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Daniel Pipes Equates Keith Ellison to Hitler

The Moral Contortionist

The Moral Contortionist

On November 25th, we wrote about a wacky article that the failed academic and full time Likud apologist, Daniel Pipes wrote for the Jerusalem Post, in which he argued that US Congressman Keith Ellison, intellectual Tariq Ramadan and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan were a greater threat to Western Civilization than Al-Qaeda.

We wrote at the time,

According to the illogic of Pipes the greatest threat doesn’t come from Al-Qaeda, Ayatollah Khomeini or Nidal Hasan but rather from people like Dr. Tariq Ramadan and Congressman Keith Ellison. He accuses the two of being part of something he terms “Islamism 2.0.” This ridiculous term translates essentially into what Islamophobe Robert Spencer calls “Stealth Jihad,” or the subtle takeover of the West by peaceful, law-abiding Muslims who have a secret, sinister (stealth) goal to takeover the West and replace Democracy with Shariah law: in other words it’s a conspiracy theory.

Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, and Nidal Hasan represent Islamism 1.0, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (the prime minister of Turkey), Tariq Ramadan (a Swiss intellectual), and Keith Ellison (a US congressman) represent Islamism 2.0. The former kill more people but the latter pose a greater threat to Western civilization. (emphasis mine)

That Erdogan, Ramadan and Ellison can even be mentioned in the same sentence as equivalent to, or even more dangerous and threatening to the West than Bin Laden speaks volumes about Pipes’ preposterous agenda. Would Bin Laden have Turkey make peace with Armenia as Erdogan did? Would Bin Laden affirm Democracy as the way forward to better governance and equal rights as all three do? Would Bin Laden pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America on Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an as Keith Ellison did?

We never imagined Daniel Pipes would offer a response, as he usually isn’t too keen to get into a debate with anyone who challenges his weak and biased arguments. However, it seems this time Pipes couldn’t hold himself back. Prompted by a reader of his website, Aliya, who alerted Pipes to our rebuttal of his article, he responded by bringing the all too familiar response of those who have no arguments: comparing your subject to Hitler.

Submitted by Aliya (United Kingdom), Nov 27, 2009 at 06:49

Dr Pipes

Loon Watch, the Islamist Jewish/Eurabian (apparently George Soros and Saudi funded) website which wrote about your report

Daniel Pipes says Keith Ellison is a threat to Western Civilization

They’re asking, because Ellison is a Westerner, and Turkey will join the EU soon, Turks are European, Westerners already, so how can you say theTurkish President and Congressman Ellison are enemies of the West when they are westerners?

What would be your response to this?

Kind Regards


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Daniel Pipes replies:

Hiitler was a Westerner too, and he arguably did more to destroy Western civilization than anyone else in history.

The questioner sounds like another loon that we know, Pamela Geller who surmised that Loonwatch was a George Soros funded website, but she takes it a step further and includes all the possible conspiracy theories she can think of, not only are we George Soros funded but we are an, “Islamist Jewish/Eurabian (apparently George Soros and Saudi funded) website.” I love these loons, if half of what they said were true (Alas, my meager pockets) we would be rolling in the dough!!  Soros and company we are still waiting on our checks!

Notice that Daniel Pipes really didn’t answer any of the arguments or questions in our article, my guess is he probably didn’t even read it. He looked at the way Aliya framed the question and answered it by equating Keith Ellison, Tariq Ramadan and Recep Erodogan, all fierce proponents of Democracy to the greatest mass-murderer of the 20th century. Quite despicable, and it seems to have become Daniel Pipes’ forte to side on the side of the despicable.

The real question however is, if Pipes is truly interested in “protecting Western Civilization,” why is he as silent as a mouse on the real threat: the new little Hitler’s springing up all over Europe? Why does Pipes ignore neo-fascist Geert Wilders who calls for the deportation of Mooslims, banning of the Quran, taxing the hijab, etc? Why does he not speak out against the fascist Northern League, why does he give his tacit approval of the minaret ban in Switzerland which he charachterizes as a vote against “Islamization?”

The new amendment also validates and potentially encourages resistance to Islamization throughout the continent.

The reality is ever clearer, Mr.Pipes doesn’t give two hoots about Democracy, for him Democracy is convenient when it fits his agenda but should be discarded the moment it is no longer of use.

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  • elisabeth

    May be I am very wrong but here are my thoughts
    Mister Soros which gets qualified from in between deep admiration until diabolisation just by going by simple logic he did not do a favor to Israel- and even very rich used his so called philanthropist proper.
    I still remember on a very rare interview with Shimon Perez with soros about his Nazi time. And I do have to tell it makes me very scary when someone thinks he is kind of messiah – something which he told in another interview.
    No one is God.
    As a matter in fact he is very rich and powerfully but make most of his money on speculations
    When you experienced communism you will understand that pushing for so called socialist world order (Soros declaration in youtube and he is scary sure about this nutty idea and I wrote him myself because someone has to tell him ) that there might be times which muss less freedom ahead because fusion with communist China means dependency and unhappiness (no freedom of speech, one party system, oppression of minorities and slavery work, oppression of minorities).
    Two of Soros revolutions didn’t developed for good live of people (Georgia and Ukraine- both with gang bang politicians ). In Malaysia and England many persons went poor because of his speculations and about involvement in Columbia I don’t even want to go to deep.
    He is not my hero.
    China is supportive to countries like Iran and Sudan- (Soros wants to fusion ate China with U.S.) .In Sudan China is supportive to islamists who practice genozide1.5 million people .
    And about islamofascists in Iran (China alliance and not exactly friend to Jewish state)which kill and oppress their own people I don’t even want to go to deep. They don’t like Israel either but have great relation with some Latin American so called new socialism countries like Venezuela and Bolivia-where freedom of expression seems not run to well and economy is in downturn-some of thir leaders sponsored by mister Soros.
    In Peru mister Soros financed Toledo campaigns- and there were a lot of corruption without profound changes. ask the Peruvian people about the scandals in this time.
    Mister Obama in China was warm welcomed and pictured on some photos as Obamao and I do have to remember here on around 20 million Mao Tse Dung killed people- Mao was communist and China still is ruled by one party communist with more less same ideology- who thinks different has to go to jail. –human rights don’t count.
    This does not fit into open society institute because Chinese communist leaders are oppressive to their own people.
    Warming up with China and trade dependencies started in time with Nixon and Kissinger. Kissinger himself was a brilliant advisor but made severe mistakes by thinking it is wise to go to deep into trade with a country with five times more people than Europe and U.S and have a much faster speed. He also underestimated in Vietnam war Pol Pot and Leng Sari regime from Cambodia and thought they were good alliance in Vietnam war. In Cambodia were killed the same time by this regime about 1.5 million people in another genocide.
    On the other hand as a ”brilliant” brainless answer to really problems of our times kryptonazies like Geert Wilders in Holland do their hate speeches against Koran- and it takes not to much mathematic to imagine when this kind of hate patriots go into charge how the war will be brought to Europe – people will fight each other’s- those who will pay the end the bill will be Sarah, Mustafa, john with Pakisan mother and Kim.
    Who burns Koran with his mind also is enemy from Talmud and Bible.
    Wilders was so dump before he got an indecent cheap blond paint hair to spend some time in an Israelian kibbuz- wow.
    And a cuarter of humankind who are Muslims might see that photos to. For me I think he might be done some krytoimplant from neo-Nazi’s which used some low brain orthodoxies- to harm Israel on long term.
    I name such a thing extremely and extraordinary unintelligent and because it is so myself I became kind of helpless- because smart politics buffer up and balances and listen well and uses something what might have been lost during many years.
    I think that each one in its own way mister Soros and mister wilders are harm makers to the Jewish state and to humankind. Do they know each other? According to internet there were also some links.
    Time has all the answers.
    About the Turkish guy- well I don’t chare common thoughts here- I think that this Erdogan puts his wife under Islamic cloth and tries in a way to hold fragile secular Turkish state together. After him we really might find some islamistas-heardliners and those who are mad about the pragmatic unperfected fox Erdogan who is still a very unperfected buffer between the fall apart region rest might even miss him at the end. After Erdogan I expect something worst. Yes it can get worst. And quit honest by knowing that it can get worst I rather listen one bubble hate speech from this erdogan who prop. Only wants to calm the turkisch mullahs who must be waiting for their moment.
    Surely in Turquia we will have to see many wild islamistas coming up- especially when Mozart Wilders has success with his political movement and will blow into direction Requiem for Europe.
    I wish you the very best and have to admit my Jewish ancestors would have make rounds in their tombs.
    My letter I write as a Christian German and someone who lived long enough under rally dictatorship to be completely unaffected by any kind of manipulation. It is a pity to whiteness all this fall apart and nothing can by done and paranoia wins by day bay day base and I really don’t know what else to tell- because it does not make any sense. anyhow
    Shalom, Peace, Saalam Aleikum, Frieden

  • Outtahere

    “Could we find a school in which to educate all the Islamophobes?”

    Could you perhaps give me the address of your local Madrassah. I am sure all my “misconceptions” about Islam will go away, and Inshallah, I will see things in the proper light.

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