Birds of a feather flock together.

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  • golden izanagi

  • Sam Seed

    Correct, you’re so full of crap I fail to grasp what your point is. Slither away to Jihadwatch unwanted creature.

  • Ahmed

    Your questions have been refuted multiple times, in different times, by different people. Nobody who asked these questions have accepted our answers out of sheer bigotry and bias. None whatsoever. So why should you be any different?

  • Sam Seed

    You ok chap? You really are making quite spectacle of yourself you do realise that. How’s the Zionist magic mushrooms treating you?

  • Ahmed

    A single celled organism with barely functioning light receptors can identify an obvious troll such as yourself immediately. Stop wasting our time.

  • Amboyduke

    You, my dear, are unbelieveable…!

    I should pity you more than laugh at you, but either way…do you not realize how dim-witted you appear to be?

    You are a master at deflecting rational, intellectual discussion, I’ll give you that.

    I was going to try and be a regular contributor to this loonwatch site, but I can see it would be fruitless.

  • Amboyduke

    That’s my GIRL…!

    I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me…
    You simply can’t give me any answers to my legitimate questions.

    Nothing new here.

    Ilisha…can’t you see how pathetic you look by not answering any of my serious questions?

    Anyone on here want to take a shot at it…help this girl out…

    Like I said, I’ll keep an open mind…any takers?

  • Sam Seed

    “Get your facts straight”. I reiterate for your benefit the fruits of Zionism is racism it’s not hard to digest unless you’re racist of course.

  • why do you call this the ‘fruit of Zionism’? It isn’t.

    They support conservative policies and Israel although they are not
    Zionist. They support Israel because they see it as an ally in the
    Middle East. Israel enjoys cross party support. Democrat Zionists are usually Jewish but the Republican ones include arms and oil tycoons like the Koch Brothers. They are not Zionist but see Israel as a military ally.

    Horowitz Foundation is funded by the Koch Brothers and the Scaife Foundations amongst others. They support small government and a strong America and see Israel as an ally. Building Israel’s military is one of their aims but they they are not Zionists. Gets your facts straight. Many people who are not Zionists support Israel because they see it as an ally against the Islamic fundamentalist threat against America.

  • Robert Spencer does not have a ‘sugar daddy’ but even if he does, then it sure is not Horowitz, because Horowitz himself is funded by the Koch brothers and other conservative tycoons.

  • Amboyduke

    Hamas are just like the Nazis in their hatred of Jews!
    What say all of you fools on here about the constant sending of rockets into Israel?

    The fact that years ago Arafat had 95% of his “PLO” demands met by Israel and he STILL didn’t keep his end of the agreement?

    None of you offer any real DEFENSE on the lunacy done world wide by your “Bros”…

    Loonwatch is definitely one pathetic bunch.

    Like Benjamin Netanyahu says, and it sums it up PERFECTLY…


  • Sam Seed

    Bill Maher…another fan of Zionism has this to tweet…

    “Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who’s trying to kill u – u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her”

  • Ahmed

    Drop him off at a Gaza hospital or elementary school. He’d be more likely to be killed by an Israeli bomber than a Palestinian “terrorist”.

  • wjshelton

    You are being overly generous with his IQ…

  • Iman

    David Horror.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    How come I’m not surprised at all.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Indeed he IS the Nazi.

  • mindy1

    He’s the one talking like a Nazi >:(

  • John Smith

    The level of blind support the US government has for Israel never ceases to amaze me.

  • JD

    Israel Hasn’t Asked For Access to US Arsenal Stored in Israel–abc-news-politics.html

    Should Israel find itself low on ammunition, it can tap into a stockpile of a billion dollars worth of
    American weapons stored in Israel by the United States for emergencies.
    So far, Israel has not requested access to the stockpile during the
    current hostilities with Hamas in Gaza.

    little-known stockpile is officially known as War Reserve Stockpile
    Ammunition-Israel (WRSA-I) and has been maintained inside Israel since
    the 1990s by United States European Command. It is a congressionally
    approved program that has grown in scope in recent years.

    The location of the stockpile as well as the types and quantities of ammunition it stores are classified. However, a Congressional Research Service report from April says “the United States stores missiles, armored vehicles and artillery ammunition” in the stockpile.

    U.S. defense official says “this program consists of U.S. owned and
    U.S. managed ammunition stockpiles in Israel for use by either U.S. or
    Israeli forces.” Though the weapons in the stockpile belong to the
    United States they are essentially for Israel’s use when they ask for it
    should they run low on certain stocks of ammunition in emergency

    The official said
    Israel has not requested to use ammunition stored in this stockpile as
    it did during the 2006 war with Hezbollah.

  • Sam Seed

    This is the fruit of Zionism, it really is repulsive.

  • Anonymous

    When ever this idiot does another meeting or confrence, people should just hold signs showing this tweet so we can expose this vile monster for the piece of shit that he is

    الله يلعنه

  • Anonymous

    I thought horowitz’s IQ was in the negatives

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Horowitz is absolutely repulsive on so many levels here, from calling for murder to comparing one set of people in this conflict to Nazis. Just utterly repulsive.

    As for his “@horowitz39” handle, I did not realize that publicizing one’s IQ was such a fad on Twitter.

  • John Smith

    What a joke. The man doesn’t even hide his hate. Whenever someone tries to bring up Horowitz as a relevant authority on anything, I am showing this tweet.

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