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Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks Obliterates Closet Islamophobe (Proverbially Speaking)

Cenk, posing as a Bollywood hero

Cenk, posing as a Bollywood hero

Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, rips this closet Islamophobe a new one.  I especially like how he made sure to mention George Bush’s intention behind invading Iraq (the Biblical prophecy of Gag and Magog), which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  (But of course those civilians don’t count, since they are brown Moozlems.)

Cenk could have sealed that argument by mentioning the Christian version of Al-Qaeda, none other than the fundamentalist Evangelical Blackwater group, which has killed scores of civilians.  And he could also have mentioned the thousands of Christians who believe in the Joel’s Army theology and the general surge of Christian fanaticism in the U.S. military.

One other point: the conservative loon mentioned the idea that 90% of mosques in America are owned and operated by Saudi Arabia.  This is a blatant lie commonly peddled by Islamophobes.  “But you can google it!”  Believe it or not: but not everything on the interwebs is true.  *gasp*  In fact, the vast majority of mosques in America run on local donations.

Joy "7 million Muslims in the World?" Tiz

Joy "7 million Muslims in the World?" Tiz

Then in that same breath she says that they are funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, when in fact the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood runs contrary to that of the “Wahhabi” (Salafi) strain of Islam followed in Saudi Arabia.

But anyways, I must say that Cenk did a great job (and I give him a 10 out of 10).  Here is the debate:

Cenk vs Conservative [Loon] on Muslims in the Military

[youtube: 300 250]

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  • axelle_rose

    yeah i would like the quote from the FBI as well since we are playing that game here…axelle_rose

  • Chris

    That is one dumb freaking witch!

  • nat


    Just because you’re a puppet of the most powerful army on earth doesn’t make you an expert on anything – an expert in taking disagreeable orders maybe. The gusto with which you happily volunteer to serve in unjust wars, based on so much fuzzy logic confirms that you don’t know much of anything.

    ‘Muslims’ are flying planes into buildings – so you need to support an army that kills people in Iraq? Yeah, you’re a real frickin’ expert on politics and history.

  • Unimpressed


    You were shot at because you are an armed violent invader in a foreign land. I’d do the same thing if you invaded Trinidad. Do you expect the local Iraqis to shower with flowers for the misery and death you brought to their country?
    I have no sympathy for people like you whatsoever.

  • Maire

    What does it say about Cenk Uygur and his likes that they feel the need to give people like this airtime? “I give him 10 out of ten”–oh please. Ever heard of shooting fish in a barrel? I suppose the only reason this site isn’t called conservativeloonwatch is because you clearly think that’s a redundant waste of time. The left’s pornographic fascination with the far right never ceases to repulse. What a joke.

  • Hassan

    I guess it’s easy to find violent people in a country after you’ve invaded it, considering there weren’t any “insurgents” or “terrorists” there before, or any shia/sunni killings.

    And apart from 9/11 (Saudis), i don’t think there’ve been any Muslims flying planes into buildings. But i’ve see quite a few US and Israeli missiles doing just about the same thing.

    The first step to not getting shot at, is not utterly destroying the infrastructure of, and then occupying most inefficiently, a country for 7 years without ever fixing anything. You don’t get to complain about violence when you started it.

  • DB Cooper

    This article was typical of youth anarchist rants. There is no surge of christain terrorists bent on hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings joining the military. I am on my second enlistment, I served as an active duty Marine and now serve in the National Guard as a transport operator in Iraq. There are no more obvious christians than there were during my first enlistment back in 2000. I am an outspoken atheist and nobody bothers me about it, nobody gets angry about it, nobody has ever tried to convert me.

    Youth anarchists like yourselves are mistaken about a great many things. Your lack of life experience and wisdom is very obvious. The young anarchists AKA Young Turks seem incapable of of stepping back and looking at the whole picture. Rather they are bent on exposing evil republicans as satans spawn who were put upon the earth to raze the holy democratic party of heaven. They aim for a “fun society” where there arent any laws and nobody ever has to work to pay the bills.

    Yes there really are violent muslims. Ive been shot at and shelled by them. The local Iraqis have been tortured and murdered by them.

    Christains arent hijacking airplanes or waging violent jihad. This activity has only been been done by muslims, communist revolutionaries,one thief, and youth anarchists.

    We are not exterminating arabs as anarchists claim. 19 year old upper middle class metrosexual spoiled brats wouldnt know the first thing about Iraq or Afghanistan. It disturbs me to think such useless retards have a news channel or a forum in the first place. You should all go back to playing with your Nintendos and stay out of politics. You think them informed and sent to the earth by an invisible man who thinks you special? Theyre just mouthy brats who werent spanked enough in their younger years.

  • Lex, Agent of Puking

    Oooh, I loved when Cenk tore Pammycakes apart. That was hilarious. I have a Turkish friend here named Cenk also, he’s hilarious too. This shooter is obviously a nutcase, but are there any mass murder shooters who aren’t? OMG, this woman actually is unaware of the anti-government racist movement that grew so large in the 90s? The Turner Diaries? Well, and those “bitter” folks clinging to their guns?

    “Yelling ‘Jesus loves me'”?!?! I want to be informed if this woman so much as looks for a house in my zip code. OK, my area code.

    See, I love (in general, obviously) Turks. As an Ionian Greek (Greeks from what is now Turkey) I know I’m supposed to hate them and all, probably should be blogging about how evil they are, so, I guess I’m just nuts. Oh well.

    Wow, nice to be back here. I accidentally killed my MacBook and now I keep toting my giant iMac around….HAHAHA!

    Actually, I’m extremely ill, and I need all of the prayers, thoughts and good vibes or anything else anyone’s willing to send my way. Thanks;)

  • Aa

    “7 million muslims in the world”

    a good example why islamophobes will never get anywhere with their hateful agendas.

  • Yakoub

    7 milions muslims in the world? Joy Tiz is THICK!!!

  • AF

    What a dumbass. 7 milions muslims in the world, and then “i give you that”.

    “With ignorance and arrogance, success is assured.”
    -Mark Twain

    This apply perfectly to this islamophobe moron.

  • Ryan

    “cries” beautiful man. Beautiful.

  • nat

    How do you expect to debate with idiots. Cenk is very patient.

  • James

    OMG. What a moron. I don’t know where these people get their numbers from… actually I do. From their ass! It reminds me when Daniel Pipes was asked by a student about how he came up with a 85% figure to describe the percentage of American Muslim institutions that were “Islamist”. He replied “anecdotal evidence”! 85% must be Pipes’ favorite number, because he also says that 85% of the world’s Muslims are not terrorists, which means that 15%, or over 235 million Muslims, are terrorists. These falsified numbers are consistently used in right-wing circles. There’s also awkward efforts to downplay the number of American Muslims, many arguing that there are only 2 million or less in American, although it’s closer to 8 million. I call this statistical genocide.

    7 million constitutes 0.445% of the world’s Muslim population. She’s not even in the same galaxy! This makes Sarah Palin look knowledgeable.

  • Danios

    LOL! Yeah, I found that hilarious how she thinks it’s seven million…hahahahaha!

    What a complete and utter fool she makes of herself. That’s proof that never take a conservative loon at their word when they cite numbers. The number “7 million” is a huge gaffe on the level of Sarah Palin.

  • Mexican_lunch

    Jesus, she thinks there are 7 million Muslims worldwide?????? And she gets facetime with media? Seriously? It’s amazing how CLUELESS Islamophobes are, yet how they think they are scholars who can preach awareness to the rest of us. Friggin scary!

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