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Rajinder Singh: First non-White Member Joins BNP

Rajinder Singh first non-White BNP Member

The BNP, the openly anti-Muslim political party that is steeped deep in racism and hatred has under threat of being banned lifted its “White only policy” and allowed a non-white member into their ranks. The man, known as Rajinder Singh say he only joined the BNP because he hates “Islam.” (hat tip: Islamophobia Watch)

An elderly Sikh who describes Islam as a “beast” and once provided a character reference for Nick Griffin during his racial hatred trial is set to become the British National Party’s first non-white member.

Rajinder Singh has been sympathetic towards Britain’s far-right party for much of the past decade even though he currently remains barred from becoming a member because of the colour of his skin.

But last weekend the BNP’s leadership took their first steps towards dropping its membership ban on non-whites after the Human Rights Commission threatened the party with legal action. The move will be put to a vote of members soon.

Martin Wingfield, the BNP’s communications and campaigns officer, has already put forward the case for Mr Singh’s membership, telling members on its website: “I say adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member of the BNP.”

A BNP spokesman said last night: “He is perhaps the kind of immigrant you want if you are going to have them.” Mr Singh, a former teacher from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, says he would be “honoured” to become a card-carrying member of the BNP.

Mr Singh and another Sikh from Slough who goes by the pseudonym Ammo Singh have previously co-operated with the BNP and have been used by the party’s leadership to try to woo Asian supporters, particularly Hindus and Sikhs living in areas where tensions with Muslims run high. The party has had little success, however, with all mainstream Sikh and Hindu groups widely condemning the BNP.

But Rajinder Singh and Ammo Singh – who keeps his identity secret but is thought to be an accountant in his late thirties – have answered Mr Griffin’s call, thanks to the BNP’s staunchly anti-Islamic rhetoric since September 11.

Mainstream Sikh groups said they were appalled. Dr Indarjit Singh, director of the Network of Sikh Organisations, said: “Sikhism stresses equality for all human beings. Therefore Sikhs who are true to their faith, will having nothing whatsoever to do with any party that favours any one section of the community.”

Independent, 20 November 2009

The view that Nick Griffin’s promotion of Rajinder Singh and Ammo Singh was an attempt to “woo Asian supporters” is rather one-sided.

It is true that Griffin began making a pitch for support among Sikhs (and Hindus) on an anti-Muslim basis years ago. But this was not because he wanted to win large numbers of Asian supporters to the BNP. Rather, he aimed at attracting a few extreme right-wingers from the Sikh and Hindu communities because he thought this would help the BNP deflect accusations that it is a fascist organisation and that its campaign against Muslims is racist.

But the problem he faced was that Sikhs and Hindus were excluded from joining the party, because membership was restricted to white people. As the Independent article notes, even Rajinder Singh hasn’t been allowed to join the party, despite the fact that he has written for the BNP press, spoken at their meetings and appeared on their election broadcasts.

Griffin first tried to change the BNP’s rulebook to admit non-whites back in 2002, and again in 2004, but he got nowhere. The BNP’s fascist core cadre who have gone along with other aspects of Giffin’s “modernisation” strategy couldn’t be persuaded to swallow that.

Now, as a result of court action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission – together with the provisions in the Equality Bill, which will ban political parties from racially discriminating over who they accept as members – Griffin will finally get his way and the BNP will amend its constitution to admit non-white members. And then no doubt a handful of extremist Sikhs and Hindus will indeed join the party.

Griffin will make a big thing about this, just as he has over the fact that the BNP has a councillor of Jewish origin, in order to assert that the party has put its racist and fascist past behind it – all in the interests of more effectively pursuing its campaign against “mass Third World immigration” and “Muslim colonisers”.

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  • Brendan

    Did anyone ever see the film based on ” The man who would be King” by Rudyard Kipling with Sean Connery and Michael Caine.
    In the train carriage scene there is an Indian guy (Sikh I think) and hes eating a watermelon and spitting the pips out.
    Michael Caine is talking at the same time to some other Englishman on the train, and eyes the Indian guy eating the watermelon with some distaste. He continues his conversation with his friend as he nonchalantly walks over to the Indian man and picks him up and throws him out of the moving train saying “Out Babboo!”
    The Indian man as he is being thrown from the train shouts “Thank you sir!”
    When I saw Rajinder, I immediately thought of Babboo. LOL. What a twat.

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  • George Carty

    Isn’t it ironic that even though several early Sikhs were martyred at Muslim hands, both Sikhs and Muslims use the same word (“shaheed”) to refer to martyrs?

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  • http://none Daood Singh

    Without prejudice, Rajinder Singh and BNP, I hope you read this, Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism and he sat and worshipped waheguru with muslims and hindus he also visited mecca the holy city for muslims. His famous words were…Awal allah noor upai kudrat ke sab banda ik noor te sab jag upjai kaun balai kaun manay. (means first god gave light the universe is ith all his creation all belong equally to god, all hold his light, so who can say who is good or bad all are gods light). Ask for forgiveness for hurting others, first be true to your own relgion and keep the beard and pray, be clean from your heart lose anger greed ego love all see god in all.

    I am muslim, my grandmother was a muslim my grandfather a baptised sikh, my mother a sikh my father a half muslim half sikh.

    My final word is that the word islam means PEACE. God watches all your actions BNP and Rajinder Singh please fear god, this is a request I am but a mere humble human giving my view. Pls brothers and sisters keep me in your duas. ameen.

  • Nabeela

    “Firstly the fascists are the UAF who support Iran, hamas and hezbollah who want to wipe Israel and Israeli Jews off the map. Unlike them the BNP accepts Israel’s right to exist”

    Are you one of those Jews who think the worlds government exist to support Israel? Well you’re in for a rude shock.

    The British will never vote BNP because it supports Israel’s right to exist. What kind of crap is this?

    The official British, EU, American, and UN policy regarding Israel is all the same. They support the two state solution.

    Are you inferring that only BNP support Israel?

    You’re a rotton opportunist. What the BNP have done is exchange one bigotry for another, but the British Jews are too smart to fall for that. All major Jewish organisations have rejected the BNP and made it clear that exchanging one bigtory for another does not mean it is an acceptable atonement for a sin.

    The BNP are merely trying to whip up support from the British Jewish community, but it’s not forthcoming.

    The only reason the BNP are voted for (as stated by those Brits who are on record for voting for them) is because they want to send a message to the mainstream politicians to tackle problematic issues like immigration.

    Baroness Varsi, ( A British Muslim) has clearly told Jack Straw that their immigration policy needs a complete overhaul.

    Get your facts straight you cheap opportunist.

  • thoughtly

    Firstly the fascists are the UAF who support Iran, hamas and hezbollah who want to wipe Israel and Israeli Jews off the map. Unlike them the BNP accepts Israel’s right to exist. Secondly, Nick Griffin is in the process of reforming his party, ditching all the old clause 4 style baggage of the past, and bringing together a party of black and white loyal British people, who will challenge the One-Party-State corrupt liberal elites, end multicultural balkanisation, Islamisation and mass immigration and bring Britain’s sovereignty back from Europe.
    Check my website.

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  • Nissa

    Who gives a crap if he suffered during Partition? I don’t. My family also suffered and I am not joining anti-Sikh groups, they didn’t jump on the hate bandwagon.

    Why is there no mention of the fact that he and Ammo Singh have supported the militants in the Khalistan movement? Terrorism is A-OK with the BNP as long as its in a far off country and the victims are brown people huh?

    The also have a very small Hindu support base linked to the RSS- a known militant group responsible for funding violence against Muslims, Christians and minorities in India. They are hypocrites, this man is a joke and he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Afra

    lol, it was proven to be a fake actor not so long ago, A sikh is obliged to grow his beard if he decides to wear a turban ..
    oh the BNP are running out of ideas, the latest (sick) joke was: they supported the Israeli invasion of Gaza…
    what’s next? who knows, they might wear Yarmulkas instead of swastikas ! lol..

  • TYO

    There are better ways for him to deal with his early life significant trauma. He should engage in discussion, interfaith debate. He should also consider therapy and I say this sincerely because he still feels that pain deeply after all these years. It would be better if he used his bad experience for peace and reconciliation. After all people of many faiths suffered during the partition of India including Muslims, even though India was partitioned to create an Islamic state.

    “…Singh, who came to Britain in 1967, used to pen a regular column for the party’s Freedom newspaper and has spoken at BNP meetings where he has been vehement in his criticism of Muslims, talking about his experiences at the partition of India in 1947. He was born in Lahore, which became part of Pakistan after partition, and blames Muslims for the death of his father during the bloody split of India…”

  • jock

    You know last I heard, there was a Muslim too in the BNP…they might be more diverse than you think..;)

  • James

    LOL the BNP throws in a token brown person in their hate club. imo Singh has his a identity/racial complex where he projects his negative feelings on Islam.

  • Ustadh

    Poor Rajinder, I kind of feel sorry for him. He is condemned by most of his community, the Sikh organizations have denounced the BNP in clear terms.
    He has hate in him, it wont be relieved by running into the arms of people who despise you.
    The enemy of your “enemy” isn’t your friend.

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