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Nutcase Nicolai Sennels Still Posting on Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch



For some years now Nicolai Sennels has been posting on Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer’s blog, JihadWatch. Sennels is very popular in the “counterjihad” movement that has spawned the likes of Anders Breivik and the EDL.

Sennels, in much the same way as earlier racist pseudo-scientists, focuses his Islamophobic output in his supposed field of expertise: psychology. These bona fides are supposed to be enough to lend credence to what is in effect Sennels’ new-age racist Scientism. Sennels theories claim in effect that Muslims are a racial group of inbreds who are genetically inferior to non-Muslims. For more on Sennels see Sheila Musaji’s excellent article at The American Muslim aptly titled, Nicolai Sennels’ Nazi Style Propaganda.

Of course we relay this as part of being the studious fact compilers we are, there is in reality no difference in the views Sennels and Spencer. That’s why he continues to write there.

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  • Capt. JB Hennessy

    What’s interesting to note about Spencer’s hovel is the demographics. According to Alexa Ranks he has an mostly male audience with less than college or a tad of college and mostly from the US, UK, Canada, Sweden and oddly enough India. And they spend about 4 minutes there. And its position in the ranks has declined considerably:

  • Lithium2006

    I was watching a PBS documentary on the prophet and it was really intriguing but then, as if a dove has been shot out of the sky, they actually had Spencer show his ugly face. Well PBS, it’s been good but you killed it by legitimizing this bigoted POS.

  • The greenmantle

    I find Apples under my apple tree its comes therefore no surprize to me to find Mr Sennels on the Rev Deacons Blog

    Sir David

  • mindy1

    God is so giving a major facepalm at earth right about now….

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