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“Ex-muslims” That Used To Hate And Retained Their Hatred

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Many “ex-Muslims” hate Islam. One persistent narrative common in the celebrity ex-Muslim sphere is constructed as follows: once radical “Islamists” they were filled with hate, today as “ex Muslims” they claim to inform non-Muslims and the west that all Muslims are just as filled with hate and extremism as they were.
Today Mona Walter claims that “all Muslims” are as filled with hate as she once was and to support this she claims empirical evidence that Muslims worldwide supported attacks such as 9/11. Despite the fact that only 7 percent of the Muslims worldwide believed that the attacks against USA 2001 were justified, and only a fragment of those cheered when the twin towers collapsed.

  • The overwhelming majority of Muslims – 93 percent – condemned the Sep 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, and most said the biggest obstacle to better relations with the West was the latter’s lack of respect for Islam.

Mona Walter, claims that all Muslims are like she supposedly was. But she was so extreme that most Muslims would have rebuked or condemned her. She belonged to the 7%, more probably the 1-2% or the most extreme radical “Islamists.”

Hirsi Ali

Another such famous ex-Muslim, that has retained her extremist views of Islam, is Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

In 2014 she gave a speech at Yale, Great Britain.  She explained that she had a teacher in Kenya had radical ideas about Islam that affected her very much. She became indoctrinated with his ideas about Jihad, hate against Christianity, western clothes, and that it was a good “to destroy the Jews” and “hang gays”. Bear in mind Hirsi Ali has a track record of lying as well.

He preached like all the others, incessantly about hell. … Jihad – we were to wage Jihad for the sake of Islam. Martyrdom, the best thing to ever happen to us was to die while fighting for Allah. We were to strive for the establishment of Sharia law in our society and beyond … be suspicious of Christians if they refused to convert to Islam … and aspire to destroy the Jews, all Jews, not only the ones in Israel. The preacher teacher would rant against gays, they were to be hanged, and women were to know their place … their place was at home (and they were to) sacrifice everything, even life and the lives of their children for the sake of Allah. … We were supposed to cover ourselves from head to toe when running errands outside the home.

This process of indoctrination that I describe, that affected me, I considered myself once a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s this the process of indoctrination that I have seen from up close and personal that makes my experience relevant. It’s this process of indoctrination that is overlooked. We focus on the Jihad, the violence, but we ignore the Dahoa, we ignore the years and years and years of preaching.

If she is to be believed there is no doubt she had a weird childhood and youth.

In Kenya, she was beaten so severely by her Qur’an teacher that he fractured her skull. At Qur’an school, Hirsi Ali remembers a classmate who was bullied mercilessly for being a girl with an intact clitoris. … Hirsi Ali learned from her mother that Jews were her darkest enemy. In songs, children’s textbooks, and newspaper articles, Jews were routinely called pigs, donkeys, rats, and cockroaches. “Our religious tutors and the preachers in our mosques set aside extra time to pray for the destruction of Jews,” Hirsi Ali writes.

These claims are unverified but if true it is understandable that anyone in similar circumstances would flee such an environment of hate. What is not understandable is her continued hatred of Muslims. She still believes that all Muslims are as oppressive as those few that “affected” her in her youth.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of mutual hatred between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East and the surrounding parts of the world. PEW polls and reports that were published some years ago tell us that only 9% of Israeli Jews have a positive to Muslims. In the nations bordering to Israel only 1 to 6% of the Muslims have positive views of Jews. In Palestine 1%. The negativity ratings are high. Above 90% view Jews in a very unfavourable way in large parts of the Middle East.

Prejudices and hatred is not the same as wanting to murder innocent Jews and vice versa. I have seen no polls about Muslim attitudes to killing Jews  because they are Jews but would imagine that very few share that idea; in Europe and the USA hardly none.

The choice

This phenomena is one that is not limited to “exmuslims”. There are a number of “ex Jews” too that are gaining fame in parts of the world and that believe that all Jews are evil. One such is Israel Shamir, that is one of the most famous antisemites in Russia today. His worldview is similar to Hirsi Ali’s, and because of that he claims that all Jews are like he once was.

As a Muslim you face the same choice as a Jew or a Christian: to “love your neighbour” or hate him or her. To let the things that happen in the Middle East affect your heart and mind so you hate, or to love, despite power politics and wrongdoings of a corrupt elite.

As an “ex-Muslim”, or “Ex Jew” or “ex Christian” you face the same choice. Either you describe the religion you once belonged to in the worst possible way, or admit that not all are insane and radical. As an ex-Muslim that once was filled with hate, you face the choice to describe all Muslims as being as extreme as you once were, or to be more honest and show that most would not have agreed with the hate you once bore in your heart.

Unfortunately, too many “ex Muslims” claim that the view of Islam they once bore is the one all Muslims share: thus claiming that all of Islam and all Muslims are evil.

Edited 5/9 – Garibaldi

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  • I made it. 🙂

  • JD

    My point was when ever there is a “Liberal”secular” form of Islam it is A) ignored or B) there is always a regime change or something for self interest that brings in the extremists Mullah or recently ISIS. If Russia didn’t stop nations from interfering on behalf of the Syrian people that war would been over long ago and ISIS would been a forgotten chapter in History . Since they have bases out of self interest they ignore death women kids and old…

    2) Never said anything about western standards and progress just pointing out the above if you have a inferiority complex about where ever you are and the west and that is on you..

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, rather out of good will. Of course who remains true to Islam in the face of temptation is more worthy. Yet, who truly asks for forgiveness, I’m sure he won’t be refused. As I said, it’s difficult. Could I forgive Emir Kusturica for betraying his faith and his people? If he repented in earnest I would probably have to. But he won’t do it. Well, let him go to Hell if that’s what he wants. Would I welcome some Serb who comes to Islam? Most certainly I would. Or if he just asks for forgiveness for what his people did to Bosniaks? For once (but really only once) I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.
    However we can thank Allah swt and feel happy for the fact that many, many more people convert to Islam than turn away from it. That has been so through history and is true today and tomorrow. Maybe it was meant so that who sees the truth and comes to Islam despite all people around him being against it will be rewarded. I don’t know, I’d have to ask someone who is really knowledgeable. May Allah swt guide me right.

  • 1DrM

    95% of “Ex-Muslims” were never part of the Ummah to begin with. The internet is full of pretenders and their stories are lame atheist fan fiction. You will also find some low class, poorly raised desis and Arabs suffering from inferiority complex + identity crisis raised in a hostile post 9/11 society unable to differentiate between culture and religion. Lots of sexual deviants too. Actual apostates would just call themselves atheists and get on with life instead of using the “Ex-Muslim” label. The same crew played “progressive Muslims” a decade and more ago.

    Follow the money. I know atleast one writer at the secular/liberal nutter Pakistani Express Tribute who is cool with the Zionist anti-Muslim Clarion Fund. Their scheme is to encourage apostasy among Muslims, lower morale, and destigmatize the haram while criminalizing the halal. Allah(swt) is the BEST of planners. The munafiqs and murtads are deluding themselves.

  • Riz

    I agree brother.. Every individual’s reward is with Allah… There were incidents that some apostate who returned back to Islam during Umar. r.a, died in a fazr prayer in friday… I am not doubting that brother

    What i am in doubt is that, Will the apostate who return back to Islam be given more rewards than a believer who has been in Islam and has faced Allah’s test but still was sincere in Islam?

    Thats why i asked you, whether you are saying as a Good will or is there actually an hadith to back it up.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, actually I wonder where that comes from. Sounds nice though.
    I’d be happy for an apostate who returns to Islam, then there would be no need to kill him and he shoud be given opportunity to repent. But he should be forgiven then, right? However, what if he does it again? And also, suppose Radovan Karadzic would become Muslim. Does that mean that he should be forgiven then? I suppose so. But it’s difficult. Not that it’s likely to ever happen.
    On the other hand, many, many more people come to Islam than turn away from it. The actual number of apostates from Islam is very small. That’s why they seem so notorious. So we should not worry about that. Allah swt will give everyone their due.

  • Khizer

    I always wondered why some of these ex-Muslims, not all, always join up or align themselves with reactionary groups/sentiments such as the alt-right (the *new* secular right wing) especially when it comes to Muslims in western countries or abroad. These guys left the ummah because they weren’t ‘tolerant’ enough, and then suddenly turn to intolerant secular reactionary groups and start demanding for Muslim human/religious rights to be curtailed, or promote hatred of Islam and Muslims.

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