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Robert Spencer Watch: “Obama May be a Mooslim”

As his arguments become exposed, so does he.

As his arguments become exposed, so does he.

Robert Spencer is finished. The cloak of objectivity he claimed has long been undone, as he received blistering blows from not only Loonwatch, but former allies and mainstream organizations disavowing and condemning his anti-Muslim stance.

We have seen an odd metamorphosis on the part of Spencer. For years he tread a fine line, making statements that neared the boundary of Islamophobia without being outright anti-Muslim; veiled Islamophobia if you will. He fashioned himself as a rational, objective scholar when all along he was a right-wing Christian supremacist with an ax to grind against Islam and Muslims. Slowly the truth about who he is and what he believes came out over the past two years. One can only hide falsehood for so long.

It may be that Spencer has spent too much time with Pamela Geller, tea baggers and other nuts, or maybe this is what he has believed all along and it is in fact him influencing Geller, regardless he has hopped on a new loonie train: the “Obama is a Mooslim” conspiracy.

So lets count the conspiracies Spencer either believes or supports now:

1.) Eurabia: Muslim demographic take over of Europe.

2.) Stealth Jihad: Peaceful, law abiding Muslims are really just subverting Western Civilization and trying to impose Shariah law.

3.) Bosnia: The genocide in Bosnia and the massacre in Srebrenica never occurred or are exaggerated.

4.) Congressional Intern Spies: CAIR was sending spies into our government in the form of congressional interns.

and now,

5.) Obama is a Mooslim: The possibility that Barack Obama ever was or is still a Mooslim.

The evidence:

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  • LaRoja

    I cant stop laughing at Spencer.

    He is not a scholar.

  • Mosizzle

    “Muslims always play the double strategem of threatening violence whilst claiming victim status.”

    Really? You Islamophobes say the same things again and again. Firstly, “Muslims” implies that all 1.5 billion Muslims are doing this, which is untrue as the vast majority lead happy lives. They are not threatening violence nor believe themselves to be the victims of anything. A minority feels that they are under attack by some big Zionist-Crusader Alliance (their words, not mine) and respond to that with some terrorism.

    “Muslims don’t like democracy. When they enter a democratic country, they immediately undermine it.”

    Lies. Pure Lies. Is it pure coincidence that nearly all Muslim countries are democracies, that the majority of the world’s Muslim population lives happily under democratic rule, that countless Muslim scholars and mujtahids and alims and muftis and Imams have supported democracy. Some even believe that the early Islamic government, which was run with a parliament called the Shura to be an early democracy. Many Islamic scholars have also said that through ijtihad, or reasoning, it is perfectly Islamic to pass down the Khilafah’s powers to a parliament.

    “Any faith which mandates unequal status under law for certain groups within society is not compatible with secular democracy.”

    Absolutely. Good thing Islam isn’t one of those faiths. Of course with the general state of ignorance in Islamic countries its not unusual to see religious minorities abused but Islam does believe in religious tolerance. Please click on the links on the side of this site such as “Constitution of Medina”, “Caliph”, “Young Ottomans” and the “Objectives Resolution of 1949”.

    “so called faith.”

    What else is it then. Let me guess, you’re going to say its political system or a cult etc. It is the consensus of the main religious scholars that Islam is a faith and an important one with 1.5 billion followers.

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  • wilson

    Muslims always play the double strategem of threatening violence whilst claiming victim status.
    It is a crazy psychological strategy which has yeilded great results over the centuries.
    Muslims don’t like democracy. When they enter a democratic country, they immediately undermine it.
    islam is a form of fascism which wraps itself in religious garb for protection in civil societies.
    Any faith which mandates unequal status under law for certain groups within society is not compatible with secular democracy. That is simply a fact. Muslims need to address this fundamental bigotry at the heart of their so called faith.
    Claiming to be victimized really isn’t good enough.

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  • Dizz

    Perhaps the biggest load of crap to spew out of Spencer’s mouth….yet.

  • sam

    propadanda and lie against islam is not new.

  • The question in the item if Spencer was always going to come out in the open like this or was it because of his association with the other hate-for-profiteers is for me most certainly the former.

    I support the theory that some old philosophers have espoused that all forms of radicalism must ultimately follow three “rules”. Thus Spencer simply “has to”.

    Those three rules are:

    1) The lie. That the posture or agenda being radical is unacceptable and thus they must lie as well as lie to cover-up the agenda if hidden.
    2) To promote that lie further (since they can never back down) they must sell-it through abuse of context (which is what my blog blootstellen is focusing on). The abuse of context is done becuase at some point they must attempt to challenge criics by making the “lie” look legitimate.
    3) They must assume the target audience are stupid. Well, they are telling a lie and trying very hard to say it is true. It also, by default, takes on the arrogant form of them assuming they know what the audience needs and should know.

    Spencer has crossed the line of no return, he is unable to backtrack and thus steps further on to cover-up and push the line (the lie) further on. He has hinted and backed others that have tried the “Obama is a Muslim” line and so ultimately he must confirm that view as well.

    The assumption that the audience is stupid backfired (face it most of America, GB and Europe ignored him and his friends) and more and more it returns to the same captured audience of the faithful far-right, he has to play to that audience – and that is the group that “wants to believe” that Obama is a Muslim.

    We can also see, from the press, that Gellar (and thus Spencer, Fitzgerald and others) are again attempting to have a go at making their audience the general public, by re-inventing themselves as part of the “human rights” community and avoiding claiming to be anti-jihadists. The “lie” is still the same, the abuse of context will continue with the same shameless spin and they again assume that the public are stupid and will presume that a new name means different people and views. I find that last one rather like a fraudster moving towns and re-inventing a new name to continue scamming.

    Donny (blootstellen)

  • Well – they railed on Obama’s church back in Chicago because the pastor there was a showman who would loudly preach criticisms America and its policies during services…

    Even if Obama was a Muslim – I’d still vote for him!
    There is NO reason why a Muslim, or a Jew, or atheist – can be a US President.

    I do recall that somewhere in the US Constitution that “there shall be NO religious test for office?”

  • Ustadh

    FYI: The American Muslim has a great piece where they compile a lot of stuff on Spencer from different sources. The pile just gets bigger and bigger.

  • marco


    What video were you watching? He clearly says so right at the end, he believes Obama is a Muslim based on his actions & policies. He does believe it.

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