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Dutch Muslims Taking Geert Wilders’ Abuse?

By Ruben L. Oppenheimer

Sheila Kamerman and Dirk Vlasblom have an interesting article about how Dutch Muslims are dealing with the ascendancy and rhetoric of Geert Wilders. Some are choosing to ignore him while others see what he is calling for as impossible and unactionable.  While they are concerned, some Dutch Muslims also think that the best thing might be for Wilders’ PVV to actually win elections and lead the country because the PVV would then be forced to confront and offer more than just anti-Muslim rhetoric. What are your thoughts?

(make sure to check out, which is an anti-hate site and ally of ours tracking everything Wilders does. You will need Google Translator for the site.)

Muslims Quietly Take Wilders’ Abuse by Sheila Kamerman and Dirk Vlasblom

Day in and day out, Dutch Muslims are told their religion is “a fascist ideology” and “a threat to Dutch society”. They hear their “so-called prophet Muhammad” is “a barbarian, a mass murderer and a paedophile”, or words to that effect. The indignities come from a member of parliament: Geert Wilders.

After leaving the right-wing liberal VVD party in 2006 and setting up his own Party for Freedom (PVV), Wilders has made criticism of Islam his one main issue. He is being heard by native Dutch people who fear the country of 16 million is suffering under the burden of its estimated one million Muslim citizens. Wilders obtained 5 of the 25 Dutch seats in European parliament last year. His PVV did very well in the two municipalities in which it participated in recent local elections. Some polls have predicted his party could become the biggest in parliament after the upcoming national election.

Some of Wilders’ statements on IslamAbout the Koran: “This book incites hatred and murder and therefore does not fit into our legal system. If Muslims want to participate, they need to distance themselves from the Koran. I realise this is a lot to ask, but we have to stop making concessions.” (Dutch daily De Volkskrant – 2007) .

One wonders why the Muslims he is targeting are not standing up against his attacks and letting themselves be heard.

When asked this question, Islam expert Mohammed Cheppih immediately countered it: “Aren’t we all Dutch?,” he asked. “Society as a whole should stand up to Wilders. Wilders is destroying the Netherlands. We should all ignore him.”


Farid Azarkan, the director of an interest group of Moroccan-Dutch people, SMN, agreed. “Where are all the reasonable Dutch people who say: ‘This is not how we treat each other here’?” Ideally, non-Muslims would support their Muslim compatriots en masse, Azarkan ventured. “Suppose that all the women in Almere [the one city where Wilders’ PVV won the most council seats in the local election] would don a headscarf.” Azarkan chuckled at the idea of such a form of protest against the PVV’s proposed headscarf ban in municipal buildings there: “But that is not realistic.”Azarkan has thought about instigating large-scale protest, but believes it would ultimately be counterproductive. “Imagine we would organise a mass demonstration, say, on the Malieveld in The Hague,” he said, referring to a meadow near buildings housing the national government. “It would suddenly be filled with thousands of headscarves. People who don’t fear Islam wouldn’t be bothered by it. But those are not the people we need to convince. The people who support Wilders however, will go ’Yuk, there they are’.”

The fear of rubbing native Dutch people the wrong way by lashing out at Wilders is one argument why Muslims aren’t organising themselves. Another is that a movement would be hard to establish because there is no single Muslim community in the Netherlands. Moroccans, Turks, Somalis, Surinamese, Iranians and Iraqis in the Netherlands all have their own religious lives and communities. They are impossible to mobilise, according to Azarkan.

“”Ultimately many fundamental problems in the Netherlands are directly related to migrants, like infrastructure, traffic jams, housing problems, the welfare state.” (German news agency DPA – 2008) .

Faith in democracy

A unifying, Dutch Islam has yet to develop, said Loubna el Morabet, who is a PhD researcher in social science at Leiden University. “This is an ongoing process. Muslims in the Netherlands are already very Dutch,” she said. “I have done research in the Netherlands and England and learnt that Muslim students here have adopted the Dutch mentality. This is their country.”

Arkazan offered the example of the lack of success of Muslim parties as an argument why any fear of Muslims “taking over” the Netherlands is “a joke”. In this month’s municipal elections, Islamic parties failed to obtain a single council seat anywhere but in The Hague. “Obviously, Muslims vote for a party that suits them, they don’t vote for a religion,” said Arkazan. “We call that integration.”

Q: “So there is a link between Islam and crime?” A: “Absolutely. The figures show that. One in five Moroccan youth is listed as a suspect in police records. Their behaviour stems from their religion and culture. You cannot separate one from the other. The last pope was quite right: Islam is a violent religion. “(De Volkskrant – 2006) .

Many Muslims and non-Muslims in the Netherlands are uncomfortable with the things the PVV has been saying. The party has suggested Muslims who don’t adjust to the dominant Dutch culture should be deported. It has also talked about shooting criminals of Moroccan descent in the knees.

But for most who disagree with him, their faith in democracy is larger than their fear of Wilders.

“Why are we afraid to say that Muslims should adapt to us, because our values are simply of a higher, better, more pleasant and humane level of human civilisation? No integration; assimilation! And let the headscarves fly on the Malieveld. I will eat them raw.”(De Volkskrant – 2004) .

“Of course I feel threatened when I hear Wilders speaking,” said Loubna el Morabet. “But if I take a step back, I realise he will never be able to carry out his ideas. Taxing headscarves is nonsense and halting immigration from Islamic countries is discrimination. The principle of equality is deeply embedded in Dutch law.”


Even if he wins the upcoming national election, many Muslims don’t believe he can change Dutch, let alone European, laws that protect them. “And you can’t rule a country ranting and raving,” Farid Azarkan said about Wilders’ politics.

Several Muslims interviewed said they would welcome a large PVV after the June election. If Wilders were to be forced to take responsibility and make compromises, his rank and file would realise he can’t deliver, they said.

“And the Koran is the Mein Kampfof a religion that seeks to eliminate others, and calls those others – non-Muslims – infidel dogs, inferior beings. Read the Koran, that Mein Kampf, again. In any version whatsoever, you’ll see that all the evil that the sons of Allah committed against us and themselves comes from that book. “(Letter in the Volkskrant – 2007) .

The Netherlands is always ruled by coalition governments and if Wilders were to form one “he would need to have clear ideas about other issues than just Muslims,” said El Morabet. “What does he really want for our country? The only statements he yells are anti-Islam, everything else is hazy.”

Cheppih, however, disagreed. “It is extremely frustrating that other parties don’t preclude governing with Wilders. It would be a clear sign if other parties would say: ‘We don’t want to cooperate with the PVV’. The party is empty and has hardly taken positions on anything.” Cheppih encouraged other political parties to rule out any coalition with the PVV after the election. “Society as a whole should hit back hard: we do not accept this! Make that clear. Otherwise, things could escalate. The fear he sows is imaginary, but he is being heard. The higher the minarets, the more frightened the people.”

“I think that there need to be fewer Muslims in the Netherlands. I think the ideology of Islam is abject, fascist and wrong. “(Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad – 2008) .

Personal encounters

This fear of Islam is fuelled by the media hype surrounding Wilders, said El Morabet. “I think it is ridiculous that media pay so much attention to a party that has garnered a handful of seats in the municipal elections. [Left-wing liberal party] D66 was the real winner of the local elections and that happens to be the one party that tells Wilders: ‘You are shutting people out, you discriminate’. That gets relatively little attention.”

To counter the anxiety some native Dutch feel for Islam, Farid Azarkan thinks, Muslims need to try to remove this through personal encounters. “You have to reach out to people. A minority happens to be xenophobe. I don’t believe you can sway all of them. They have to notice out on the streets that you may be Muslim, but apart from that, you are all right.”

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  • George Carty

    Didn’t Fortuyn’s assassin claim to be acting in defence of Muslims, even though he wasn’t a Muslim himself?

  • Frederick Christensen

    I have a solution which is both democratic and prudent.Let the voting public in predominantly white countries such as New Zealand,Australia,Canada,and every nation in Western and Northern Europe vote in a referendum as to whether they,the voting public,are in support of continued migration into said countries or opposed to it.To the best of my knowledge,none of the aforementioned countries have ever had the chance to vote on immigration from black or brown countries.Big Government have always decided arbitrarily on matters related to immigration and that other hustle…refugee acceptance and government is not to be trusted on matters of such a vital issue.Let the people decide.Hopefully the liberals will take their blinders off and see immigration as a TROJAN HORSE that should be terminated with all haste.

  • Jan

    @ Lawrence

    It was a Muslim who killed Mr.Fortune

    Mr. Fortuyn was murdered by a radical environmentalist.

    Of course according to Wilders we have a “tsunami of Muslims” who want to conquer us… The fact is that official predictions from CBS (Dutch statistics) that 8% of the Netherlands will be Muslim in 2050, most will be 2nd or 3rd generation speaking Dutch with a normal education.

    He is a loony and most of his followers think that they, PVV voters, speak for the Dutch people. They do represent 15% of the vote.

  • Marshall

    Geert Wilders is a hero!

    Enough of this bullshit. The was majority of muslims are NOT contributing to society. political correctness is killing us, all the while while religious supremacists, muslims, just as rotten as racists, are free to discriminate, hate and threaten with violence.

    He is just speaking the truth. Killing him, trying to slander him, procecuting him legaly just strengthens and confirms his arguments.

    We woke up too late for hitler. we are starting to wake up to islam, and may we be able to deal with this evil with less bloodshed.

  • gowilders

    Islam is the cancer of Europe , these animals multiply faster than the rats and in 20/30 years they will burn all your democratic institutions , all your artwork and museums and everything the western civilisation created..
    You need people like Wilders in every democratic country to explain this to the vast majority of imbecilles

  • wltr

    Josh Says: April 27th, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    There are no muslim gangs. There are youth gangs, some are made up of non-whites. The majority of gangs are just white dutch gangs.

    Next to muslims, Maroccans and the left parties are the main targets of the bigot Wilders. In rightwing and neoconservative tradition, Wilders talks almost daily about the alliance between the left and the muslims to destroy Holland and take over the west. His rhetoric of hate against muslims (and immigrants and the left) is almost identical to the accusations made 70-odd years ago in the nazi movie ‘Der ewige Jude’.

    For your information, Wilders has been in politics for more than 20 years (12 years in the dutch parliament) and has not worked a single day in his life (ref. parasite). He openly revealed to be in politics so he would never ever have to work. Most of the muslims in Holland are law abiding, hard working, tax paying and peaceful people, but according to Wilders and his supporters, they don’t exist.

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