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Senator James Inhofe’s un-American Call to Racially and Ethnically Profile Passengers

The un-American Senator James Inhofe

The un-American Senator James Inhofe

The Republican senator from Oklahoma has called for passengers to be “racially and ethnically profiled,” because according to him, “all terrorists [or at least 90% of them] are Muslims.”  Yes, that’s true: all terrorists are Muslims…except of course the 94% that aren’t.

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Does the good senator not know the ugly history of racial profiling?  Based on this same logic, white racists justify the racial profiling of blacks.  A white supremacist on the white nationalist website says:

Blacks looking ghetto in an affluent neighborhood should send up flags. For some reason, I doubt that they are there to do the plumbing, though I am sure they wouldn’t mind relieving you of a few of your more valuable items.

These white nationalists ask, just like Inhofe: “why should my white wife be considered on the same level as a ‘ghetto’ black guy?”

That racist forum is in fact full of calls for a return to racial profiling.  And they justify their belief based on “practicality” just like Inhofe and other loons do.  These white nationalists argue that according to the Department of Justice, blacks are seven times more likely to commit murder than whites:

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders
In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites.

…In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites……………..

In another thread, they argue that blacks commit fifty times the number of violent crimes as whites.  There are also other points brought forth by such people, such as the fact that one in twenty adult black men are incarcerated.  Or that “more than three times the number of black Americans live in prison as in college dorms.” Or that over 55% of offenders admitted under the age of 18 are black. And on and on…All justifications to legalize racial profiling.

So if you justify profiling on airplanes by arguing that 90% of terrorists are Muslims (which is false anyways), then by that same logic you ought to be OK with profiling blacks, especially those “ghetto blacks” who happen to be walking through the suburb.  Whatever arguments you use to justify profiling of Arabs/Muslims can be used for blacks…What?  You’re not OK with that?  Then why is it OK to do that to Muslims or Arabs?

I am an American, and I oppose these un-American calls to racially and ethnically profile.  I don’t believe in such discrimination, and know that it is prohibited by the fourth and fourteenth amendments to the Constitution (that annoying document that right wingers always try to circumvent).  If you don’t believe in the ideals of this country, then kindly leave.  You, Senator Inhofe, are un-American.

And if you want to lament about your wife being pulled aside for extra searching, maybe think about changing the war mongering policy that has been shoved upon us by the right wing.  You can’t really kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and not expect there to be a handful of disgruntled Muslims who seek revenge.

I know that people are annoyed by the added costs of airport security.  Well, I have a very low cost solution: the U.S. would save trillions of dollars if it withdrew all troops from foreign lands, and stopped aiding the state of Israel.  (Then put the money into universal health care.)  That would take away the motivations of Islamic extremists.  But I get it: you don’t want to do that…then stop complaining when that policy ends up fueling terrorism.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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  • ju

    More than that this senator seems to mix (ignorance?) religion and ethnicity. Anybody can be Muslim as much as Christian, white or black, it is a personal choice. Being Muslim has nothing to do with belonging to a given “race” or “color” or anything like that. What a pure demonstration of blindness driven by ideology. That’s a shame.
    And when showing these stats about blacks being more violent, it wouldn’t come to his mind that this situation has been caused by guys like him exactly willing to segregate minorities? Give them equal rights and opportunities and you will see how better their stats become. Oh yeah, maybe that would be a nightmare for him to see minorities having such rights.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    The last 3 paragraphs have led me to conclude that Danios is my hero:)

  • Jean Claude Depilatory

    The 90% figure is indeed wrong. 100% of them are Moozlims. Inhofe is on the right track here. Good for him!

  • Muslim UK


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  • Jeronimus

    But if all those statistic about black crime from the FBI statistics are true, then shouldn’t we be profiling African-American males? Especially “ghetto” looking ones?

  • iSherif

    Another excellent piece Danios!

  • Tariq

    The last paragraph is a total KO. I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

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