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Internet Sociopath Robert Spencer Scared of Debate

Robert Spencer, the notorious anti-Muslim hate blogger, issued an open challenge to a debate:

The list of the Leftist and Muslim academics and apologists who have refused my challenge to debate is very long; they know they can’t refute what I say on the basis of evidence, so they resort to broad-based smears and personal attacks — and haughty refusals to debate.

He has issued similar challenges on numerous occasions, steadfastly claiming that he would be willing to defend his ideas in debate.  I had accepted Spencer’s challenge to a debate, saying:

I accept your challenge, Spencer.  I agree to a radio debate with you on the topic of jihad and “dhimmitude”, namely chapters 1-4 of your book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).  It will then be seen if you can defend your own writing, which I argue is a load of sensationalist crock.

Will you accept my challenge to debate or cower in fear?  My guess is that you “know [you] can’t refute what I say” and will “resort to…haughty refusals to debate.”

It’s been 129 days since I accepted Spencer’s challenge, yet he continues to dodge taking me on.  That’s no surprise to most of our readers, since I have written several articles refuting his book and ideas, which he has failed to respond to.  It is well-known that my articles have stopped Spencer in his tracks, and finally he has been effectively silenced on those issues.  For the first time ever, someone managed to spend the time necessary to respond in a thorough fashion.  That’s why Spencer is avoiding a debate with me at all costs, even if it means going back on his open challenge to “leftists and Muslims.”

Even so, this doesn’t stop Spencer from claiming that other leftist or Muslim spokesmen are scared of debating him and can’t refute him.  Spencer claimed that Muslim-American spokesman Ahmed Rehab “ran from debate with me [Spencer].”  Rehab responded, saying:

Spencer, I never agreed to debate you in the first place, and it is highly unlikely that I ever will.

Rehab then mentions Spencer’s hypocrisy, pointing out that Spencer has been dodging yours truly (Danios of LoonWatch) for quite some time:

And now for some irony. Spencer, you are claiming you are ready to debate anyone but that alas no one wants to debate you because no one can. But, is this actually true? Does the name Danios of Loonwatch ring a bell Spencer? You may be burying your head in the sand hoping no one will notice, but a simple Google search on “Robert Spencer debate” reveals your hypocrisy. How come you are ignoring an invitation from another blogger who has challenged you numerous times and whose articles shredding your arguments to pieces are all over the web without a peep of a rebuttal from you? Are you conceding defeat? Are you “running away?”

Of course, this got Robert Spencer worked up in quite the tizzy, and he blogged a furious response.  In it, the sociopath Robert Spencer starts ranting about the Soviet Union and Stalin, something all delusional right-wing nut jobs are prone to do some time or the other.

The irony of Spencer’s response cannot be understated.  His post is entitled “CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab and the use of ridicule,” and he complains of how Rehab supposedly resorts to “adolescent ridicule and abuse rather than substance.”  It is truly special that Spencer can say this with a straight face while at the same time lampooning the very same opponent by posting a photograph of Ahmed Rehab with a caption accusing him of wearing lipstick and eye shadow.  His readers take great delight in this picture, gleefully snickering at this “adolescent ridicule and abuse.”  The photograph is likely photoshopped, but even if it is not, what relevance does it have to do with the debate at hand?  Here, Spencer has lowered himself to the lowest possible schoolyard tactic: accuse your opponent of being gay.  To an extremist Catholic apologist like Robert Spencer being called “gay” is a very bad insult.  Of course, to a proud “leftist” progressive like myself, I don’t find it a slur to be labeled “homosexual”, which is clearly what Spencer is hinting at.  Even if Ahmed Rehab really did wear make up like gay popstar Adam Lambert, so what?  What’s your point?  Other than expose your underlying homophobia?

Let me be clear though: we here at LoonWatch don’t mind adolescent ridicule.  To wit: Robert Spencer is a fat slob.  His belly is so protuberant that he can’t see his feet.  (Watch Robert Spencer cry about “personal attacks” when he himself has been doing the same to Ahmed Rehab!)

Have you noticed how Spencer has a thing against what he calls “meterosexual guys” like Ahmed Rehab and Reza Aslan?  Do I sense jealousy?  Both Rehab and Aslan are fairly good-looking guys.  In fact, Rehab was involved with the current Miss USA and Aslan with Jessica Jackley.  Maybe Spencer’s antipathy towards these chic Muslim spokesmen is that they are too damn good-looking.  Compare Spencer’s frumpy body with Rehab’s toned body.  That could also explain Spencer’s burning hatred of Dr. Tariq Ramadan, as one user on his site complains about “his handsome lying face.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer’s burning hatred is a reflection of his own inferiority complex…He certainly wouldn’t be the first loser to embrace a hate-filled ideology to boost his own inner lack of self-worth.

The issue is not Spencer’s “use of ridicule”, but his hypocrisy: he cries that leftist and Muslim spokesmen–Ahmed Rehab specifically here–resort to “adolescent ridicule and abuse”, which is what Spencer himself engages in on his hate site, against Rehab no less!  He cries about “adolescent ridicule” and in the same post say that Rehab and Aslan “richly deserve lampooning.”  So you can’t use adolescent ridicule, but lampooning is OK.  Does pointing out how fat and ugly Spencer is fall into the former or the latter?

Anyways, back to the point: I had long ago accepted Robert Spencer’s open challenge, agreeing to a radio debate.  So why does Spencer dodge me?

Spencer needs to generate excuses and a way out from debating me.  His first attempt was to minimize my importance, which somehow does not fall under “haughty refusal to debate.”  He can no longer rely on this excuse, since Ahmed Rehab himself, the Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, messaged me: “You are amongst the top writers on this topic, far more effective and relevant than 99% of the countless Muslim writers out there.”  That’s high praise from the man whom Spencer considers an adequate spokesman for Muslims.  Will Spencer refuse to debate someone considered in the top 1%?  I suspect so.  Spencer says of me:

Debating such a compromised and dishonest individual would be a waste of time

Isn’t that the exact same reasoning that Rehab gave for refusing to debate you, Spencer?  The same reasoning you were so opposed to and called cowardice?

Spencer needs another excuse to weasel out of a debate with me.  What will it be?  Aha!  It will be my anonymity!  As many of you know, I write anonymously under a pseudonym.  Spencer and his fellow fans desperately want to know who I am.  Some of them are convinced I am XYZ, and others that I am ABCD.  Some have even engaged in textual analysis, trying extremely hard to find out who this cursed Danios is.  My question is: who cares?  Deal with my arguments, not who I am. Spencer says:

…Since Rehab invokes [Danios] and others have referred to his site [LoonWatch] recently, I am willing: if “Danios of Loonwatch” reveals his real name…

Spencer places this condition on me, knowing full well that I will refuse to reveal my name, since he knows that I like writing anonymously.  Spencer asks:

What is “Danios of Loonwatch” afraid of?

Do I have to be “afraid” of something?  I enjoy writing anonymously.  Having said that, I do plan on eventually “coming out of the closet” (will Spencer now accuse me of being gay too [although for the record I am not]?), but not just yet…When the time is right and of my own choosing. And when I do come out, I am sure that Spencer will attack my “meterosexual looks”.  Ah, why o why was I cursed with such handsome looks?

More importantly, I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at an Ivy League university and instructor at a state university.  Coming out of the closet at the present time would pose some logistical problems for me, which is why I have chosen to do it at a later date.  Does this answer your question, Spencer?

Then Spencer places his second condition:

I am willing: if “Danios of Loonwatch” reveals his real name, finds a university willing to host the debate and contracts an impartial moderator, I’m ready when he is.

So (1) I have to reveal my real name, and (2) the debate can only be at a university.  The second condition is odd, considering that it is Spencer who has no affiliation to any university.  In fact, Spencer failed to respond to this point by Rehab:

Spencer claims to be a scholar of Islam, Islamic Law, and Theology but holds no degrees in any of those subjects and has never even published a single peer-reviewed paper.

Why, in your epic rant, did you not respond to this argument against you?  How is it, my portly friend, that you consider yourself a “scholar of Islam”–which your site so claims–when you do not even have a single degree in any subject of Islam, let along a single peer-reviewed paper?  Exactly what type of scholar are you, then?

Anyways, Spencer’s second condition is tied to the first: a university debate can only be arranged if I reveal my true identity and university affiliation, which he knows that I am not willing to do just yet.  Spencer concludes:

But I won’t be holding my breath.

I’m sure Spencer was actually holding his breath, for fear that I might accept his two pre-conditions, and then how to avoid the challenge!?

Of course, Spencer’s two conditions–both of which involve revealing my identity–are completely bogus.  I have offered to debate Spencer on the radio.  Does Spencer not do radio interviews?  In fact, Spencer has appeared on the radio countless times, doing interviews for Jawa radio, Spirit Catholic Radio, Western World Radio, etc. To completely negate Spencer’s generated excuse, here we have Spencer himself saying how he engaged in a radio debate with a CAIR spokesman:

In April 2007, I participated in a heated hour-long radio debate with CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush…

So why does Spencer agree to a radio debate with Hussam Ayloush but now he doesn’t agree to the same with yours truly?  What’s that sound?  Oh, it’s the sound of a chicken.


One of our readers Jack raised a great point:

Isn’t Robert Spencer great friends with Bat Ye’or? That’s not her real name… Does Spencer require of her to dispense with the nonsense (everybody knows her real name by now). Does Robert Spencer refuse to quote ‘Fjordman’? ‘Baron Boddissey’? And so on and so forth.

Not to speak of Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, and countless other fellow anti-jihadists (read: Islamophobes).   The truth is: Robert Spencer is scared out of his wits.  He will continue to generate excuse after excuse…

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  • Garibaldi


    Your enthusiasm is laudable. I assume you are referring to this comment by Imad,

    October 27th, 2010 at 7:42 am

    @ every reader and writer at Loonwatch

    We should have a day where we go to jihadwatch and flood one of his new articles with links to scholars that condemn terrorism. It’s the perfect plan for IP adress takeover!

    For anyone familiar with JihadWatch, it is well known that they delete and ban any if not all dissent to their opinions. A strategy of a team of commenters engaging the poo-flingers at JW is novel, but perhaps not worthwhile, considering the extreme and overbearing moderation and inability to have reasoned discussion. For godsakes Spencer won’t even debate us! When several commenters have gone over there or when anyone has posted links to our site they are usually if not always summarily deleted. Of course if you have the desire than go ahead.

  • Kirook

    @Imad… That is an amazing idea. Loonwatch higherups, are you listening? I will need a date/time to know when to do this though…

  • Kirook

    @Anj: The new heights to which Spencer et al. are elevating hypocrisy are frankly astonishing. They cannot defend what they are doing as “freedom of speech” if they prevent someone else from speaking his/her point of view.
    @Danios: Maybe I’m wrong, and I really don’t know how much you like posting anonymously, but it seems to me like revealing your name would be an acceptable price to pay to refute Spencer once and for all and get rid of whatever credibility he has remaining.
    If there is a debate, please post it on Youtube; I could use a good laugh.

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  • Zak

    Danios, you are the man…We know you can and will rip Spencer and his tree sniffing posse a new one…

  • Aamir

    @ Sir David..I wonder they never do research on non-muslim prisoners..I actually know what they’ll come up with..”Sennels is the author of a book called Among Criminal Non-Muslims, in which he studied Non-Muslim teenagers at a youth prison in Copenhagen. Sennels concluded that their “anti-social” behaviour was attributable to islamic cultural and religious factors”

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    It appears he studied criminals in Prison who happened to be ….er criminals and muslims .Therefore everything he finds applies to all muslims.
    Next week he will study global warming by asking the head of BP what he thinks .
    Can I have a grant please to do a similar study about Jihad I bwill only ask Pam ‘human rights activist ‘ Geller and Robert ‘the scholar’ Spencer ?

  • Aamir

    So once again we have an outrageous,conscienceless and horrifc article on the anti-muslim website jihadwatch which concludes muslim inbreeding as a cause of their anti-social behaviour..Specer’s source is Nicolai Sennels.a danish psychiatrist..
    “Sennels is the author of a book called Among Criminal Muslims, in which he studied Muslim teenagers at a youth prison in Copenhagen. Sennels concluded that their “anti-social” behaviour was attributable to cultural and religious factors”

    So after “extensive reasearch” at a youth “prison” this unhinged and brainsick psychiatrist justifies his conclsions against muslims and attributes it to religious and cultural factors..

    Isn’t this guy worthy to be bombed in his car(anti-social behaviour)
    No Mr spencer … u guessed it wrong.I am not an inbreeded product .Im just a muslim.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Khusboo, Geller once posted a letter on her website about someone who supposedly was thanking her for her SIAO help Muslims leave the faith, saying that she couldn’t give her real name because she may be klled,

    Anybody reading that letter could tell it was con job, she probably got Spencer or someone to send her this from another IP (it isn’t difficult to do for those who know) one that cannot be tracked without professionals onto them. I don’t for a munute believe even her dimwitted readers believed that it was genuine

    They rely on people not chasing up or following through with investigations. How many threats remain just threats because the FBI don’t have the manpower to chase up?

    I suspect this is what they rely on,

  • Khushboo

    I wonder how much Ibn and Ali get paid for lying about so-called threats. Didn’t someone email Danios a threat and that’s why he has to hide his identity? *wink wink*

  • Imad

    @ every reader and writer at Loonwatch

    We should have a day where we go to jihadwatch and flood one of his new articles with links to scholars that condemn terrorism. It’s the perfect plan for IP adress takeover!

    P.S. What’s an IP adress?

    But seriously think about it, the readers for once will be unable to deny that scholars condemn terrorism, when all the evidence is loaded against them in one flood of articles. Post an article bout and see where it goes 😛

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    LOL, Sir David, good one 😉

    But Robert Spencer cannot plead insanity, because he pretentiously wears the “scholar” mantle, albeit a mantle that seems to get no recognition amongst scholars.

    Mosizzle, thanks, is there independent proof that Spencer did report the threats? That he himself said so, is not proof, he could be lying. No threat can go untraced, and someone calling him a Jew is not a threat. I’m not American, so i’m not familiar with US law, but are FBI records confidential ?

    Someone with connections can easily access or gain this information, even if it is, but any info obtained like this cannot be used as evidence then. That’s why it would be good to get some input from someone legally qualified.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Pam can always plead insanity 🙂

  • Aamir

    @BMd..That sure is a gd way to expose him..and we also have a case on Pam.what’s up with it?

  • Mosizzle

    Actually, Spencer claims that he has reported death threats to the FBI. They told him not to publish them on his website, but he does so anyway. Its just a bunch of childish emails with someone just calling him a Jew. Nothing I would be scared of.

  • Dawood

    Nice and circular… round and round we go. So-and-so can’t reveal their names because they are apostates and the penalty is death – why? – because I (Spencer) say so and damn anyone who says otherwise, even if they are major contemporary Muslim authorities.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Do we have any lawyers here familiar with American law?

    Is there any law, that can force Robert Spencer and these Ibn Warraq’s and Ali Sina to prove their claims about death threats? Surely there must be some way, somebody can file a complaint and get the law enforcers there to force Spencer to reveal his threats so that they can investigate and see if his claims are actually true or fabricated?

    Has Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, or Robert Spencer ever filed complainst with the police for death threats? If not, it means they’re surely lying…

    Any suggestions or solutions anyone?

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Notice how all the death threats they receive are anonymous. Nothing that can be verified or traced,

    Nothing and nobody can be invisible on the internet. Every threat can be traced.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    AAmir thanks for that,

    The death threats against these paid whores like Robert Spencer, Ibn warraq, Ali Sina (an ex iranian shia current atheist who claims to know all about Sunni Islam ) are all lies.

    They send each other emails, issuing death threats, then publicise them by pretending that the highest authorities in Islam issued them.

    They’re all liars.

    This is a pathetic excuse that shows 100% Spencer’s hypocricy. It’s the excuse they use to avoid debate with those who do not have an agenda or axe to grind.

    Day by day, Spencer is becoming the laughing stock of the internet. Thanks to Loon Watch,

  • Cynic

    Lol @ Aamir.

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