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Nazis Vandalize French Mosque

Racist Nazi Grafitti on French Mosque
Racist Nazi Grafitti on French Mosque
Sarkozy’s France.

CASTRES, France — Police say assailants have scrawled a Nazi slogan and hung pig feet on a mosque in southern France.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has denounced the “vile and racist desecration” of the mosque in the town of Castres.

Police say the swastika in black paint and slogans including Hitler salute “Sieg Heil” in German, “France to the French” in French, and “White Power” in English were scrawled on the mosque.

Hortefeux said Sunday any person found responsible for the overnight desecration should be “severely punished.”

Assailants sporadically scrawl anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic graffiti on religious sites, cultural centers and cemeteries in France — home to western Europe’s largest populations of both Muslims and Jews.

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  • George Carty

    Stupid Nazis. They should have pretended to be Zionists, like the “Masada Action and Defense Movement” did in the ’70s and ’80s.

  • Ryan

    no surprise. Have you complained too the mayor, or to city hall? that might provoke a response.

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  • LB

    To bad they didn’t burn it down too or maybe they could of brain washed some stupid kid about gobal warming and straped a Suicide vest to him
    and did the dirty! Anyone talking about Christian churchs in Bosnia being burned buy “Guess who” that’s right your peaceful Muslim extremists!

  • Nabeela

    Typical. This is all these nasty pieces of work can do. They crawl out in the dark of the night and comit these cowardly acts on Mosques.

    Why don’t they come out in broad daylight on Friday prayers for example and try it when people are actually there? I’d like to hear what Sarkozy said about this.

    Nazism, isn’t a mass movement, this is the only way they can express themselves, or online. So they choose this cowardly method, of either attacking cemetries or Mosques. France is 10% Muslim.

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  • Ustadh

    neo-Nazis are cowards, they usually pull these kind of antics at night, and they do it in big groups. Someone asked me the other day, is this just the beginning of the discrimination against Muslims or is this the highest peak?

  • Horrible and despicable. Racism and bigotry against any group is just wrong.

  • No Surprise.

    Oh and just in one year, my mosque has been robbed 5-6 times. In one year! Then our neighbor threatens us that we’re too loud and he complains to the city to shut us down. We’ve been here since 1990.

  • No Surprise.

    My local mosque has been robbed, vandalized, shot with paintball guns COUNTLESS times. We caught the robberies, note the “s”, many times on camera, then put it on a tape. And what does the hard working police do? They come to our mosque, get the tapes, and goes back never giving us the tapes again. They broke into our office, stole our computer hard-drive (very suspicious) and went through every documents. It was very professional like. The police just took the tapes of the robbers WITH THEIR FACES, and never told us anything. Alot of people think the police did it. We have absolutely NOTHING to hide. The FBI has come to our mosque asking if anyone was bothering us. Funny. No lie. My tax money goes to them to protect us, yet they barely do anything.

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