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Hate Crime: Sikh Man Attacked In Chicago Area, Called “Bin Laden”


Islamophobia apologists will continue to say, “well, Islamophobia isn’t real because like, Muslims aren’t a race.” Clearly, those who continue to conflate Sikh turbans and brownness with Muslim haven’t gotten the memo.

By Kimberly Fornek and Steve Schering, Chicago Tribune

A Darien man who was attacked Tuesday in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime has returned home from the hospital, his father said Thursday.

Police say they suspect a 17-year-old in the case of a Sikh man, Inderjit Singh Mukker, 53, a Darien resident and U.S. citizen, who was beaten and called a terrorist in Darien.

The incident took place about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, when men in two vehicles became involved in “some type of traffic altercation,” Darien Police Chief Ernest Brown said. One driver pulled his car in front of the other man, who had stopped, and then got out and hit the other driver in the face, Brown said.

Officials with the Sikh Coalition, a Sikh advocacy group, said Mukker was driving to a grocery store on South Cass Avenue when another driver began yelling at him to “go back to your country,” and called him a “terrorist” and “Bin Laden.”

According to the coalition, Mukker pulled over near 69th and Cass to let the other vehicle pass, but the driver pulled in front of him and approached his car. The coalition said he then reached in and repeatedly punched Mukker in the face. The coalition said Mukker lost consciousness, was bleeding and had a broken cheekbone. He was taken to the hospital, where he got six stitches, the coalition reported.

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  • ShunTheRightWhale

    So how does such a mind work?
    “Turban? Check.
    Beard? Check.
    Brown skin? Check.
    Monotheist? Check.
    Seems to be operating with caricatures…

  • Ravage Chaos

    seven words: I HATE THE MAN WHO DID THIS. I am told to hate the sin not the sinner. But if someone does this to another person for no reason at all, they WILL attract my hate.

  • Ravage Chaos

    You know what I think. I think that everyone will spend time in Hell. And we will all pay double time our sins. Then we will all go to Heaven. But only after the price was paid. Take the attacker for instance. I believe he will receive that but twice as bad. I myself who have sinned and do not dare deny it will suffer for my sins. And I agree with this philosophy. It is justifiable and cannot be bent by worldly things given the exception of the occasional misguided fool.

  • Shaaz Momin

    I really feel sorry for this Sikh Man.Racial hate crimes by white people against ethnic minorities seem to be ignored by the media but if it’s the other way around it gets a lot of coverage. Especially if it was carried out by a Muslim. Had the racial disposition of this case been reversed this would have been reported as an act of terror with a wider media coverage.

  • Reynardine

    And here is the nightmare that haunts such people:

  • Reynardine

    Where do you wish it to be inserted in whom, Doctor?

  • Joey Sanders

    What a loser of society. Why did this fool not beat himself up over the Oklahoma City bombing done by Timothy McVeigh?

  • mindy1

    Aww he looks so scared, I wanna hug him 🙁 so sad that innocent people can be hurt for nothing

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Here you can see why Churchill called Hitler “the genius of evil”. And rightly so.

  • Reynardine

    Note: from William Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.

  • Reynardine

    If there is anything worse than a mean bigot, it’s a mean, dumb bigot. And they are being played by and for this (just change the country):

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Such people are the worst there is. And about teaching ignorance away, only if the ignorant wants too. But most people are lazy thinkers who prefer to stay set in their ways.
    And not even applying to them their own medicine helps. Still I will continue to believe that cruel people should be made to feel the same cruelty in their own flesh, and be made to cry the same bitter tears.

  • HSkol

    Hatred and ignorance are an ugly combination. Hate alone, bad. Ignorance, more forgivable, because it can perhaps be taught away.

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