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Canada: Islamophobic Mob Disrupts Townhall Meeting, Rip Apart Quran

These are the self-proclaimed heroes of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and western civilization who decry so-called Muslim intolerance but will happily disrupt a townhall event on some trumped up fear and anxiety that Muslim school children are taking over public schools by privately praying together for 15 minutes.

Sadly, these same types are the ones who are leading the US government now.

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  • Actually there are lot of strands to unpack.

    There is the general ignorance of the Muslim contribution to the Age of Enlightenment, as well as (I’ve found) extreme denial if you point it out. Then there is the assumed “one proper timeline” thinking in the West, which is what leads to the idea anyone not in the “same stage” as the West is “backward.” Then there is the question of whether or not the Age of Enlightenment was really all it’s cracked up to be.

    I think the spread of Western culture to the rest of the world is a tragedy, not a blessing. Of course the constant meddling and destruction has left Muslim-majority countries in ruins, but countries can be rebuilt. Institutions can be rebuilt, if only the West would leave other people alone. But if a society’s thinking is poisoned, then that is very hard to fix. A colonized mind is worse than a colonized land.

  • Khizer

    It pretty much ignores the intellectual history of the muslim world. The Muslim world did not go through a ‘dark age’, in fact, it was the one forwarding science and intellectual ideas/philosophies during Europe’s dark age.

    Some could argue that the current status of the Muslim world is a ‘dark age’ and if so, this ‘dark age’ for the Muslim world is due to the meddling of many western countries, recent past and present, NOT due to religion, as is the case for Europe’s dark age.

  • The question shows that Western people think there is one linear progression for humanity, and forged by them. Why haven’t other people had a reformation? Why haven’t other people had an enlightenment? Why don’t other people celebrate the 4th of July? 🙂

    We’re taught to think this way, so it’s common. I think other people have already given excellent answers, such as:

    The “age of Enlightenment” was a specifically European intellectual movement. Asking why the Middle East hasn’t gone through it is like asking why China hasn’t gone through al Nahda.

    I find this attitude among some westerners so bizarre. Their eurocentrism prompts them to develop this notion that their history defines human progress, and thus all civilizations must mirror Europe in the way in which they change/develop in order to become ‘civilised’. And so, you see them asking stuff like this.

    I’m afraid the rest of the world will adopt “enlightenment values,” even more than they already have. I don’t see hold the Western consensus view that this development was an unmitigated blessing.

    I would think maybe to you it would be comical, since your vantage point is Pakistan. How does it strike you?

  • Khizer

    Illisha what do you think of this question?

    I’m wondering about it too. So I kinda want to know your thoughts on it. It been brought sometimes around the Internet.

  • Khizer

    Muslim prayer gangs……

    The new crime epidemic plaguing America. More dangerous than the crime sprees of the Italian Mafia of the 30’s

  • Oh come on! Cut the taqiyya. You know Muslims gang up and pray in high traffic areas, exactly twice per day, just to spite the infidels. Sometimes, at the end of the prayer, the Muslims even starfish, just to take up more space. 🙂

  • Khizer

    It’s obviously BS.

  • Pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children, not 17 year olds. What do you think your picture from an anti-Muslim propaganda site proves? Do you even know what the marriage age is in Western countries?

    In the US, you can get married in most states at 17, if not earlier:

    Child marriage chart reveals girls can wed at 12 in some parts of the US – as lawmakers battle to raise age to 16
    In the state of Virginia, it is officially still legal for girls as young as 12 or 13 to be brought to a courthouse with evidence of a pregnancy and wed, a practice that has come under increased scrutiny thanks to the Virginia Senator Jill Vogel R-Fauquier.

    Legislation she introduced, which is now moving through the Virginia General Assembly, seeks to raise the minimum age for marriage to 16 to bring it in line with other states – and similar moves are under way in Maryland and New York, where 3,853 minors were married between 2000 and 2010, according to State Health Department data published in the New York Times.

  • Batphink Reynolds

    You obviously know nothing about Islam,get from under your rock!

  • Batphink Reynolds

    Yeah and you often get in the way of other workers and that is rude and unfair!

  • Why are you blaming Muslims if it was in fact the airlines HR department that didn’t address the matter? Assuming this account of events is true, HR could have simply told the Muslims they were not allowed to use the locker room for prayer because it was disruptive to other employees. Also, if the Muslims THREATENED other employee who complained about the matter, AGAIN, HR should have taken appropriate disciplinary action.

    Why aren’t you placing accountability with CDN air for these issues?

    Also it seems unlikely to me that Muslims were consistently praying “twice each day.” The reason is that the prayer times change a little each day, so that Muslims in the winter when the days are short may pray several times at work, and during long summer days, fewer times. How is it these Muslims prayed exactly two times per day consistently over time? Not plausible to me.

  • What gives you the impression Islam “legitimizes pedophilia”?

    I find it interesting that you have this in your comment history:

    I am disgusted by some of you women stereotyping ALL male musicians. I’ve been one since I was approx 15 and still am though harbor NO rock star delusions whatsoever. I LOVE writing music and dare I say it probably a lot better than many of the ones replying to you.

    I am NOT a druggie, I drink practically nothing, played every show I’ve ever done 100% sober and believe it or not am relatively normal. ~ Batphink Reynolds

    Disgusted by stereotyping, are you? Well then please don’t engage in it yourself.

  • Batphink Reynolds

    Let me tell you about your bias towards Muslim people since I assume you think they are righteous and upstanding,though their religion legitimizes pedophilia with 70 year old men marrying 8 years old little girls!
    My father in his late 70’s lives in Brampton On Canada a town with a population of Pakistani Muslims about 80%. He goes shopping with my mother only to get practically knocked out of his chair in the food court,as he protests 10 HUGE Muslims get in his face daring him to fight back! This has happened a few times so go ahead tell me that ALL Muslims love us whites!

  • Khizer

    How do we even know he went to college?

    Let alone graduate from high school? His spelling is test amount it that.

  • Khizer


  • adc714

    actually it was a “crummy commercial”

  • cmyfe .

    So in your mind pigs are kryptonite for Muslims and power source for Christians? Wow. That is an insult to Christians / Christianity and I must protest!

  • cmyfe .

    Define “Promoting Islam”. Next you’ll say breathing while being Muslim is “promoting Islam”. Your ilk is so insecure and sensitive that they can’t see someone doing their own thing even if it has got nothing to do with you.

  • Khizer

    I think the message is to get more ovaltine.

    I dunno, just a hunch….

  • Malted milk…yum. Must buy Ovaltine.. 🙂

  • Khizer



    B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E B U Y M O R E O V A L T I N E


    its a message…….

  • Joey Sanders

    That is the problem with internet scholars like you. You read a website and you think you are an expert on a topic. Give me a break.

    Do you even know what the motto is? Were those majority opinions or minority opinions of the Supreme Court? What is the context of those quotes? You provide nothing.

    Christianity never sustained America. It is greed and capitalism that has made America grow from its original 13 colonies to the imperialistic nation it has become.

    The primary religion of America is capitalism. Money rules over any religion any day of the week in this country.

  • I clicked the first link, not the second, since Jihad Watch is a lying propaganda rag.

    Nevertheless, if you click on the link you provided, then to the original article on Fox News, what do you find??? That absolutely NOTHING happened to the pig farmer. He still has the farm and he still has his pig races. There was a town meeting, the details aren’t clear on exactly what the dispute was, but the farmer WON.

    How is that supposed to prove Muslims are taking over?

    Also the article itself on Fox says similar to what I wrote:

    He said the pig races no longer bother him or his members, and they’re going ahead with their plans to construct the mosque.

    Muslims do not hate pigs, he added, they just don’t eat them.

    The farm is STILL THERE. STILL having pig races. Where is the beef..pork??? What is it you’re complaining about then? Because a Muslim group allegedgly “insulted” a pig farmer at a town hall meeting, where the farmer ultimately prevailed???

    How do you manage to turn a minor skirmish in a town hall meeting, where the NON-MUSLIM gets his way into a “OMG MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER” paranoia ploy?

    The only thing I conclude for this is the Jihad Watch has a gullible audience.

  • Many Muslims come to America because America wrecked their country. The West “gave” Palestine to European Jews for them to colonize and continues to subsidize that project, and then decimated Iraq and Libya and created chaos throughout the region. Their footprints are everywhere, including Syria. The US helps overthrow democracy (as in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere) and supports (and sometimes installs) dictatorial regimes, as in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. You don’t want people from that region, then meddling. That isn’t rocket science either.

    Stop meddling in other people’s countries if you don’t want an influx of refugees. That’s common sense.

    Also, not all Muslims are from other countries. Some were born and raised here, so this IS their own country. That will be true of a growing number of people, as we have multiple generations of immigrants and converts. You can’t “send them back” when they’re from Minneapolis.

    It would be really, really nice if Muslims could live in Muslim-majority countries FREE of Western domination and aggression. Why don’t you use your supposedly great “for the people, by the people” democracy to change US foreign policy and US immigration policy? Doesn’t that work as advertised???

    Muslims are entitled to their civil rights, just like everyone else. There is no great move toward “Muslim privilege” except in the fevered imagination of loons.

    Prayer is only disruptive to you because of your paranoid delusions and irrational hatred.

  • Still defend “their countries”? What are you talking about?

    If a Muslim comes to Canada or America, he or she can still express discontent with American foreign policy. Why wouldn’t someone, from say Iraq, state that America shouldn’t have torn up their country?

    Maybe people like you should listen, and tell your government to stop tearing up other people’s countries.

    Someone can be a law abiding, productive citizen and still “defend” any country in the world against unjust foreign policy. That’s free speech and it’s supposed to be one of the values Americans defend.

    As far as praying in school and other acts of worship, that has nothing to do with defending a country. You’re all over the place with your excuses, it seems.

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