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NAACP: Tea Party Movement is Racist

NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution

Brian Montopoli

The NAACP has passed a resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party movement.

The resolution was approved in a vote by more than 2,000 delegates at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Kansas City.

Versions of the resolution condemned “explicitly racist behavior” in the Tea Party movement and called on people to “repudiate” what it described as racist elements of the Tea Party. The final text of the resolution has not yet been made available, however, and that language may have changed.

As the Associated Press notes, NAACP President Ben Jealous has said the Tea Party movement needs to “be responsible members of this democracy and make sure they don’t tolerate bigots or bigotry among their members.”

Members of the Tea Party movement vehemently deny that their movement is racist.

A CBS News poll in April found 52 percent of Tea Party members believe too much has been made of the problems facing black people. Far fewer Americans overall — 28 percent — believe as much. Among non-Tea Party whites, the percentage who say too much attention has been paid to the problems of black people is 23 percent.

The original NAACP resolution, submitted by the group’s Kansas City branch, said the Tea Party movement has “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically.”

It condemned “racist elements” of the movement as “a threat to progress” and referenced instances in which black congressmen said they were verbally and physically abused by Tea Party activists.

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  • Les

    “Now whether the Lame Stream media merely quitely released that info…or purposely ignored it all together is up for debate. I had never heard that on the news ….have you?”

    I don’t watch the news media at all. It gives me a headache. I saw a clip from Olbermann saying the group that Williams was directly involved with said it was something written on his personal blog and it has nothing to do with us so there’s they can do. I mean, he still is a member of his local group, right? I’m not aware that he was forced to resign. Maybe Mr. Hoyt can make a comment here clarifying the situation with Williams?

  • mujinronsha

    NAACP had hate-filled Farakkhan videos on their website. Seems ‘racism’ has acquired a different meaning these last three decades…

  • Ayub

    so…I just got finished with a convo with jason hoyt a rep with the national tea federation ( not a party but a small association of local grassroots movements.)i asked him specifically about Mark Williams and his nasty comment towrds muslim about 2 months ago. HMMMM turns out A) Mark Williams IS NOT a politician by trade…he is a radio shock jock, a over the top psycho rush limbaugh. Micheal Savage on steroids out west somewhere. He became a politician in the beginning of the neocon take over of the tea party. B) he was forced to RESIGN almost immediately after those comments. Now whether the Lame Stream media merely quitely released that info…or purposely ignored it all together is up for debate. I had never heard that on the news ….have you?

  • call me Roy

    Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave. Why?
    Benjamin Todd Jealous is president and CEO of the NAACP and says Anthony “Van” Jones is a “National Treasure.” While Van Jones may have left the White House under a cloud, the NAACP says that’s not his whole story. The group considers him a pioneering hero for the environment and civil rights — so much so that it awarded him one of its highest honors: an NAACP Image Award. It’s a move that stoked the fire from Jones critics. Jones resigned in September 2009 from his position on the Council on Environmental Quality, under a firestorm of criticism over a petition he had signed. The NAACP keeps saying he is the most misunderstood man. I’m trying to figure out exactly where he’s misunderstood. Is he misunderstood because he’s a 9/11 Truther? Is he misunderstood because he’s a self avowed communist? Is he misunderstood because he is a guy who defended Mumia Abu Jamal, the cop killer? Let’s see. Is he understood because he wants a revolution? I’m trying to figure out how he’s misunderstood. How is he misunderstood? We know where Van Jones stands on Marx. The question I have now is: Where does the NAACP stand on Marx?Where does the “NEW” NAACP stand on the Black Panther party? Does the NAACP’s timing seem strange considering the November election is just around the corner? The NAACP would never use “the race card” would they?

  • call me Roy

    Where’s that gavel? OK, (knock, knock, knock)
    House Leader speaks: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention. We Democrats are having this closed door meeting today after hearing comments from White House Press Secretary Gibbs about Republicans taking control of the House in the fall. I am sure everyone here today realizes what “dire straits” we find ourselves in for the November elections . Who like to start this meeting?
    (Representative Maxine Waters speaks: Play the race card
    House Leader speaks: Sounds good to me, that works every time. I will contact the NAACP this evening. Meeting adjourned.

  • Ayub

    here is a list of groups both african american and latino that reject the NAACP statement as rubbish.

    @ Ali,

    as I stated before mybe you should familiarize yourself with the Ron Paul platform and the struggle within the Tea Party between his supporters who gave birth to the tea party and the NEOCONS that are trying to hijack it. Even FOXNEWS and CNN covered the rift. The neocons see the tea party as a threat and will do all they can to undermine and infiltrate all while blaming the Dems for it. It’s happening right here in my city a GOP attack dog hijacked the party name and is being SUED for it. Do a little research outside your box before making judgements. Basicall do the same thing you ask ever other non muslim to do for you.

  • Ali

    The Tea Party has some degree of support among upper-middle class bigots and free marketeers, but the majority of working people do not identify with the phony populist Tea Party. The vast majority of working people want jobs that pay a living wage, heavy taxes on the rich, a national healthcare program, and an end to imperialist policies abroad. The Tea Party does not advocate any of this, and neither do the Democrats or Republicans. The working class needs a genuine socialist party that defends its interests.”

  • mindy1

    I do not think the Tea Party is racist on purpose, I just think it attracted its own share of loons. Besides, with the NAACP saying pot is a civil rights issue, and also refusing to condemn the black panthers, I think their credibility is shot

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  • Ayub

    There is a civil war going on right now within the tea party. The original grass roots Ron Paul supporters are being pushed out by the NEOCONS. We have to support those tea parties that have not been infiltrated and taken over. There is currently a federal lawsuit going on over the Florida Tea party name. It was Hijacked by Doug Guetzloe.Google the guy real slime ball. As i have posted before his tea party called my tea party a terror group because an invitation was sent to all FL tea members to come join the MSA@UCF for a lecture by Altaf Hussien,this message was sent by the tea party CEO in orlando. Just the same as Islam is not a monolith niether is the tea party. We are waging an internal war to reclaim our original message. Go look at the Ron PAul Love r3volution website and see what the original tea message was before it was turned from a grass roots campaign into a political party by disgruntled GOP who saw themselves losing to Tea candidates in NOV. Soon as dunce palin claimed to be it’s head the message went out the window and the neocons flocked to open their own “tea” parties. You should meet Frantz…!/frantz.kebreau he asked the NAACP tp debate the issue on air. And challenged them to do the same we all ask other to do and judge groups individually not paint an entire movement (especially one so fractured) with the same brush. Much like those we are against do to Islam.

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