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Are Jeans and Hijab Symbols of Oppression?

“The Hijab is not something that should ever be seen on American women. It is a symbol of oppression and difference.”/Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor on Breitbart

If you claim that the “hijab” is a symbol of oppression and claim that all who wear hijab are oppressed, then know that includes the Jews that wear “hijab,” like the Sheitel.

Orthodox Jewish women often cover their hair too

Often people refer to Iran as the reason why the Hijab is “dangerous.” Well, the laws regulating what kind of clothes women should wear in Iran are certainly oppressive. To force women to wear hijab and punish them if they don’t is horrible. But the problem is not the Hijab. It is the oppression that is the problem.

To force people to wear a hijab or to force them to take off the hijab is equally wrong! But of course, not for Milo, who frequently makes fun of people that have been forced to remove their hijabs, or even claim that they are liars.

The laws regulating what people should wear in Iran are not only restricted to the Hijab. If you read what is required you see that long trousers are mandatory:

Head: Hair should be covered. It does not mean you shall have a tight scarf around your head. Don’t worry, It is very usual that some parts remain out of the cover. It’s quite acceptable for women to allow whips of their hair to frame their face. Appropriate hats & caps can do this function as well as scarves. Scarf is the most common covering for head and is called “Roosari” in Farsi.

3. Body: Should be covered with loose clothes like man shirt, coat or manteau. Arms should not be bare.

4. Legs & feet: Legs should be covered down to ankles. Feet can be bare and you can wear sandals. Tight jeans are no problem.

So, if the hijab is a symbol of oppression because Iran forces women to wear it, and because some other extremists force women to wear it, is it not oppression to force women to wear trousers?

If the hijab is banned, should we not ban trousers too? And why are so many of those men and women that hate the hijab wearing trousers? Should they not walk around in miniskirts, or in their underwear only, to protest against the “cruel Muslim regulations dealing with clothes.”

Well, well… Some people like the hijab and trousers and carry it because they are following their conscience. Some wear trousers and hijab because of their religious beliefs. Some wear hijab and trousers because it is their habit or culture to do so. Some others because it feels good, especially in the winter. Others wear it because they believe they look attractive in it. And many do not like long trousers and hijab and do not wear it, or at least try not to (it is hard when it is snowing).

Let women themselves decide what to wear! Some Muslim women and some Jewish women use “hijab,” and some don’t. It is up to THEM to decide. Too long have men attempted to dictate how women should behave, say, and how they should dress.

But I would like to see Steve Bannon and Milo protesting on stage against the cruel “Iranian” regulations and laws regarding clothes, by only wearing their underwear. I can see it in front of me now and I can hear the voice of Milo: “Jeans is a symbol of oppression”.

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  • It’s oppressive not to let women choose their own clothing.

  • The overwhelming majority of women who cover choose to do so. They aren’t forced. There are over 50 Muslim-majority countries andoat don’t have rules forcing women to cover. In fact, several of these countries do the opposite, restricting women from covering. Historical examples include Turkey and Tunisia.

    Anyway, Muslim women don’t need non-Muslims butting into their affairs. The very people whose leaders murder their husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, and many of the women themselves are not convincing with their “concern” about how there treated.

    No amount of crocodile tears can wash away the West’s staggering hypocrisy.

  • Native jo

    Nope it’s not about god. It’s about the girls in the world who are beaten and forced to hide themselves. Muslim women commit too many crimes while in their covers to be considered devout.

  • Native jo

    It is oppressive to western women who fought for equality in this country. Muslims who don’t understand this should learn more about western history against oppression against women.

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