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Christian Action Network gets banned by Maine

Martin Mawyer

The Christian Action Network (CAN) a group that attempted to spread rumours that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian has been banned from fundraising in Maine for sending an “inflammatory anti-Muslim message” in one of their official letters. CAN was set up by Martin Mawyer who just a few months ago was in Britain where he spent time with and interviewed members of the EDL.

At the same time that Mawyer was interviewing the EDL he was also working and hanging out with, you guessed it, Robert Spencer. Of course Spencer’s friends over at CAN are crying “bloody censorship” now that their hate has been exposed (a favorite tactic of anti-Muslims), and they have even gotten a lawyer from that Harvard of Christian Law Schools, Jerry Falwell’s “Liberty University” to sue the state.

From Talk Islam,

Christian Action Network sues the state of Maine after it revokes permission for the group to fundraise there, citing a letter the group sent out that was inflammatory against Muslims.

Today the Christian Action Network (CAN) filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Maine for censoring a fundraising letter state officials claimed contained “an inflammatory anti-Muslim message.” Maine officials fined and banned CAN from mailing any future letters under the threat of criminal prosecution. Liberty Counsel represents CAN.

CAN was in good standing with a valid license for prior years in Maine, authorizing the group to mail letters in the state. CAN filed to renew its license in March 2009, prior to sending the letter, and the check for the annual license was deposited and cashed by the state. In April, CAN mailed a letter exposing how some public schools were promoting Islam by providing instruction on the Five Pillars of Islam and the Koran. The letter pointed out that some schools have provided a “prayer room” for Muslims and one textbook that told seventh grade students they “will become Muslim.” The letter listed Governor John Baldacci as a person who is over the public schools and someone to whom the recipients of the letter should voice their opinion.

CAN was informed in May 2009 that its application was now being denied, and a $4,000 fine was imposed for three reasons: (1) the state alleged CAN’s letter contained “an inflammatory anti-Muslim message;” (2) the letter used Gov. John Baldacci’s name without his approval; and (3) the registration was allegedly “incomplete.

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  • Christian conservative

    Gotta love sites that advertise hating on christians. At the same time, aren’t you guys focusing on the wrong problem? They just arrested the spokesman for Al-Qaida, who was an american, brainwashed in Orange County California at a Mosque.
    If they can twist a mind in California, what’s to stop muslims from brainwashing entire schools at a younger age?
    Or, is the author for this article already a practicing Islamist?

  • Jason

    As much as I despise what these people are mailing and saying…

    I still think they should have the right to do so. It seems well within first amendment rights. Or is there moe to this case than mentioned in the article?

  • Ryan

    I take it talk Islam is an bigoted site

  • James

    Robert Spencer and his Christian supremacist friends. *rollseyes* Spencer is without a doubt a Christian supremacist as well. Read his writings on the Crusades.

  • Ustadh

    Spencer’s friends are always so interesting. Thanks.

  • Martin Mawyer and CAN really are a scary Christian organization, who, if they had their way would implement a theocratic vision in the United States.

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