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SIOA Co-Founder: Kill Your Liberal Relatives and All Muslims

A great post by Daisy Cutter over at Daily Kos. It exposes one of the co-founders of SIOA, John Joseph Jay, who if I am not mistaken is also a frequent commenter on AtlasShrugs.

Daisy Cutter’s article would have been bolstered if he/she used our article, SIOA is an anti-Muslim Hate Group.

SIOA co-founder: kill your liberal relatives and all Muslims

by Daisy Cutter

The recent nontroversy over the not-actually-“at”-Ground-Zero not-actually-a-mosque is sure to heat up now that the first piece of red tape was shredded away. One of the key leaders of the movement to demonize the project, along with every other mosque being constructed in the country, is well-known wingnut blogger Pamela Geller. Along with Robert Spencer, she incorporated a nonprofit known as the American Freedom Defense Initiative. This organization seems to be the umbrella group that operates the more familiarly known SIOA (Stop the Islamisation of America). It is this group that provided the funding for legal counsel in its lawsuit to allow for anti-Islamic bus ads.

    The articles of agreement for the non-profit corporation was registered in New Hampshire and can be found here (PDF). One of the founding members of the board is named John Joseph Jay.

    A Google search for his name comes up with multiple accounts on right-wing anti-Muslim pro-Zionist web sites. One of which is Israel Insider. This profile further links us to his blog.To put it lightly, this man is clearly very disturbed.

    In this post, he makes it known how far patriotic right-wing Americans should be willing to go in order to preserve their freedom from the liberal menace.

    “america’s ruling class—and the perils of revolution” is a brilliant essay describing and explaining the origins of america’s ruling elites and the things which they believe, and why those beliefs are diametrically apposite of most of the ideals you and i cherish.  the essay explains how the ruling classes have become entrenched in, do in fact constitute, america’s governmental bureaucracy and academia.

    and, it explains how the democratic party has become the vehicle of this class, and exerts its power by patronage and dolling out the spoils of the ruling classes dominance.  this is not so surprising, as all ruling classes have done the same.  but, this article explains why this particular ruling class is so inimical to your values, and why it threatens their very existence and preservation.

    and, why it threatens our very existence.

    if you are to understand anything of this, you must read this essay.  or, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  just don’t blame angelo m. codevilla for your “discomfort” as you are being ground into meal by the treads of an armored personnel carrier.
    if we are to excise the ruling class, it will be with violence.  they used violence to attain their privilege, they use it nakedly in the form of the s.i.e.u. and black panther thugs in elective politics to maintain it, they contemplate relocation camps to preserve it, and they will violently resist and suppress any and all efforts to be removed from their privilege.

    buy guns.  buy ammo.  be jealous of your liberties.  and, understand, you are going to have to kill folks, your uncles, your sons and daughters, to preserve those liberties.

    Here, he gives his rationale for viewing every single solitary Muslim as a reasonable target for murder:

    islam has killed itself, with its own savagery, with its blood thirst without slake.

    my point is that in killing innocence, in making such an eloquent argument that there are no innocents, that no person bears the mantle of innocence, that all who are not muslims are combatants and liable to death in the most debase way, … , islam has rather compelling made the point that we are all exposed to the combat brought to us by islam, that we are all combatants.

    that combatants are not entitled to pity, nor exemption from the random fate of the bomber, nor their throats protected from the cold hard zeal of the muslim scimitar.

    and, that every person in islam, from man to woman to child may be our executioner.

    in short, that there are no innocents in islam.

    in short, that there is no innocence in islam.

    that all of islam is at war with us, and that all of islam is/are [a] combatant[s.]

    islam has sealed its doom.  the jihad has pronounced its own death sentence.  by giving us the knowledge of its message. in destroying ethical and moral and religious concepts such as innocence, and exemption from battle, islam has destroyed the last great restraints and inhibitions for the west to strike back in the full fury of its retribution and revenge.

    islam, in arguing that the west has no moral and ethical right to exist, has rather stripped itself of its own ethical and moral posture as the innocent victim.  it has exposed itself as a heinous, vicious, cruel implacable aggressor, and it has lost its moral authority, if it ever had any.

    and, more tellingly.–

    islam has established without intellectual doubt that there are no innocent muslims, that the myth of the “moderate muslem” is precisely that, and that muslims are no more entitled to exemption or protection from retaliation that any of the other “non-innocent” combatants in the world.

    islam has no pretension to “innocence,” no more than the victims of islam.  there is no innocence.  there are no innocent muslims.  islam is subject to killing on grounds of political expediency on the same basis as islam kills its victims, and islam cannot ethically and morally claim otherwise.

    Here is a glance of his bizarre theology:

    it is beyond peradventure that he did not, or has not intended since, to do so.  witness the fact that islam and muslims are a minority of souls upon this earth.  in short, dear muslims, g_d in his infinite wisdom saw in advance this struggle between men and religions to win his favor, and the only thing that is foreordained, is that the strong and the resolute shall win his favor, and so far, it has been amply demonstrated that he has chosen the jews as his people, and favored christianity with science, technology, culture and military power.  to islam, he has given the hind and dry tit, and the sewers and the deserts of the world in which to inhabit, and in which to fester.  i do not know what the future holds in particular, save that islam will be defeated, and i make this assertion on history as i have seen it: islam flowered, and the flower withered on decay and degradation and intellectual sloth from which islam will never recover. you owe all your contemporary “success” because of the indulgence of western socialists who want to defeat free market economics, and when their indulgence wanes, … , well then, you will suffer your destruction.

    The rest of the blog is even more disturbing than the average anti-Muslim rabble-rouser. There are numerous postings about the author’s excessive interest in firearms and other weaponry.

    A rather large series of posts apparently focuses on various philosophies towards self-defense and how they can be utilized to justify acts of violence against Muslims.

    I suppose it wouldn’t be too much to ask the news media stop giving Geller and her cohorts so much coverage as if they were legitimate personalities with reasonable opinions?

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    • sabriyah

      Just saw this today. Loonwatch called it.

    • I just found out that this person produced a strange story on his site in August, also about you guys and me and

      We just got an incoming visit from it today. 😀

      Anyway he denies being cofounder of SIOA in it.

      Any thoughts on that?

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    • jimothy

      while I disagree with everything in the post I do find Muslims to be very racist I am a non-religious person and was in love with a Muslim and her farther was very discriminant and forbid his daughter to marry me purely based on my religion outlook which is classed as discrimination. It does seem that certain religions and ethnicity’s get “special treatment” in the homeland which we built this to me seems wrong.

    • Lex

      i agree 100% with the statement that SIoa founder , genocide of muslims is the only way !

    • We in the Netherlands are starting to get mainstream media-ish attention for these type loons finally

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    • Americans like myself on the political Left need to know that there are targets on our backs. A couple of weeks ago, a right-winger with a violent criminal history grabbed his mommie’s guns and wanted to attack the offices of the ACLU and Tides after listening to Glenn Becks’s demonizing tirades and rhetoric. A year and a half ago – a mass shooting resulting in the deaths of two people occurred Tennessee Christian church by a fellow who believed that the Liberals who worshiped at this church were “destroying America, hindering the police and the military.” These crackpot ideas followed those espoused by Micheal Savage on his radio show, and this may be part of the reason why Savage is banned from entering the United Kingdom.

      We on the political Left need to know (I am a proud Social Democrat) that if Tea Baggers get into the leadership of this country, we could be in great physical danger, as well as lose our freedom, civil liberties and rule of law that protects all of us. You need to notice that these people DO NOT embrace freedom for all, the rule of law – and are promoting violence — without consequences. We should also know that watchlists and other security measures, both in Europe ans well as the US, appear to be aimed almost exclusive at Muslims and people who are of the political Left. An example is from 2008, where peace and anti-death penalty activists were placed on terror watchlists.

      At the same time, there appears to be NO attention paid by the security and law enforcement apparatus of the United States and Europe to the REAL threats from radical right-wing extremism. When you see a Talking Head on TV talk about security threats, it’s exclusively about “radical Islam” and “Islamists,” but NEVER about the radical Right and how and why some in the West become right-wing radicals and want to resort to right-wing terrorism. They can threaten us, take violence against us, and nothing happens to them. Let’s see if “John” ends up on a watch list – I doubt it…

      Now – what causes the radicalization of some on the right that causes them to join the Tea Party and advocate violence against innocent people?

      Remember – the European radical right has a vastly higher body count over the past 100 years of history than “radical Islamists!”

      Yes – this idiot could be a practicing attorney, as the insanity of the Tea Party and Wilders-style violent Islamophobia knows no bounds for right wingers.
      But when presented with evidence from sources – Islamophobia cannot win and those who espouse it are reduced to the babbling idiots that they are…

    • I’m pleased to note that CAIR used this in a mail out. May I suggest that Loonwatch partner with all major Muslim rights organisations in the US, i know CAIR uses material from here, but there is no harm in asking others too. I’m sure many are not aware. REaders can help here by recommending and linking and making organisations that fight hate, aware of Loonwatch.

      Now, back to the subject, and this crazed bat, John Joseph Day, does anyone what the governing body of the law profession is in the US? Surely they will strike off a genocidal maniac like this. Or even if Jay is a practicing lawyer as someone above said?

      Do we have any American lawyers here? If yes, please tell us how to complain and to whom.

      I’m glad CAIR is onto this, as it will generate buzz. How did this loon remain anonymous for so long, and how many other similar nuts are affiliated with SIAO

    • First of all, this fellow is puking up the myths about the EU and “leftist leaders” being in a “conspiracy to destroy Christian Europe with Arab nations.”

      The reality is that the European Union has all kinds of association agreements with various nations and regions. Association agreements often lead to membership for qualified nations, like Croatia and Serbia. This includes Eastern Partnerships that have led to new Member States.

      The truth and reality is that the EU’s relations with Russia and Africa are actually more active that its relations with Arab nations, which are somewhat strained recently. The Euro-Med agreements are actually no different that other association agreements the EU has with other international actors … and this notion that it is some conspiracy to “destroy Western Christiandom” is lunacy and crackpot.

      Jullie doen een goed baan op de website Krapuul! We hebben een druk werk met Wilders en de islamisering mythe!

    • DrM

      @Ummah Gummah,

      You’ve got it the other way round, my dear ignorant babboon. I’ve got a far better idea : Get out of Muslim nations, end your criminal and terrorist occupations, and while you’re at it take your puppet dictators with you.

      Until then you and your buddy “Kosher Pork” will be blessed with my superior presence knowing of your inevitable fate as my dhimmis in the “holy lands of the west”(whatever that is, the playboy mansion perhaps?).

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