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Woman In Ghana Stoned To Death For Witchcraft

Punishments such as stoning are imagined as only occurring among Muslims but as we’ve noted in past articles that just isn’t true. Stoning, cutting limbs, lashing etc. are carried out across the world by non-Muslims as well.

In many parts of the world, particularly parts of Africa hunting and killing witches is a recurrent issue. Danios noted in 2010 that some Christians take the Biblical command to kill witches literally.:

Yet, few Westerners realize that witch hunts are now an international problem…and it is not an area of concern limited to Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia.  Would it interest the Catholic apologist Robert Spencer to know that witch hunts are much more prevalent amongst Christians than Muslims?  Some Evangelicals continue to take the Bible quite literally, following its commandment: “Thou shalt not allow a sorceress to live” (Exodus, 22:18), and “sorcerers amongst you must be put to death” (Leviticus, 20:27).

Sadly, a 67 year-old woman in Ghana was recently stoned to death by a mob on the accusation that she was a witch. These stories receive little to no coverage in the West, as they don’t fit the neat bifurcation often propagated in media narratives. (h/t: Dawud Walid)

via. Modern Ghana

A 67-year-old woman has been stoned to death by the people of Tindongo in the Upper East region, after she was accused of being a witch, a claim the deceased denied vehemently.

A local reporter William Jalulah who spoke to host of Morning Starr on Starr 103.5FM Thursday stated that , was taken to the Pelungu Chief but the Chief allegedly told her accusers that she could not handle the matter since there wasn’t enough evidence to handle the matter.

The Pelungu was then handed over to the Tindongo Chief but before the Chief could sit on the matter a mob whisked the old lady and meted instant justice to her by stoning her to death.

According to William, people in the community allege that the old lady had been visiting them in their dreams at night and was the cause of several misfortunes in their life.

Superintendent Samuel Punobyin, the Bolgatanga Municipal Police Commander, with oversight responsibility for the Tongo confirmed the incident adding that the body had been taken to the morgue but has since been released to the relatives for burial.

The incident happened Monday, May 29, 2017, the same Captain Maxwell Mahama was murdered by the people of Denkyira West in the Central region.

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  • NotAMuslamic

    Who is it who has given the impression Muslims don’t know their own book?

    There’s the idea among atheists that Islam is a “ripoff” of christianity, therefore muslims are just like christians in that they haven’t actually read their holy book, which is sheer nonsense because, as you pointed out, there are at least millions of huffaz out there.

  • I had to Google “neckbeards.” Useful new term. 🙂

  • Khizer

    Neckbeards don’t seem to have anything worthwhile or important to do in the real world, so they have spew their moronic ‘opinions’ (more like regurgitated garbage) on the internet so that they feel important. Also smugness….can’t forget about the smugnesss…

  • He (s/he usually posts under mail names/email) is a troll who has come here over a very long period of time under various names.

    We ban him, but he seems to enjoy making a pest of himself, so he creates sock puppets, returns, and drizzles his sickness all of us until he’s identified and banned again. You’d think he’s have something better to do.

  • Khizer

    Oh my….

    Never have I seen true liberal smugness before… have shown the me the ‘light’ enlightened one!


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    I’d sooner blacklist you than whitelist you, but you’re in luck, as I’m not going to do neither, since I’m busy with other things. Maybe you’ll have better luck with the next mod who stops by to approve comments..

  • Khizer

    Yes, quite frankly the ‘MOST NON-EXTREME MUSLIMS DONT KNOW THEIR HOLY BOOK’ point is tiresome and somewhat insulting. Do some Muslims know little? Yes, such as those living in poverty and those not dedicated enough to their religion. But many Muslims DO know or have an idea of their religion, however not many Muslims fully live up to islam’s teachings. Many do know the Quran, and try to get better knowledge on it from more educated scholars.

    I hang around in socialist Internet forums since they share a lot good ideas and many in these forums are honest and give well educated explanations to modern events (especially in the Middle East), I went away from liberals Internet forums since most liberals were just two faced and hypocritical. It really peeves me when I’m in well educated forums and then someone brings up this bullsh*t, it’s tiring.

    Also this 2nd last comment in the thread, is just infuriating,

  • Is this atheists plotting to covert Muslims to atheism? That’s what it looks like.

    I think that while not all atheists are arrogant, many of them are, and the person who wrote that first comment fits that description. Why would an atheist believe he or she knows Islamic doctrine better than Muslims? Or in reality that he or she knows anything at all worth sharing about Islam?

    Let’s look at 19:84, which is portrayed as some sort of smoking gun that will cause a Muslim to depart from the the faith:

    (19:84) Therefore, do not hasten (in seeking a scourge against them). We are counting their days.

    Here’s annotation:
    51. That is: Endure their persecutions patiently a little more, for the time of their punishment is coming near, for We have given them respite for a fixed term, and let that term expire.

    The atheist ought to read that second fully with an open mind. As I see it, it’s more of a warning he or she should heed than something to share with Muslims so they can share the same fate.

    Also, in my experience that assumption Muslims don’t know the Qur’an is false. Most Muslims I know know the Qur’an pretty well if not very well, in part because they read through it from cover to cover, at least in translation, many times throughout their lives. Many Muslims I know at least strive to read the Qur’an in full every Ramadan, and of course there are some Muslims who actually memorize it down to the last letter!

    Who is it who has given the impression Muslims don’t know their own book?

    Also, if I were an atheist (or whatever else) and felt the need to convert others (which I don’t), then instead of starting by denigrating their beliefs, I would explain how great I think what I believe is and see if I could win them over. ‘Your religion sucks’ is not the best approach, in my view, but again, I see a lot of that sort of rudeness and negativity in general, and especially among atheists (NOT ALL–I feel the need to keep saying that–but MANY).

    I think most of them would do well to take a close look at their basic assumptions, which is really something I recommend to everyone, including myself, as an ongoing exercise.

    For example, this assumption that they understand Islamic doctrine, and that they are qualified to say it’s problematic. That they need to convert other people, and that Muslims don’t know their own scripture. That religion is the root cause of problems such as terrorism. Those are widely shared assumptions, and ALL of them can and should be questioned.

    Anyway, I have no problem with the giving it ago, as long as they don’t turn violent and aggressive themselves. We’ve seen atheist rulers do that, but as long as we’re talking about the marketplace of idea, go for it, atheists. I would love for one of them to come to me with a “your religion sucks and you’re too dumb to realize it” approach. They would get an interesting response. 🙂

  • Khizer
  • Khizer

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    Also Illisha is not blocking you, most comments have to be read by the mods and then posted. Illisha is busy, there are other mods who will probably resolve this soon.

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  • That’s like saying that the Nazis were pretty good if you set aside the holocaust. 🙂

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